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Billy Porter Says Pray Tell Is the Role of a Lifetime | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-I am here with Billy Porter! -Hello! How are you? -Nominated tonight, lead actor, “Pose,” series is nominated,
and you are a birthday boy. -I am a birthday boy! -Your birthday was yesterday. -My birthday was yesterday. I turned a quarter — Not a
quarter, a half a century. -Half a century. Happy birthday. -Thank you. -♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ -♫ To me ♫ ♫ Happy birthday ♫ [ Laughs ] -Yes. You can sing it better than me any day. How did you celebrate? -Um, Ketel One threw me a birthday party on Wednesday. -Yes. I saw some of that on Instagram. -Yes. And then I just had the blessing of partying with Emmy folks last night for the pre-Emmy
parties and all of that stuff. I´ve been relaxing. I´ve been trying to get some sleep,
preparing for this evening, so… -Is it fair to say that this role is the role of a lifetime? -Yes. It is the role of a lifetime thus far. Um, you know, I´m so grateful that I´ve lived long enough to
see the day where we can tell this story and have it resonate with the culture so profoundly. It´s time. It´s necessary. And Pray Tell is the role of a lifetime. -Pray Tell is the role of a lifetime. Now, I cannot talk to you and not talk fashion. -Yes. -First of all, let´s talk about your look this evening. -Oh, I´m in Michael Kors couture. -Ooh. -Stephen Jones hat. I´m giving you a Rick Owens platform situation. -We might have to go back to the platform for a second, make
sure we got that. -A Rick Owens platform situation. Ha! Um… -And I have heard that you´ve always dreamt of being called
a fashion icon. -I have always loved fashion. I don´t know that, like, fashion icon was in the lexicon,
but if people are saying that about me, I´m fine with it. -Yes, well, let me tell you, you were just named to “Vanity
Fair”´s best dressed list. “People” magazine´s best dressed list, and you were our
number-one fashion star to watch earlier in the show. -Oh! That´s so sweet! -So there you have it. -That´s very nice. And it´s intentional. I have always loved fashion, and I´m so happy to have the
place to do it. This is the — Hollywood is the place to do it. -Best part of being Billy Porter right now? -Uh, all of it. All of my dreams are coming true right now. I never thought that I´d live — I´m grateful that I´ve
lived long enough to see the day where I can stand inside of my authenticity and be who I am and have it
be received this way. It´s gorgeous, and it´s a gift, and it´s a blessing. And I´m very thankful. -Keep doing it. Billy, Thank you. -Mwah! Mwah! -Have a fabulous night tonight. -Thank you. -Thank you.

  • Love you Billy Porter and you are definitely a fashion ICON!!! You are the only human that has ever talked about fashion that I didn't fast forward that crap!! So you are an icon unicorn when it comes to fashion. I just can't wait to hear how excited you are to be alive and to be fabulous in whatever you have on. Congratulations on your Emmy. Love you as Pray Tell
    Thank you for being so inspiring and kind.
    "The Catagory is; Love" – Billy Porter opening line 2019 EMMY'S acceptance speech

  • You know and I know he ONLY was given an Emmy because of his sexual orientation, if you think otherwise then you're a fool. And Dinkelage because it was time for a midget to win…today is based on politics of Hollyweird's mentality, not merit or true artistry.

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