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Billy Porter Almost Has His EGOT! | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-He made it in the room with the hat. -I had to duck, baby. -More importantly, you made it in here with your Emmy, baby. -Yes, ma’am! -Billy F’in’ Porter! -Yes! -First time nominated for an Emmy. -Yes.
-Your first Emmy win. -Yes.
-You are 3/4 of the way to an EGOT, my friend. How are you feeling right now? -I feel so blessed. I feel so grateful, you know, to the lived long enough to
see this day, to see the day where somebody who’s like me, somebody who’s black and queer and out and flamboyant and
fabulous gets to sort of taste the nectar of what’s considered the
standard, what’s considered, you know, “the normal thing.” It’s been such a wonderful gift to be a part of change. -Yes. Now, did you expect for tonight to go the way that it did? Because I feel like you had a feeling wearing these pants, ’cause you knew you were going to run up on that stage when
they called your name. -Listen, I don’t have any expectations. I just show up and try to have as much fun as I can. I did wear a fitout, because I always wear a fitout, so… -And the hat, I mean, what’s going on? -I mean, listen.
-I love it so much. -Thank you. -How are we celebrating tonight? Are we going to be partying?
-First, I’m going to eat. -Okay.
-I haven’t eaten in like a week. -To prepare for tonight? -No. Just, I’ve been nervous and — you know? So, like, I haven’t eaten, so I’m going to eat… -What’s the first meal?
-…and drink and be merry. I got see what they have. I don’t know what they have.
-Will we do something sweet? -No, no, no, no. I need food. I need real protein. I need some vegetation. Vegetable. I need a vegetable situation, something green. -Oh, my gosh. You need to party hard tonight. I don’t think you saw this, but when you won your Emmy, your
cast was crying. They were so excited and so proud of you. How does it feel to just have such strong backing? -It’s just — You know, it’s — We are a family. And we’re very specific kind of family, you know? And so, it’s very special. And it’s really empowering to know that there are people,
that you got a family. It’s about chosen family. It’s about our chosen family. Um…yeah. -You are number one. You’re on top of the world. We love you.
-Love you, too. -Thank you. Congrats. Mwah!
-Thank you. Mwah.


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