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Billy from Biohazard Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, it’s Shira Lazar, I’m backstage at the
Grammy, brought to you by Turbo Tax. I;m right now with Billy from Biohazard. What’s up, how you doin’? I’m good and how are
you? We’re missing the rest of your troop here. They’re in my back pocket. I shrunk them down. We’re
actually in the studio working on a new record. And I broke away to come down and talk to everybody
and talk to you. Tell you about the record. Yeah so, tell people about the record and what you are working on. We, Biohazard, if you don’t know the history, we
started in the early nineties. We kind of mix hip hop and rock and hard core and metal. Created our own kind of sound. We split up mid ninties and got back together a few years ago. We all did different projects, but then we got back together as the original band and
we’ve been working on a record with Toby Wright as producer who’s Metallica, Alice In Chains, and Korn. We have a phenomenal gonna be out later this year. So how are you expecting and hoping to bring back rock in your sound? By not really being concerned with any, what anyone
else thinks. You know what I mean? Yeah. We just let it naturally flow. If it It’s kind of like taking the Beavis and Butthead approach, you know. If you remember them. And their coming back.
If it sucks you throw it out. If it rocks and it’s great you keep it. That’s the approach we’ve took for the record. Why
did you decide to get all back together? We didn’t really decide. It kinda just happened and I was doin’ another band called Suicide City at the time. Somebody called me and said, you know I heard Evan and Bobby were havin’ dinner in Manhattan last night. So I called up Bobby, our guitar player said, did you get together with Evan, and it just happened. You know, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Onwards
and Upwards from here. Yeah, there you go. So what are you excited about being here at the Grammys? We don’t really fit in. Biohazard really wasn’t a
band to fit in at the Grammys. I never thought I would ever be invited to talk to people here,
but it’s an honor, it’s great and to me it’s like having a chance to talk about your art. Yeah. It’s like cool. It’s awesome. Alright, well I’ll let you continue talking about your art to everyone else.
Thank you so much. Great to meet you. You too, pleasure. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you
to every deduction and credit you deserve.


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