Billy Connolly receives NTA Special Recognition Award 2016

welcome back to the national television world where we are about to present this year's special recognition award now the recipient is in the room but first we have a special arrangement of one of his favorite pieces of music which also happens to be the title song and the golden globe-nominated drama out loud that back later this year on Amazon Prime here to perform the sky boat song please welcome ray opera sing me a song the lad that is though say could that land be I marry of so he sailed on a day over the sea to sky billow and breeze islands and scenes mountains of rain and Sun oh that was good whoa that was fair oh that was nice see me that is called stay put build on the day Oh of all the sea you thank you the merit of the Scots Guards and thank you Ray Brown so to present this year's special recognition award quite simply one of the finest actors of our time a great friend of our recipient just learning especially to make the presentation tonight please welcome mr. Dustin Hoffman good evening I have to tell you that that gave me goose bumps it's wonderful great I am delighted to be here tonight to pay tribute to a man whose work I've always admired and whose company I always enjoy this man has been entertaining the world for 50 years 50 and that's no accident the essence of this man is his unique capacity to reflect on human behavior and he stands it on its head his humor though seemingly sorry though seemingly basic is quite sophisticated usually his humor is directed at the two most important parts in the human body the other one is the brain good taste is something he's always turned his back on good taste and my friend is a contradiction in terms audiences return again and again and new generations of admirers come to him not because he makes them laugh but because he has the gift of inviting everyone uncritically unconditionally into his world and he exposes truth no one looks at the world the way he does he transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary he elevates the mundane into the magnificent in the bravest of fashions my friend is an artist in the truest sense of the world it's been my good fortune to direct him in a film and it's been a great honor to count him as a friend please watch my friend in action ladies and gentlemen here's my friend Billy thank you very much this is the best laxative I've ever known in my life I'd like to thank the Catholic Church the rhythm method of birth control which it wouldn't be here at all I'd like to thank Bill tenon and Scotland who was the first man he put me on television and mate Parkinson it was the first Englishman to put me on television it's been a grand old rock and roll all the way Peter Kay he should have given me that thing yet cheapos see that he dedicated it to me an end took away a stir lately drama thank you very much Peter there's so many people I have to thank the monies will my agency all sorts of things and my parents and my lovely daughters who are we ever to Dustin for put me in his movie thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart but later particularly thank British comedians the standard of which is rise in all the time from check Murray and Mike's wall right through to Reeves and Mortimer I love you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you very very much indeed


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