BIGGEST FAILS & WINS of AIRSOFT 2018 – Compilation

would hope hey welcome back guys 2018 wasn't insane year with loads of awesome moments I've put together some of the best and worst moments of 2018 and the top three moments of last year what about you guys speaking of awesome things that happen this year war robust has been supporting this channel so much over the year and it's really one of the best mobile games out there with millions of players worldwide the best 3d graphics I've seen on any mobile game and the big variety of robots and weapons to choose from right now with my link below you get the golem robot a unique skin for it a full set of weapons and a bunch of in-game money as a gift from them for all of you guys you fight other players online with your robot in a 6v6 match up on various game modes and there's already something very interesting coming up for Christmas for all of its players I won't spoil for you guys but if you want to support salad with Haman's really try out war robots they deserve it download their game with my link below I've put all the original videos in the description and also let me know which mode was your personal favorite of the year fuck [Laughter] ha and the show mr. Gustave all right where you one strip okay I just think you're you choose at this dance it'd be using their your empty man he follows all the female viewers are going like you guys need to run we need to run they're coming fucking lots on the left do the run yeah that's what I mean enemy squad settling down over there lunch about a hundred meters away from my hiding spot no you guys want the body of your buddy so kill me man no fuck bro Bearer 50 Cal project has finally been completed and ready for today's game to have a look at it during the quick short what up so this is the fully automatic a12 he runs the nearby cover to directly push towards the next capture point this is the car 98k which was an actual real rifle built in 1935 for the German army has been specially converted in England by Matt Fowler to fit SOG parts and turn into an airsoft gun ah nice under capital dispatch all right for the next shot we're shootin a playing card on 55 meters away I prefer next one we're going to be shooting this candle right here 40 meters away from the sniper Hut up there what that's a cow and it doesn't count does it I mean it's out ha yeah can't we just run straight there was the network we have to go down there you know really [Laughter] our little friend dears already got shot twice as clearly aware does he's been shot we're gonna give him one more chance fixated on the tree light in front of me why I just took out enemy player good camera death try to take a position on another mineshaft to set up an ambush these three clips are voted best of 2017 by you guys [Laughter] okay that thanks for watching guys happy holidays to all of you and let's make 2019 an even better year before you go check out 27 teens best moments to see how far we've come and I will hopefully see you all next year I'll just run out what I was thinking so Houston


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