BIG MISTAKE! Burna Boy WINs BET Best International Act Award 2019

hello guys welcome back to my channel please guys before we jump right into the video I want you guys to first click on the subscribe button below make sure you like this video and also shit mother to the classroom so guys finally pond of oils won the best international heart of each award is a very gratified me to myself people like surprised that it's not that one employees we need this award because what happened to me asked most potential to gain a lot of media what's off to me scandalous of president is believe it now so well all the same tank or that one actually one day one day this a big means Africa is a big with France juror like when a boy was competing with with many other artists from UK France order but a big Joe countries and of course miss Teresa was also in do in the least nominated for the award not only for the trained eyes actually getting people talking is the epic speech pronounced birth mother like a species or restore great and species who is so powerful under me I'm like a burden like wanna burn mother like yes we have seen him in the past for Ximena award for Cobra whenever he gets to that stage a holy skin deep it is with a speech so let us listen to this picture and the message from burner I believe would be that every black person should please remember that you were African's before you became anything else [Applause] letting everybody out there black all laugh at loss of blood – no that will come from Africa first before becoming anything else outside it aside on improv so guys I'm so happy that Ben over one day to me last year's of this year's body 20 with a record like he very first release D then followed by Pune and that especially that population is much much on calligraphy to the music teen are like that was the original Sun for Saku dance rest and so I'm so happy that one aqua water treaty most excited about the party I'm like I've said down white it I'm quite I'm quite surprised that will employ 2-3 if you understand what I'm talking about or if you don't a start-up you guys we listen to a pool with our song name know what I mean like this guy dot bikini dancing and clapping but we don't believe nice people and of course performing most oils especially the US and of course the Savini award is bellflowers gesture front door is mother of course was almost there I like to chemistry between they have this child when a Pueblo you see is whenever another Monday we'll see blown away like they are so into each other to share the passion between there and the bonobos mother was actually the extra architectonic granted wound up way showing back to this be dust thanks for watching this video yeah man they call me burn the bread we go beat the Africa thank you for the award guys now we're not boy


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