"Big Brother 21" Premieres With a Campy Twist | E! News

shifting gears now to the show of the summer Big Brother Big Brother is back for its 21st season 21st season it premiered last night there are 16 new houseguests yes so they're competing for $500,000 that's half a million bucks you know that Cooper's not a numbers person I wanted to lay that out for you thank you they're already dealing with this game-changing twist Taylor can't be be is officially in full swing there's definitely quite the mix of personalities to guarantee lots of drama my name is Jackson Nashville Tennessee born and raised I'm a mama's boy I'm Nicole and I'm a special needs preschool teacher because I was such an awkward person like the thought of someone leaning in burkas they wish you I'm Kelly I'm from Brooklyn my friends would describe me as the sweetest girl that they've ever met in their life just kidding I'm Christie I'm from Staten Island New York and I own a clothing boutique I'm Tommy and I'm a dancer on Broadway turns out Christie used to date someone in Tommy's family but they totally pretended they didn't know each other could be an amazing thing for my game or it could be a horrible thing and blow up in our faces if anyone finds out that we know each other but what really sends everyone in a panic when hosts Julie Chen announced the first twist of the season you will be electing a camp director this camp director will be given unprecedented powers he or she will be safe for the first week Jackson got the gig he has to choose four houseguests to banished from the game forcing them to compete against each other to get back into the game we'll have to see tonight on CBS who he picks as the premiere continues if I was one of those four and I'll make it back in this house I'm pissed hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep you pop-culture


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