Beyonce + The Lion King Teaser, BET Awards, Lil Nas Album, Nicki Minaj + Megatron, & More

can you smash my wig tonight and I came to read what's up girl leaves it's Friday I hope that you have enjoyed your week if you haven't the weekend is coming up the sun is shining I'm feeling good it's a little bit too hot for me it's 87 goddamn degrees hotter than Hades booty hole but hey I'd rather the heat than the cold and that's just gonna be long period I will talk about Beyonce scalping all of us in just a moment but first before I do make sure that you check out slash a2 an expression like I said in my previous video I've seen some of you guys signing up I really do appreciate those who have already as I've always been saying we hold both on content and yesterday the topic that one for the article that I have to write was marginalized people do not all oppressors any emotional labor that topic one by a big margin so like a lot of people wanted to hear about that so I wrote about it go check it out link is in description and the first comment you get videos first extra content for example all of the patrons who signed up got a chance to see the cover of my AP that's coming out next week so I mean it's just parks over there so let's go ahead and get into it we have to talk about the Lion King they went ahead and released a little teaser with Beyonce's voice let me taste some of the marketing y'all know exactly what you're doing you say Beyonce is for exam there until it's time to buy movie tickets that's how you do it let me tell you as soon as she came over here singing cash she didn't even get out the whole word can and I was already standing but I mean what's new what is that surprising to any of you know now you can check this hot you want to take it not really pressed either way I am very interested in hearing Beyonce sing that song solo like I said no shade and I just I loved I would love to hear Beyonce sing it by herself I don't have to really say too much more than that just because I feel like the hike will understand what I'm talking about this they was on Twitter already dragging so all I'm saying is that it's cute I love it I'm very interested in hearing how the Icicle Terrier shit just from how she was doing back flips and front flips over the melody you said I can already tell that she's she's a gymnast a vocal gymnast she's going to do what needs to be done on these gundar's got them sound track and that's just I'm ready something on Twitter said sis brought out her halo voice she definitely did she brought the ballot boy style for you girls and it's just over lock your doors put bars on real windows and shit because sis is coming like a thief in the night alright so I don't know about you but I feel like the BT Awards snuck up on us a little bit like you know one day there was nothing going on in the next day there's a full-blown social media marketing campaign going on advertising and beauty awards and shit let me tell you something about these upcoming Awards I think that they're gonna be a little bit late I think it's gonna be a look you judging on who is performing I'll talk about that a little bit later but I don't know recently I think because there's so many hot girls out there I'm really excited to see their houses in the states I go like this you know if since I brought up hot girls I want to bring up XXL really quick I just like there's a bunch and make us on this cover that I do not know but I do see miss tiara I do Steve hricko next I do see Megan so I'm happy about that wish there were more woman rappers on the cover maybe one day ten years down the line 20 years I don't know Greg I have a gay rapper on there or at least an openly gay rapper no shade but the fact that y'all have blue face on there and when there's so many rising woman rappers get shot to the head make it happen happen like come on girl like all these dusty-ass things we have never heard of but congratulations to my girls on the cover that's on period but yeah like I said those who will be performing at the Beauty Awards let's get into it I'm notable people Miko's her Long Knives ex Billy Ray Cyrus little mustard little baby I got Miami and if she is gonna go ahead performs so we D like us and try to be saying please take it I don't know if you need to go ahead and take a five-hour energy Teresa but please girl like act like you want to be there girl please you can pay me Mel Fantasia the baby cardi B's oh speaking of cardi beat let me make sure I whip it up did y'all see that TMZ broke the story saying that cyst has been indicted on 14 Lahore since has been entitled 14 charges including two counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury dumb girl said other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment assault criminal solicitation conspiracy and harassment so I don't know what's going on Berger says I hope that we do not have to be around here talking about free cardi be like but I think this is stemming from that whole situation that in October was it she allegedly had people go and beat up some strippers or something I can correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's the story but yeah I hope we don't have to be out here staying free cardi B I think I read somewhere that she rejected some type of plea deal yeah Carly rejected a plea deal which could have given her a conditional discharge on return for pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor so she said girl no ma'am and I'm not please shit – shit and you guys just gonna take what I'm giving you and that's nothing but it that's 14 counts I don't know what's going on sis I don't know it's gonna all right so let's talk about music so only reason I'm even bringing this up it's because I was gassing it the whole like I was gassing it in gas mix a little noise and Nicki Minaj they drop their shit let's talk about first little knives I really like two of his songs and that's panini and that is rodeo like those are the ones that is if I hear that in a car or if I hear it in the club I'm going to twirl by asked around okay number throw my ass in a rhombus i'ma throw my ass in the Octagon whatever it needs to be done to properly dance to the song that's that's what I'm gonna do like I said those are really the songs like fuck with the other ones I probably have to be in a different vibe and a different mode to really chill with them but panini Brody kid could get it bubble can get it let's go ahead and talk about this Megatron also with Miss Megatron if it comes on in the club I'm drunk I'm gonna twerk like I'm gonna be moving my body to that shit now I wish that I liked it more though like I wish I liked it more I'm trying I was trying to figure out what it was and I even had to it I'm just like am I being biased I think that my thing is I like my Nicki Minaj just wraps the verses her singing and I think that that may have to do with why I don't fuck with the song as heavy as I want to you know what I mean but yeah if it comes on a club I'm gonna be moving I'm be shaking but as far as I go in my mind it really didn't that's probably partially on me because she took such a long hiatus that I expected her to come back with like you know you not I mean I expect her but like I say it's a cute little pop for the club alright so let's get into a little bit more serious topic I've been noticing that they're like these movies that are being planned trying to save racist you shit it's just it's really rubbing me in the wrong way let me read you some of these tweets so there's a producer named John Wells he has a lot of projects in the work one of the projects is called heart of a lion it's for Showtime and it revolves around a white nationalist who falls in love with a woman who has a black son and has to confront his own past like we are so over these ugly as predictable as non boundary-pushing as save the racist ass stories we're so tired of it we're so tired then there's another film it's called burden and apparently it's gonna be starring Forest Whitaker and usher which a black congregation takes in a KKK run away until George M Johnson I'm sure you guys know who he is he tweeted he was like white nationalists coming to church to say shoot our house is that what like what do you talk about like what are y'all doing so I want listen I want Hollywood to listen to what I'm saying okay I'm telling you if you know of anybody who's in Hollywood doing dumb shit like this please send them this video okay cuz I want you to listen there are so many news stories about like black people because I guess Hollywood just realize that black people like shit like magic and a magic there's motherfuckers into rock climbing skating since we are all like there's y'all don't have to just focus on civil rights which I promise you black people were not a monolith we got a lot of interest there's so many new stories that you could be telling that's but I guess you'd have to hire black creatives young black creators that that to tell these types of stories but I mean that's a whole nother conversation the second thing is if you want to tell if you want to tell old stories let me show you some old stories that you can tell when it comes to blackness so what you're looking at right now is a six thousand and eighty eight Central postal directory battalion and it was part of the Women's Army Corps during World War two okay so this was the only battalion of black woman in the u.s. to serve in Europe during World War two so you could tell a story about that like that's interesting and this one I found which is I think one of the most interesting ever this guy is Henry box Brown okay and he he found a way he was a slave who found a way to ship himself I'm talking about male himself to the north to abolitionists to freeing himself okay brenell slaves on tobacco fields had been paying another slave master to keep his wife there but the slave master betrayed him sold his wife he found a way to mail himself like I said ship himself to abolitionists using the Adams Express Company which was known for their discreteness in order to get in order to make this happen he had to get out of work for that day so what he did was he put his he put his hand in sulfuric acid and burned it to the bone so he could get out of work so he could ship his goddamn sell to the north that's a story that you want to tell him when you hear people burning themselves to the bone to get out of work to to free themselves this is what he said if you have never been deprived of your Liberty as I was you cannot realize the power of that hope of freedom which was to me indeed an anchor to the soul both sure and steadfast so like there's so many stores there's so many cool stories even if you want to go back in time like I always do goddamn when it comes to black people go back in time and find them cool stories and protection on movie make some money girl I need some black executives to make some money off this shit you know I mean like we're so tired also speaking of things that I'm tired of let's go ahead just dissect this Joe Biden situation as the mall Sanders girl your hats in a minute you a dead shit that you doing is really disappointing and it seems like you're doing it for a check no shade but I don't know either way Joe Biden recently came under fire for saying that you know oh my god I worked with segregationist and it was totally cool but we got shit done at least we were simple he said it at some event let me go ahead and read the full quote this coming from NPR he said well guess what at least there were some civility by then said also pointing to a working relationship he had forged with this other segregationist Democrat ok so Joe Biden said we got things done we didn't agree on much of anything we got things done we got it finished but today you look at the other side and you're the enemy not the opposition but you're the enemy we don't talk to each other anymore and so he came under fire about that shit not one of the segregationists that he claimed to work without that sex what he said in a moment one of the segregationists that he bragged about working with at a segregationist rally now Joe Biden didn't say there's a segregationist that he bragged about working with as I said said this he said in every stage of the bus boycott we have been oppressed and degraded because of black slimy juicy unbearably stinking neighbors he also said that we need to abolish the Negro race with guns bows and arrows and slingshots and knives ok so that's the type of person that Joe Biden is saying oh my god I'm working with them and we were civil I don't know what your problem is all of a sudden they the enemy when you look across the lines then that enemy why not just the opposition Joe Biden the reason why they're the opposition to your white straight ass is because the violence and death that they pour onto other communities will always avoid your white straight rich ass that's so you can of course you can go and debate with them and oh there's just the opposition they're not the enemy to us they are the enemy because they are killing the fuck out of us ok they're killing our black or minority or faggot asses okay so of course you can get up here on your high horse talking about you don't know why weeper so pressed and bother why they view it as the enemy because they are girl if someone's out here attacking me and slicing my ass up killing me shoot me in the goddamn street making sure that my ass don't have no place to goddamn live me to them locks out of the economy making girls there they never got him and what are you talking about and so when all these people are dragging him I don't know why Symone Sanders is getting her ass up here acting like she has never done this type of analysis that I'm doing right now on foot on CNN on TV you you like why you had to surprise man that you get a check from his camp that we are still doing the same analysis that you I guess stop doing what you got once you got paid by jargon like run stop she going on Twitter try oh did not mean that we just kind of do things we gotta get things done that's what you were saying it's not it's not cute it's not cute and like I said what really makes me angry Simone is that you were you been or you've been doing this type of analysis you've been doing this type of work and your mouth that's like we don't know what we're talking about just like stop and there was a quote of Joe Biden saying you know things don't really need to change things need to fundamentally stay the same when we're talking about economics and distribution of wealth and authorship so it's just why are why are we being shamed for rightfully calling this man out like get out of here so yeah that's what Joe Biden was talking about not sure what he got going on not sure if he thinks that this shit will fly with democratic vote at least Democratic voters swing rich or what cuz a lot some of these Democrats if we being honest some of these establishment Democrats look a lot like Republicans that's why to be playing footsie with a ass in the middle of the fucking aisle instead of tearing down these fucked up systems alright so yeah that's all the news that I have for today I hope that you enjoy the weekend I'm going to go ahead and be releasing my little project my little not safe for work on twerking ass rap ass fake accent girls ass project on y'all in the beginning of next week if all things go as planned like I said if you want to see the cover you can sign up to patreon check it out it has already been posted keep your eyes open though over the weekend more a little something like I said if all things go as planned I would really appreciate your support so so so so much I'm gonna go ahead and send a text message to your daddy so that we both we all can have a good guy there means me

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  • BAPS>Megatron, yeah I said it. Megatron isn't bad per se, it is a cute summer bop; but I am not going to pretend like I wasn't a bit disappointed by it-unfortunately it didn't capture my interest immediately like BAPS did. However, as someone who grew up listening to reggae and dancehall I was tickled pink by the fact that filthy riddim was sampled in it.

  • the reason why i didnt want beyonce in this is bc i knew it would become all about her…if i see "beyonce and the lion king…" one more time…..😂

  • My dearest Adrian,

    Ima need “Can you snatch my wig?” on a T-shirt huny. Also, please be advised that I will be adding this phrase to my bedroom repertoire.

    Warm Regards,

  • My god… if Disney was smart enough to let Beyoncé sing Shadowland from the Broadway musical… it’s gonna be fucking OVER for everyone

  • Seeing Rico on that freshman cover/list made me so damn happy! Been following her for awhile now and it's crazy af to see how far she's come. And if we're gonna be honest XXL could've had an entire cover/list with all female rappers this year with the way they've been showing out.

  • Megaton was…. a cute summer bop but Stan twitter over hyped it, the songs name is Megatron and I expected just that I thought she was about to fuck shit up, Lil Nas X ep was cute I’m happy he’s thriving Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cobwebs was poo


  • The xxl cover is boring at this point. After like 2013, aside from maybe 2 after that, the cover got corny. A bunch of male rappers who are mediocre, maybe 1-2 male rappers who are good and 1-3 female rappers who outdo everyone else on the cover. An openly gay rapper would be great and necessary.

  • Wait did you say throw that thang in a circle and octagon ?!! Im not doing this with you today Adrian 😂😂😂

  • You always get these white peoples together Adrian!! And I love it! ❤️❤️❤️🤟🏽hope your having a great Saturday 😘

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