Better than Gold Medal Match in .308? IMR 4064 and Hornady 168gr BTHP

hey everybody today is gonna be a little different type of reloading video mostly because I've already done the reloading what we're shooting today is the quantity 168 grain boat tail hollow point match bullets I'm hoping to find a load that will match this a Federal Premium gold medal match I'm will be shooting this for ciders factory ammo and we're gonna get velocity data and everything or something to match now my components are IMR 4064 for the powder we're gonna be going from a low charge of forty point six grains to a high of 42 point to and using Winchester wlr primers and federal brass once fired now once I one thing I found when reloading the federal brass is the primer pockets were already very loose and this is kind of something I expected as I've read it a lot on the forums so these will only be fired once and I probably won't use federal brass to reload and again at least for 308 now the other thing is the quantity me plaques are quite varied let me put a picture up here for you to see I'm looking at the sierra matchking z– right now me plots look consistent across the tops they're flat they're uniform the quantity are not even close to the same they vary in size all over the place in fact let me read to you from my notes a little bit here the me plots buried the bullet overall length was from one point two to four inches to one point two three five inches that's eleven thousands of difference between bullets that I measured and I only measured like 15 so the me plots were a little bit different and we seated ended up seating two quantities recommended overall length in the load manual which was two point eight inches the jammed into the lands it measured a two point eight two inches so we really only have probably fifteen to twenty thousands jump so that's gonna be really good for us the magazines not a limiting factor we got plenty of room in there I chose the IMR 4064 because it is supposed to be what quantity our excuse me what federal loads and their gold medal match ammo so we're gonna go with it and try and see how it does Hornady did not have load info for the four IMR 4064 with their 168 carrying match bullet so I scoured around the web and found it for the most part you can shoot the same data as match and get similar results but as always we're gonna start low and work up I will let you know if I get pressure signs along the way a note about the weather today it has dreamed up there are bugs everywhere I'm covered in deep so it's not to get trigger bites and spider bites and mosquito bites and but I'm still getting money so we're gonna shoot this and I'm gonna try not to get distracted okay my lenses have cleared off they were fogged up so we're gonna start with a cider group at that lower lower right-hand target and what I'm doing is aiming at the black box and trying to put the group on the lower part I am only using my 12x Bushnell scope today I didn't feel like residing in 6 to 24 but my last group and my best group ever look at that metal mattress if this stove it's getting shooting Telegraph is reading okay the bullet fell just a little high of where I wanted it to so I'm going to come down another minute actually let's go a minute McGrath and that's where I want the bullet impacts to be perfect okay so sadly that is about the limits of my accuracy potential at least shooting off a sandbag alright let me reset the chronograph to the next group and move on to our head looks okay first group is forty point six grains maybe I'm assuming we'll be in the 2450 range with this ah 2574 faster than I thought no heavy volt lift no marks on the breast looks like we got two of the time velocities in a row that's always a good sign and give the barrel just a second to cool down and then we'll finish this group out good accuracy so far though it's nothing a little different with that shot and I think it was my fault pretty sure it was my trigger pole I'm watching the kick scroll around on my notebook here that's fantastic okay I am gonna give the barrel a second cool it is very hot and will pick back up with our next group afterwards but good velocities so far and good accuracy the light has gotten quite bad for filming but I have tank handbrake hold on ticks reapplied bug spray gotten a drink let the dog out what's the barrel cool things now cool cool grab the thermos sell just for extra echos the tick I pulled off meat was a lone Star tick and I'm not about to get alpha cow not gonna happen so let's continue shooting see if we can keep these good groups that we are only 60 feet per second ish from our target velocity I'm definitely thinking we can get there with either this slow to the woman after it if not hopefully will it a velocity plateau and kind of have several groups there's insane velocity and that will be good I don't anticipate getting up to the max charge that I have loaded I just don't think we're gonna get there I think we're gonna hit our velocity and maybe start seeing some pressure signs I don't know but we got 60 feet per second to go 2620 is what we're shooting for we were getting 25 70 on the last one so yeah anyway fifty feet per second kid let's keep shooting and let's see what we get don't screw it up it's a self-fulfilling prophecy all right well that last shot was at 26 20 so we're at our velocity for the most part with our spreads a little farther I'm gonna give the barrel another second I really wish I'd taken the time to put my good scope back on here cuz parallax issues might kill me here on this group man it's definitely time for a barrel rest after this group well we've got one maggot hole in the paper it's a big hole and we're up over 2,700 feet per second no signs no real signs of pressure I'm trying to decide whether the or not you know what and pursuit of prudence and trusting my chronograph I'm gonna stop right there there's no need to go any higher the gold medal match is proving itself again and again to be a great load and we're already getting velocities about 80 feet per second faster than it at this load and the accuracy might be falling off just a hair I'm not gonna push it there's no name – we've got a good load here so we're gonna quit for now and let's get where we've got some calipers and we can measure these groups we are back down at the bench and we're gonna take a look at what the heck happened with this target and that what the heck is in the best possible way because these are some of the best groups that I've ever shot so what we're gonna be looking at is group size not only five shot groups but four shot groups because as you can see there were several times that I did quite a bit better with four shots than five and I honestly this is the shot that ticked me off the most on this group because I was holding such a tight little group there anyway our baseline is right over here this is our federal gold medal match and we got an average velocity of twenty six twenty and 'red deviation of 20 which is not great but the group size was 0.894 inches with a fourth shot group of 0.7 nine zero now this is a warm-up shot and you can see that I did shoot one extra right here and then adjusted so this is five shots and then that's the that's the first one so here's our group and you see we're not holding too bad so there was one shot to kind of follow the boring and then groups like that which is not bad at all and this is some of the best shooting factory ammo that I've ever had anyway moving on to our hand loads which were way more exciting check out this extreme spread and standard deviation on this first group extreme spread of 9sd of three that's crazy low and a really good indicator that this load is going to be fantastic five shot group of point eight nine five and a four shot group the best for you can see right here point five five zero for my shooting and my setup that is phenomenal the next group was the one that absolutely blew me away those for sure went into 0.268 inches it was kind of hard to measure because all of this right in here is just a smear i had to fill this back in as you can see it's busted out of the page like this but i would what i ended up doing was measuring from the center of this lead mark to the center of this main hole over here four shots into 0.26 eight inches that's kind of incredible then this one shot that ticked me off threw it out to 0.769 inches is still 1 MOA overall not going to complain i save one Oh MOA again because remember this is at 75 yards and not 100 the next group was Eve even better overall five shots into point six three two inches and then the best for which you really don't even need to take on this target because that that's just excluding that shot right there but that makes it a point five three zero now what makes me think that this right here forty one point four grains is the load we're probably gonna go with is that our numbers also looked better so we are with with the last group we were right at 26 11 for our average and our standard deviation and extreme spread were a little wider over here we get an excellent group and we tighten our extreme spread to 16 and the standard deviation to only six this is the load that I'm going to be doing more testing with in the future the last group we shot open things up a little bit and it could just be because I was slightly fatigued at this point and the barrel was getting warm whatever but it's still not a bad group and it actually looks worse than it is because it's it's about the same both directions but five shots in two point seven nine five and four shots in two point seven three five again an miy group there I'm gonna complain whatsoever but our velocity oh let me look at this again cuz it looks like I forgot to write it down from the coronagraph okay so I've got my numbers on here and you can see that the numbers start getting ugly now I'm not seeing any pressure signs on the brass zero pressure signs whatsoever I am confident that this would be a safe load to shoot through my gun but the numbers start opening up extra extreme spread of sixty and a standard deviation of 20 to the average velocity for this one was 26 91 with our hi let me see what our how I was here I was 27 21 now when you compare that to our gold medal match with an average of 26 20 that's a hundred feet per second more than the average for our gold medal match I already know that this gold medal match can tend to be on a little bit higher side of loading so I do not want to be shooting this load though it's probably not gonna hurt anything to shoot through my gun and again I wasn't seeing any pressure signs I just don't want to go anywhere near that high so we are going to mix that load from consideration that was 41.8 grains so we're really going to be looking at this range right here forty one point zero two forty one point four grains and we'll probably do some fine-tuning in this range to get exactly what we want but for now dang those two groups absolutely fantastic anyway thank you guys for watching we've got more coming up in 308 more in 65 Grendel in way of announcements real quick before we end I'd said back in January or so that we were going to be shooting a Yeti with a 50 Cal and that is a promise that I fulfilled but the video that I got for it was so crappy I am NOT gonna even post it online I should have not said anything and just waited until I had the video ready to go before I hinted to it so if you all want to see the crappiest video I have ever filmed let me know and I'll post it up even if one or two guys say they want to see it then I'll post it up but it's not great as far as quality goes again thank you all for watching if you like this kind of video hit that subscribe button with notification so that's gonna really help us out on the channel it's gonna help me to decide whether this channel is feasible to continue in the long run

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