where's your boyfriend mark on what were you doing we down here li put a bt Awards I'm not a sworn in tonight but report it I'm gonna walk up on a couple people ask them some questions about the BT award and let's see what they know okay are we down here we win or legs aka let's their attitude and people gotta be entries not aka encoded okay okay we don't know what's going on but we're gonna find out do the dance michigan blue face a bus stop be honest so what is your favorite memory of a be to your work my suggestion to be a legendary Chris Brown warming me was last year when Nipsey Hussle on why he hit the stage last time that I checked men are PFC hustling man we're cold how about the move it took them quick – you ready Rob who were the hosts of the first BT award willing Jada tia & tamera Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer are trendy and Ray J brandy Ariza brandy arrays day alright what made you pick back they seem like bt performance the red bitten see Pavia does it benefit a Steve Harvey right now you second question including this year how many beats you want Heather be it 17 18 21 19 what you got and while you choose my team they got it right we gonna go with the third question okay def it up okay how many times that Beyonce performed at the beach to Ward 9 6 8 hear what you got I mean Beyonce the bending gangster she gotta leave them like hey it's that or gain that Bluto oh okay so he just guessing the correct answer is eight nine times she's been there not time to be who has the most nominations this year at the BT award great cardies beat the Carter's childish gambino my man's right what's one is moving let me help you at all what you got me here here let me see now you got oh you had a golfer all right we're here with Alex and I wanna present him the war for the best curls you don't get it right there because they're curly I mean how many plots of escrows did you use for that okay that's what he's saying but I want you to hear this little speech though it's gonna look we don't give a shout out to be 2k for being the best ice cube so coming out with all these movies but all these movies yeah I'll give us a piece for all the work you put together come on hard work thank y'all for tuning in so boyfriend Mark are we gonna end it out make sure that watch the BT worth tonight love that eight


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