BET Awards Red Carpet: Rick Ross Teases ‘Port of Miami 2’ Date & Rappers Remember Nipsey

is that ultra perm no look at that nice as it curly nice did you put some lotion in there nothing nothing yo was good for complex news I'm Pierre Simpson live from the special blue carpet commemorating the late great Nipsey Hussle at the 2019 Beatty Awards some of the biggest artists in music will be walking this carpet and of course they stopped by to chop it up a complex let's check it out now before the cameras started rolling I got PMB rockin T grizzly in the building y'all surveyed the whole plane that's gonna be my best in her career know even though it's in a short span of time you were Tortorella in a game right now can we talk about this pitch you got on though I'm wearing a some wood grain in the swap baby now Rosie you've been one of my favorite rappers for a long time when the hell can we expect Port of Miami to man sooner than you could believe so you know at this point for me to execute it the way I want to execute it it gotta be something that specialist or you know my very first album I release August 8th right oh six okay so that's okay you live it up in the air okay now here's what's amazing and it's a testament to you I remember your playing days in NFL but you transition so well to actually straight out confio bouquets so herb did an incredible job of directing us in this episode playing this guy right here makes it this guy made it easy for me he's an incredible actor talented and he made me be specific and if we really became brothers so I hope when people see this you'll a second or BT though they'll really really believe everything that we put together Elijah these might be the two best wingman the cash that went through before performing tonight how you feeling performing it's what are you looking forward to the most tonight I'm performing at the pre Shaolin I love you I love you I'm looking forward today and I'm just looking forward to just seeing hi everybody its Bob in like the good energy like I know when people be winning their wars I'm gonna be cheering like people I know but but yeah I just can't wait to periodically in Aegina room what I'm most excited about is the fact that think this has to be the most strongest female lineup for female rappers and I've been so excited to see who's gonna take home the wort cardi be performing on her she opening the show so that's gonna be crazy Johnny Gill perform and that's gonna be crazy and I'm looking to see what everybody got on cuz you know yeah okay Group checks is in effect I just enjoy the outfits really different hair yeah textures and hair lines it's not often that people can actually come into music and really provide like great music as a comedian what my music reflect Who I am just like my comedy you know like I always say I don't sell music I don't sell copy that sell vibes right so the same thing that's what I put in my music and I guess it it works cuz that's what everybody else get out of we were talking a little bit before the camera started rolling I feel like a lot of people continue to sleep on to change for no reason does it frustrate you at all you just keep putting out I feel like sometimes I'm ahead of my time that's a cool thing so if I put it out in the world when people catch up with it I'll be on to the next and this is something I felt like it's happened a couple of times in my career I put out a classic album so I did that can't many people say I did that well that's album was a classic album puffy told me period you've kind of had this great resurgence on social media because people are loving your moves and and the type of status you have I remember most notably you Millie rocking on stage that went viral on Twitter is it ever surreal to you are you just being you yeah it's so weird I'm social media you know but you know it's it's all love I guess you know I'm saying you know just making sure and looking like somebody pop off tonight well I'm really excited to perform but I really want to see the merry tribute yeah that's all that's the constant theme like you hear what I love Mary and she is so deserving of that award what's you excited to see the most night at the BT Awards I feel like I'm looking forward to mary j blige oh yeah legend she gonna kill us again at rib you know Sam I'm looking forward to seeing they're gonna do for my brother and nipsey for sure I'm already turned out with the game you know Sam young we haven't fun it's a lot of good talent out here I'm just I'm really excited to see who's gonna win the award there's that one that everybody's always real concerned about over the years that best female rat of course I'm excited bTW Awards you're nominated three times tonight okay what are you excited about most asad for the nominations you know I'm just really excited to be here last year was my very first Beauty Awards my very first award show ever and I was performing yes so to come back and have such a you know successful year and be recognized three times you know not only one time but three times is really amazing you compared yourself to Kevin Durant when you was like describing the whole crew yeah yeah what made you arrive at definitely one Kevin Durant's my favorite basketball player we both from PG County Maryland you know I'm somewhere up the same hometown yeah and he came to the Warriors you know what I'm saying and just added to it you know why being with the Warriors yeah you know Katie came a little later but he added to it you know he got them those two rings when you think about how you're able to be Grammy nominated work with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and countless others does it feel kind of surreal that you able to like come out on top if you wanted a mess then again it's good to be one of those artists to show that you should come here and look for the music especially coming from where we come from you know where that dream is like far and beyond it doesn't seem real like you could touch it so you know that feels good to be somebody that's opening doors and that can make it a little easier for somebody else from where I'm from and inspired and I know like you can't do it like you can't be boxed and just fit from a small town and what you're looking forward to see the most tonight at the beauty Awards oh man on this knit blue carpet man reppin my brother man Nipsey a tipsy tribute man that's my brother he will forever live on oh man it's on my hand as well what was your favorite memory at nipsey and how has his legacy affected you going forward I believe my favorite memory of nipsey is when really we sat down and I made her my offer to sign MMG really you know nine and it was just the relationship we we kept right because it wasn't about it was about us developing a partnership yeah and that was something we understood that really didn't take black and white right so we didn't move forward with a record deal but our relationship and us making moves other ways always stayed intact my favorite memory would never see I had the emblem and I don't think he was gonna be on me back he'd be on me a paragraph really let me know how his whole life in general like I could say I don't talked about first meeting I don't talk about the last time I talked to him but just now I just how I look at his whole life like just even from the time knowing to the time meeting you know passed on is just like just everything he did is something you can learn from you know like just by the way he moved wait talk to you he was a gangster but at the same time he showed love it was just a perfect balance oh man I have so many a lot of people don't know me a nip we shared a studio for maybe like two and a half years but I've known him since like 2005 so a lot of the victory lap stuff I was like a part of the camaraderie of the inspiration and receiving their energy as well watching mob documentary reason chillin out eat wings or cooking at the studio or like getting bad crockpots from browsing um cooking will hog he may hog he being the chef's of the studio and everybody coming down eating at the studio making music but it makes it such a family-oriented environment man it's crazy you asked me some of those stories I probably would have never told any of them man or we can we expect the episode to drop for the fans out there one more time everybody pay close attention zoom in on me July sexualized a Jew light a second how about this nine days nine days it's almost here and it is a great great episode great acting great everything and you have to tune in your musics been ringing off you're performing tonight what's your what's your what's your feeling I'm a natural performer this is what I love to do I love to play in the playground so I'm just gonna open up my little my little box of toys and just stick it in [Laughter]


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