you got one feather that's how you know he gotta be hey Lala squad woody do it still girl all I know back with a whole nother video as you can see I'm over here getting my hair done it's VC awards day honey and it is a fish show literally my hairstylist hit me up in the dams and I was like oh girl let me see what you got going on and she's here so this was just yesterday but we make a magic my makeup artist is right here so yeah today's about to be an adventurous day i'ma literally show y'all behind the scenes of everything that's going on and just whoo that's chilli and literally just go from there if I could make it out alive say hi to ivy honey she scared a blow-dryer so literally when it went off so does she straight off my life hey y'all stay tuned I'm so excited we're gonna see what's going on who's out there everything like that you don't want to miss it this is about to be a fun blog all right so we're headed City Awards I think I'm super super excited face beat everything like that child like it's literally about to go down get into my dress a little bit as much as you can until we hit the carpet honey then it's thought to be real base look my baby hair lashes on fleek like I don't even know how to act for a rough world but when I tell y'all about to be a cute day you already know what harmony the cebiche Awards are on the way baby what they happy that's how we gonna get y'all anyways he looks super good you gotta trust me when I say it and yeah I'm just excited now I'm excited but who's been a lot that went into this and it's always so stressful prepare for big events like this the lead-up didn't be over after a couple of hours but next we're going to the carpet so stay tuned I ran into his dojin girls oh I just realized she got like yarn okay and the glasses say meow like honey I think I got a hairball [Laughter] what's up y'all excuse me it this man right here about to get punched he walked in front of one tomorrow one more of my cameras I'm a punching bag what's up your eyes Kendall Kendall I'm out here the Beauty Awards welcome to blue carpet I gotta go I'm gonna talk to y'all later so much stuff going on right now we're literally about to go sushi this carpet right here it's not even a carpet it's a stage tank our look you want to say hi to the people yes look one of the babies heats employees in us together thank you so much we out her and it's just crazy case made on day hey look it's lavas look she Britney don't say Cristo okay young gosh Leland Leland aka Ari I know y'all his name so I'm just noting down below but anyway look God is so cute out here so much someone on I'm super excited BC 2018 is a BT 2018 today 28 teams getting bigger and bigger every year and who knows what I'm gonna see but try not give me honesty on every year you know what honey the Sun is sucking up my brain cells I gotta get off the hammer coupe I'll be back shuddup Manistee grizzly yo girls the gang soft a lot on my line I watched also don't Instagram you funny this book I definitely [Applause] like they'd be but you handle what you say anyway how about what single come out next month Oh well I'm gonna do that but I'm gonna let y'all know this boy's head sang his butt up give us one thing just do persuade me to just do one little piece I see your face when I close my y'all know don't y'all need to go ahead and look at the alright fine I got Rico and she's so nasty y'all I'm sue my out here represent for this yummy oh my god don't you care it's a nasty chick reunion out here I hunt against a married Kitana hey what's up this is Karen shout out to my girl Lala you know of course a lot nation comes down I love you girl yeah so we got the social media got him a family right here all the Instagram employee penny yeah come when their co-workers know I employee know I'm lower you okay if you employed by the same company employee no well you know what that's going to be corrected we are getting paid on the ground and other things of course you already know what you got is a mystery I look like they cute well well what's your own do look at his broke shop he got one feather that's how you know he got a bed couch bed they're not even foreach Alice go meet a card on your couch anyway slow turtle one thing if your haircut Natalie that partner she looked at whatever yo got out to Michael girl y'all make sure y'all kids began to play this to play a nice finale if y'all haven't caught up make sure y'all catch up we reveal it who the killer is finally watch the same episode water powder wait what mining MJ I gotta go happening beautiful people it's major mister we rockin with Live Nation yeah she looks beautiful are you wearing about who wore a bets and at the ends of the day honey I'm going with my girls okay have to do it Nicky tardy and be like I like a boat anyway ready what's been going wrong with you see the bats that do sound serious I see she says she won't let me babysit her baby she might not way down the road so much to do you do you do let me know that as possible my girl I wonder when I never baby I just wanna chill you know and I literally pour a little bit but girl at the end random one I can't but tell me this one night things who are you looking forward to tonight honey it's a hot girl summer well even if she not we want her she better it's only right yet thank you so much girl so we're in nursing snow in y'all it's been a long long long day is so fine getting excited everybody is in here hi never seen so many random people there go my coworker look ah ha ha Davis he trying to be so serious right now he got him a bad little King over here shut up the see who else I see a business building you're telling everybody pull up and unlock the degree don't slide you'll see blue face baby you guy it's just um well they said that we can't film or anything so honey what that being said we've got so much dirt in and then make sure you catch the frickin bees he or she knows what's gone hi so I'm back at the house I made it home and I swear yard I was exhausting but it was super super super fun crazy thing is they had us to show up at 11:00 a.m. and when I tell you that a hoe didn't I eat I ordered posts mates and literally it did not ever come I wanted a hundred dollars worth for food because I was feeding me and my makeup artist my hairstylist and my designer and the food never showed up they refunded the money but honey they never refunded my hunger okay so with that being said I am starving I'm ready to go here to give me some more posts make some dust myself off and try again but the show was amazing honey everybody was on there didn't want to post anything from the show because I didn't want to get copyrighting or anything like that but I hope y'all enjoyed a little bit of a behind-the-scenes a little moment here and there super short I know but I wanted to make sure I took y'all long on the journey to the beads here words 2019 it's always honey if you like this video if you was entertained or even if you just want to see what else I have a store honey feel free to go ahead and subscribe to this channel comment like whatever give me a thumbs up and go ahead and ring the notification bell because y'all already know there's always more content this is what I've been prepared for all weekend happy that it's finally over and we'll see y'all at the next big event love y'all down until next time bye


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