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how come the people need to hear this I'll cover y'all favor my hear this and I bet to hear them all now in this beatty review to it [Applause] bt 2019 awards let me tell y'all something beats him I am very proud of y'all y'all did it y'all gave me summer in springtime or whatever the hell that means but child gave us a sick mean Awards better than the last couple of them honestly I was very nervous and skeptical Regina Hall hosting the shit but Regina Hall did her thing anything like we've moved towards not necessarily providing jobs 24/7 but just being able to transition to this and this and the performances and stuff y'all did a great job Regina honking shut out to you I love the conversation that Regina Hall talked about gentrification she talked about loving UDC she talked about all these things that are affecting black and brown people not people Acala black specifically and brown folks gentrification is serious going on in DC is going on in Atlanta as well just had a two-hour conversation with my mother talking about it and explaining why my rent is so high why thinks I'm so expensive why Millennials like myself don't have time to be a grocery store no to I'll be working three or four job just to put food on the table but with that being said girl we are going to get into it we're gonna be heavy political I'm going to talk about these are performances these awards I'm also going to be talking about how I felt about Tyler Perry's speech I'm also going to be talking about Nipsey Hussle that's how I'm talk about LGBT folks if you have a problem with it I highly encourage you to lunch subscribe and do not watch this video because I will be talking about gay shit so get over it so I guess that Regina ho did a fantastic job cardi B I'm Carmy Gerda can't say that you came right to save your life I really don't think you right y'all rats somebody can right it's a bitchin come on clean baby I would be pregnant later on but Carter be upset opening we have offset performing clouds dancing around routine MC and move it around and shaking great I all right all right up here for at the end card we come out swinging a weak swing huh that microphone was not on since I did catch that there mic was not on cardi but that performance was all girl miss Charlie the street fighter you might want to take that please address me but I enjoyed seeing Carter be perform giving everything all set girl you what no Chris breezy but you most definitely no bitch breezy shots are Latasha crazy ever saying that but you would giving us something that we can feel not something we can use but something we can feel in that moment so these performances before I can start a comeback performance insight and media is going to talk about lizards performance little doing it doing it doing it and somebody tweeted on you know said something about I hope that we give a little all of her things before the white gaze gentrify huh and you know what I have to completely agree because I feel like is so it's very talented sis can play all these instruments she can hold a note she's moving around I feel like this is kind of an explanation of what that black women got to do like sis got to do all of this when so many of her predecessors don't have the same lives just have to be desirable and have this image and be able to do something so many things you know just because of that but little has to do so many things to maybe get something I'm soul is all shout to you you did the damn thanks this performance did watch a girl said she look like the funny sister I think I met with Judy about numbers banking but they said she was giving us a penny off the proud family when she had her shades on her is a performer I think sis you know yeah they saw my focus name is boring honest being fast for a little bit but her you did your thing says their baby performance ah shoes I don't know the words I thought his performance was cute he was moving around and he was doing some stuff he was you know it was high it was high let's work on these white babies ground I know why you calling yourself the baby you black you ain't a spinning it like the baby you dumb da so can't we have dumb plaque babies can we have black babies can y'all find somebody who is out here is making these dumb things and with black and brown like girl what's going on yeah I'm gonna put the Asian baby bangs up for y'all black baby what can we fix that can be we're gonna get performance with cute the guy who's performing with him I've had his cake sound interesting baby girl from the 305 girls I went like young Miami I know you holding you down PLP fuzzy down but girl a performance was going down you're just cancer and then it just like total flow up like you was having their movements working and pregnant understanding at Miami but grandma slap me and do your air something ah what's this great which is very boring but young Miami we can do better girl we can do better no you try to hold it down for JT she's sitting – Jennifer swipe the two-minute credit cards like she was Wi-Fi off a fuckin looks thicker and that Doherty Explorer butts is like if we can do a little better we can do a little bit more got the horses in the back Billy Ray Cyrus and our favorite little knives and came out perform did it did it I love the knives as you can tell that he was a little bit nervous but this is mr. kind of like first like time performing long has he been Obie chief in those three years and still can't speak into a camera oh but look nice eggs I think your performance was cute I have enjoying your EP it is sickness give me something that I am enjoying I don't listen to a lot of music y'all know me because I was listened to attack on Titan intro for me to listen to the complete game of thrones soundtrack onto that girl but the nonsense you did it Billy Ray Cyrus you did some day but skill it was cute simply talk about why phone said you know he got invited to the cookout before my little Ray Cyrus dance and McGregor the whole water body here jab him here for my sir I'm staying hands shaking Purdue okay for a new chicken staying high ask what she is um Billy Ray Cyrus performing and everything was cute let me say something big team if y'all invited damn roots one more goddamn BT Awards I'm gonna smack the shit out of your ass keep that dancing saltine ass we're here I don't want to see his dance no more this man was on video explaining why he is able to say the n-word and y'all got his ass at the black is award show if y'all don't get y'all fucking shit together that shit made no goddamn sense I'm actually pissed off you two probably flag this video by mad girl like Devon should not been a part of any of that at all like Greg did y'all had him being shown through marriage a performance measure blood performance was it was good honest if I finish it by all the huntys and stuff all the folks who don't wanna be currencies enjoyed it I know my Madison a video Turk I know she Shing I came he should cut the cord a long time ago but marriage advise you did they're gonna suck the damn run out her ass she's going bankrupt every four years I'd be mad as hell too but marriage I'm glad you got up there you did a you dancing them click the clock a boost you did the girl I'm proud of you you got up there I honestly was disappointed at beating she didn't have the budget to being against a man to do a tribute feed and inform on stuff but since she was out there you could have had somebody up they said man they should have have a riot camera out there and do a tribute that's that girl is she gonna sing live the Rihanna presented measured lives with the Lifetime Achievement Award marriage a black desert all her teams give her flowers while she is here since I put out some great bodies of work over the years and I'm just proud I was glad you saw that meet me outside before I had to turn the volume down girl let me taste some meat meal dj khaled Josh left dj khaled and his positivity somewhere else I was not here for that let's talk about the awards I'm city girls deserve the best New Artist Award y'all gave you some the baby okay I really think the city girls deserve that they have like like they're part of a movement with so many black female rappers and like all the I'm here for which you know stars will give it to Marseille Martin reaction sis give us another Sigma s reaction since it's so beautiful I love her energy she's so always like she's just she's everything to me Emily man received award for some I don't know but let me tell you something girl I blow job Queens the king of the EEE EEE was Preston he get nominate I really think that Chuck please be trolling for the most part but I do think this is a little pressed about him not getting as much attention LMH dragged his ass that message to her saying put your shit in the music was definite for the king of ease and then Jacques please don't we heard some I self-congratulation gritty folk I can't deal with these people black classmen winning best film garbage honestly feel like this should have went to the into the spider burst into the spider first was black as hell it was everything cutting-edge animation and the tradition it got there I don't need to pose who did all that except reward though because you know though I don't know but I really think that they're for probably uh I don't know who else was nothing I think was our mystery no ladies who I'm not sure new dogs Award for Best gospel girl we live this new dog even yeah so BT is introducing BT plus it's a new streaming thing where we can go and see all this content Avicii has a lot of stuff the dogs thing like it could be on YouTube shut up to see that I've seen she said there's on this country it has to be on – I think this is a very smart idea for BT I think that you know it's smart because I'm trying to paying $100 for cable I'm honestly tired out there and there's only the specific amount of channels I watch and I would my opinion if even if I want to watch something I can probably like subscribe sell care girl gig on this credit card y'all can hold it down for like a week or something before I decide I want to keep it enough but it's just all these channels and stuff I think it's smart BT what try to do to make that work yeah I'm gonna push all the country that y'all got all the content that y'all have like even see this world in the basement all of it happen but maybe that needs to be a part of the Plus package or something the BT plus plus or premium and where you have all these access to stuff is junk at the college feels that all of that all that needs to be in there girl but good job producing this new stuff yeah but I didn't enjoy a tweet from Mike that said that PG was heavily focused on you know trying to stay young and hip and it seems like they just say you know we're just gonna be and I'm gonna try to be authentic I think that's very smart shots of mine on the laptop for talking about there Mike your ass was seemed like he was pressing better than talking about the DC shit but I think it's important for Regina Hall to talk about DC and gentrification because that shit it's very much real so what we talk about this let's talk about some of the you know the social stuff that was going on now let me go ahead and tell y'all that I am going to drag I am going to go in I'm gonna talk about some stuff that you know that might be controversial and if you don't like that I encourage you to go ahead and just like let off from give you warning down I can't hear one onyx because I know something I'll probably what do you think Mike Hart Kirk Franklin performance not interested no gospel ain't interested in nothing that church it keep this shit over there see how warm you up so with that being said but I'm pretty sure you clicked off right now let's talk about first Queen and slim what's funny is cleanness Liam had a focus group that reached out to me about boyfriend I was in the movies once he I think was bright burn and they asked us to be apart to see the tray let's see what we thought about it and my boyfriend got to see it I didn't feel giving my money Club being a part of the focus group but he was telling me that what the movie was about we have to skin main characters in this mic I can't that's very significant very significant and it's not in trauma for one type of situation where we've seen someone being killed by a cop without seeing that we're seeing that girl didn't if their description and I'm interested in seeing it I know folks was like uh I we should be we should be our in watching but this is something different Lina girl you might be step away a little bit from the projects it's because of her I'm a man looking to clean the streets right now considering you know how you didn't protect a girl from that day I'm sure that you wrote since with the shots is girl but I will say that I interested in seeing cleaning sale everything ok so let's talk about Brenda boys mother accepting his award and having a message about y'all y'all have to remember that y'all out from Africa now from Africa furs and that's honest about my reaction to it ah ok sis let me tell you something I don't know what it is about Africans telling us what we need to go to our rules we need to do this we need to remember where we came from when God has nothing like us y'all like using full of so many tweaks and this has been a conversation so so much about how Africans look at black Americans or whatever like sis I did not ask to be here I did not ask to be on this continent I was stolen and I was brought over here like since I'm just surviving at this point so stop talking down to me like I need to be a part of this line just look back to my roots when y'all telling us the proper way to where y'all shit I'm not spending any money to the governors I'm not paying ancestry DNA any money for any of this shit honestly the US government is to be putting in a part of their reparations package I ain't doing all this shit I don't have the money because I'm really trying bitch I'm asking for extensions on every damn thing ok I ain't got time got time to as I move on down the road or girl I was like looking at how like kind of crazy like sees you like this is a piece of aluminum foil and shit and move your ass on down the road but what's not here today something that's not what's not here for I did not watch the nipsey's stuff y'all know how I feel about Nixon house oh he's a homophobe yes I don't want hear about any black men being slaughtered in the streets definitely I'm just definitely not a part of that but I'm not interested in giving him his flowers but the homophobia stuff you can do it you will I'm not gonna pretend I'm just not interested it just wasn't but I think it kind of like lets us know how Beatty feels about the LGBT community I just think I'll give anything to Lena cripples we didn't see any type of nothing y'all even invite the cast of pose on there and pose has been doing some groundbreaking shit and yeah I'll aim and write them on there to do anything so then lets me know how y'all up live someone who you know get called out for being homophobic and y'all don't show anything around that but you know that's the powers that be over bTW the same individuals who told B Scott to tone down his queerness so that's another story so while we're talking about Nipsey Hussle let's also talk about his mother's speech girl y'all was letting up this habit on social media y'all was saying I was confused I didn't understand sis was talking about the spirits the waterfalls and everything that we're not used to I did not watch all of it I honestly kind of fast-forward through it because it had me cringing I hope I think sis is in the process of grieving but at the same time I think that's how they are all the time and when she said she went to the displays and she didn't see no blood and all this in a way she was talking police officer I was just like wow alright but girl it is what it is moving on to Tyler Perry and he's make America great again speech let me say this I am NOT interested in hearing anything from billionaires or millionaires telling me to pull myself about by my bootstraps not interesting if Tyler Perry has been rich for a long time I don't think he is a evil person I don't think he's a bad person I just not interesting hearing folks tell me about the system that is never going to work for everybody capitalism black capitalism no matter how you spin it it's not going to work for everybody how capitalism works is there is always going to be someone at the bottom there's always going to be poor folks no matter what and more than like these poor people are going to be black and brown poles and cripples so I'm a part of all of this shit like intersectional bullshit and I'm not interesting here hearing from those six little black man who is worth millions of dollars here means that when he's been through bitch I've been homeless too and I've had these people on couches and all they're like I've been through that and just because I'm able to get an apartment down does not mean that amount of other folks I want to be able to access this same shit by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps y'all out here wanting billionaires to be black and then meanwhile they're saying shit like this home is got some money one night he smacks my hand and he says if he can say you having a spare change he can say welcome to McDonald's can I have anything so this this false sense of shit that we getting from these billionaires and meetings telling us to pull ourselves out of boot straps is trash it just does not work favor but and I'm an interesting and continues to support a system that it's not going to uplift everybody it's just not and we get into these mobile we listen to the folks preaching this tongue just preacher pastor stuff every Sunday then we check out aspect I trench reality Monday morning not interested in it not interested in it and if Tyler Perry cares so much and he was actually out her doing some stuff we will be seeing him do more for the black and brown community other net offering folks jobs because the way post time I his castle is all black folks ain't invited to his table no matter it's black or white come on Michael Jackson but I not here for stuff just that's the whole speech gave me won't run Iranian life since I know shit is trash but keep working bitch folks are tired of working two or three four jobs to pay bills and stuff the hardest-working folks are folks for our poor they are working these jobs and making beer minima and soon his surviving it's not no millionaire sitting no corporation and no desk there's something making decisions on the keyboard I have to be in flew into work and not even have to worry about driving these folks I've seen here you got people especially in Atlanta Leah 30 minutes 45 minutes outside the city they're coming working in areas that they can afford to live in so I'm not interested in hearing no black calculus such as Tyler Perry Oprah or any of you Steve Harvey's either might tell me to put myself by my bootstraps I'm not telling you to pull yourself by your bootstraps sometimes it's just not gonna work no matter how hard you work it's just not going to happen so with that being said we need to focus on eradicate this system that it's not going to be beneficial for everybody and that's all period so feel how you want to feel I know this radical I know they're shaking you up but that's just how I feel I'm not interested in hearing Tyler Perry talk about stuff I work hard all of us have been through some shit all of us but you're not gonna tell me about your anomaly that it's gonna work for everybody because it just won't so girl but that being said that's just dead but overall bTW I think y'all did a fantastic job this year let's work on give you some cripples at the table and being somewhere like this what's going on with it what is y'all problem posed let's work on there other than that JA need a pretty good job the cameraman needs some help because since they were not doing crappy no justice when she performed cardi B gave her damn thing and so did everybody else but I'm really really amazed by lizards child to her but what did y'all think about the Beach Awards what did y'all think about everything is including my social topics let me know we can have a conversation about it'll be very respectful and so next time I'll talk about later on tonight

  • The BET awards should of had the cast of POSE on there. Shows us the black community has no unity towards us black LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Yes!!!! We do need reparations! Pay for for our ancestry dna 🧬
    It would help since we’ve had so much taken from us.

  • Most Africans don't like African Americans, Because African Americans have always acted as they are better than born Africans or any other blacks around the world and most African American are very ignorant and have a negative perception, about Africa and Africans (Not all Africans dislike African Americans and not all African Americans ignorant about Africans). and you missed the whole point on what Tyler was saying, Tyler upbringing was poor I don't see anything wrong with gaining wealth and sharing that knowledge with others on how to be successful.

  • Capitalism is a glorified Pyramid Scheme. They need people at the bottom, so they can stay on top of this crooked game with mandatory loser, and False Champions. While using Boogeyman like Socialism, and Communism to improve it's image. It's BS. That's why they don't want to budge on reparations. Reparations is not an impossible task. They just don't want to admit, they couldn't have made it to the top without keeping people in the bottom. 🤔

  • Too negative! If you can’t take advice from someone that has overcome all the bad situations you yourself have experienced then you are doomed to fail!

  • Nicki dont need to take notes…Cardi can do all that dancing bcuz she dont write or create her own shit…How do u lip sync rap🤔????? STOP👈🤪🤪

  • You must forget that it was y’all black Americans calling Africans “ booty scratchers” and all sorts of crazy bs. Black americans are very disrespectful and uneducated when it comes to Africans. I think the issue Africans have with black Americans is that they feel y’all can be very lazy people having access to all this opportunity in the United States.

  • This was Lizzo's intro to the Black mainstream, but White LGBTQ ppl have been stanning her for years! I found her a couple years ago after seeing her perform on The Real and I've been following her career ever since. It's so great to see her finally getting the praise that she deserves, but as you said it's a shame that she has to be 10X more talented than the standard pop singer just to get any shine.

  • I was saying the same thing when Burnaboy mom was like we Africans first like most African people at least where I’m from don’t like us Jamaicans

  • I'm a British African and I completely think Africans should not demand that African Americans acknowledge that they are Africans because if they can't tell me what country and village they are from then they are far removed from the culture and that's okay. Their identity if African American which has successfully become it's own culture. Let's co-exist respectfully.

  • I watch you a lot. Don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical that you’re very pressed about representation, but you low key just dissed Kirk Franklin. Like you be shading religious stuff to the max. Not all people that have faith are bad, not all of us force our beliefs on everyone, and all of us shouldn’t suffer because of your own personal negative experiences. I’m eager to hear you speak on your experiences more because I have similar concerns, but sometimes it’s cringy the way you say certain things.

  • I think you took Tyler’s speech the wrong way. What Steve Harvey said was “ a millionaire telling us to pull ourselves up by the boot straps” Tyler Perry was saying “I got us, and we can tell our stories”

  • Justin why did you perceive Tyler Perry’s speech so negatively? This man was once homeless and poor, now he has built an empire. Everyone won’t become a millionaire but it’s definitely room for everyone to be successful. You said it as if he was privileged and spoon fed, he came from the bottom. His work may not accurate depict black people but it works and made him rich. He also uses his success to empower and employ people of color. Wasn’t feeling what you said.

  • I'm feeling you but nipsey wasnt out here gay bashing. he was trying to uplift the impoverished youth. trying to get them to not gang bang. he had a message

  • You said everything necessary. Lizzo did amazing with all her talents.
    And yes, poor people are the hardest working people + very much tired. Continue being gr8!

  • Awards was alright I just saw the highlights…I can't sit through all that for hours on end. I'd much rather sleep. Great video.

  • Give BET their propers for this award show. Now some of the A list celebs need to show up The Carters. Cardi did that. Offset was really like 5 6 7 8. I enjoyed it

  • Wow interesting perspective on Tyler Perry’s speech. From what I gathered, he spoke more on helping your neighbor versus “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” You’re the first person I’ve heard who didn’t appreciate the speech. I enjoyed the awards overall.

  • Stop acting like NICKI aint do her MF thing at the MTV award in 2018 SAWEETIE! Nicki is a show stopper, lets get YOU together right quick

  • I will DEFINITELY go see QUEEN because they have 2 BLACK people that look like ME!!..And yes AFRICA is the mother of all …no one wants to be African but will claim INDIAN MEXICAN ASIAN CAUCASIAN yet they dont embrace us at all…and ALL AFRICANS DON'T THINK LIKE THAT….that's just like saying ALL BLACK MEN ARE KILLERS AND DRUG DEALERS…every group has it NARROW MINDED

  • I love your commentary King but I'm noticing a lot of contradiction and unnecessary criticism in your commentary. If you're not careful, you'll become the very thing you hate. I've been there.

  • I think this year had a more mature vibe to it like it was a lot of genuine artistry in the category options..etc I liked it. Also, I get what you’re saying about capitalism but that’s not a reason to not motivate others; we all gotta pull ourselves by the boot straps either way haha.

  • I didn't know LIzzo before the awards but I am a fan now, Lil miss did it and the flute playing was impressive

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