BET AWARDS 2019 WAS….(i said what i said)

bTW what up y'all should girl age a bitch bTW y'all a war so I am so packed y'all understand how pacts I am this has been just an interesting just bTW hey yeah what the fuck you seen bitches yes we're back up at this gig and I'm super duper excited but like I don't know so the BG words came on last night and as usual to be T words unorganized over time limit of the network I got my favorite performers my favorite performers of my favorite situations that happening but the BT Awards have become this thing where it's just like it was it wasn't bad it was just boring as hell but like don't blame the cpt boys bitch blame everybody suffer this past Awards your season has just been kind of like yeah they'd be good but like it's not anything I've been hinting and the Beauty Awards it's hard to be ate that up and then lose oh and then her in the mary j blige mary j blige i want to talk about you mary j blige i really i really hate the beauty has this really bad rep and like this really like this reputation of being like black luster but they do it to themselves no che they do it wattage on this blue crawford i love it for the nipsey but then the blue carpet for people's looks it made people look ashy you can't put blue carpet on every black person it made people look like a mess I hated the looks and BT Awards this year the looks I'm gonna leave that to detail but bitch hopefully does it because the looks from the BT Awards were just like what the hell is going on am I going to prom either don't come for Mary I love the performance too for what it was one is great let me skip the formalities hi my name is Zachary capital nice to meet you says if you never seen my face well hi this is the mess you always get let's go to this gig bitch let's see about the VC Awards let's leave the BT Awards this year 2019 with a bob to the left to the left forgive you I that but it was it was it was just the beats he awards like what the hell but why can I've not seen a smooth Beauty Awards as Monique hosted we need to get money back on stage bitch we do we do okay so first there was car DS performance car DS performance a bitch my bitch was my bitch did Beyonce she and then she channeled her inner Beyonce her inner Ciara more energetic Jackson and that bitch wanted to just really have a moment in her jail oh and then this one example moment she came in are you – very America's Best Dance Crew girl press press press press rise yes this see cuz my bitch had a VM a moment at the BT Awards and I get into that so that makes me believe that this bitch VMA performance is about to be sick cardi B is going to fuck the VMAs right on top bitch bitch these sparkly braids bitch I live for this America's next Best Dance Crew t he look like something of you got served with some money I live for this bitch I live with this this is production bitch she forgot her husband dancer bitch bitch diva hat she was breaking in town look I'm just looking like you got served but if they was rich bitch that's what he was giving bitch t-pain he should go see and see and see my bitch loves a pre-recorded track I want that to be now I think she does that on purpose my bitch loves the people core the track she says bitch I live you know I don't have time to be up here yeah the Abhi's time but I can't talk yes they be talking I throw the fuck I'm saying so bitch what we're going to do it's gonna go up in here stew stew and we're gonna rerecord these vocals bitch and I'm gonna give you what you need I'm gonna give you an inflection in your voice in everything bitch and this bitch people look at this bitch mouth watch your mouth she's giving it she's giving it that some people have an opinion or a situation that can't be his lips taking her whole performance which I think that's becoming a reoccurring thing with her like she has this thing where she's like well bitch I'm gonna give my all with the production but these vocals live I don't know if I can do that I don't know if I could do that with plus this situation of trying to be on with the choreography and plus like I said hurt hurt hurt hurt no clarity of her speech she's not the best so if you had her up here heavy breathing Plus already can't speak for real Plus dancing British not bitch be lip-synching but bitch she be getting into it like drama sell it she sells it she looks sickening that must be wanted she wanted to jail for Jennifer Lopez costume bitch oh furgus I need to do this I love that she's a dancer now fuck my bitch become a dancer like this that this is so cute when a pop went apart she did when she could've worn speaker she could have worn sneaker bitch but she didn't get into that it is the formation ladies come on guess who bitch pop pop ain't on come on bitch ah come on bitch oh ah bitch look at that look at that B look at our stance the girls dance she's living si si uh-huh for yes this is what we need this is what we need I got a bitch lady she took a little Missy Elliot she took a coat of it she took a painter mr. Elliot book Missy le is the last female rapper I've seen like legit perform and give you a whole situation that bitch back in her heyday bitch Missy Elliott's to come out swinging literally bitch and lay Texas shit bitch I'm just doing all types of practical effects on stage get your cues bitch okay well excuse the fuck out of me period the pre-show was cute though before I even came in for Tamara it's my favorite performance the pre-show was killer I do want to give chance to the pre-show you know I was sweet eating her thing as much as people talk shit about sweetie as far as like her rapping skills the bitch can actually get there and control the stage and her type is her thing which why there's no video for my type mama yeah your time is clicking the time is clicking for that attention span of my night bitch we're not gonna care about who type you got in a minute if you don't represent oh mama I've been making a sale you came out bitch bitch the crowd be playing my bitch yeah bad like I don't know my bitch is but y'all know my bitch is and girl y'all coulda gave her a little bit more energy but that's that it has that the pre-show has the same energy for a lot of people because blue face a Blueface baby yeah your name says your little slogan is the representation of what your performances is Blueface baby yeah moving on bitch her and ybn what's-his-name nyah Corday but her and why being a Corday was out there making the world spin and let you know the Lord is coming girl I have to room for them real hard had the room for the real stiff real real real raw look at like this downline and who I don't know she could play the babies no this bitch is sickening oh my god corruption versus green not you versus me oh this is a song on the part two I didn't listen to the part two like that cuz I did was so different so I was like okay you know I was in Marta her love her pop stuff and I heard Jim she beats getting into the bar to have some jams oh my goodness I heard one of those artists that just every new performance she surprises me I got it know that you could play the bass I didn't know that first of all I didn't I see her a bit clothing all the time so this is my first time really seen her like something form-fitted and I'm like bitch you alright that's not Janelle Monae when Janelle Monae first came out she always were like tech see those jackets up see really to see our body and I'm like bitch I got these banger bodies up under these clothes and I love that but y'all like girl don't focus on that focus I'm gonna have to say oh my god oh my god bitch wait the freedom freedom I can't lose freedom freedom cut me loose oh she is thick name this bitch this bitch I live for this this is a performance bitch this is heavy and bring the bass bag is younger originals arm he's not Oh where what's let suppose what the YBI okay like you could reach out to the young people her has this longevity in in this in visiting business that's gonna be like that's gonna be like legendary cuz she she's gonna tap in cuz this is just she's just starting she I thought you don't have she's gonna have like this this this time her careers of like bitch she is gonna be plastered everywhere and Hermes are gonna be plastic we're cuz she's gonna be speaking so much tea that if I Beach whatever I'm speaking about this and she don't do it in the most artistic way hits as you can see now look what she's doing now bitch imagine five years from now bitch get into the gig she's sickening either I like me some hard come up the gate used to her platform she came up the gate use and I put speak it I'm speaking about this come on bitch bitch might be still got vocal power even over all this but sometimes but just looking get lost you can get drowned my bitches DC she's back here sing yeah she's sick thing that bitch is sick man G she set the tone for the BT Awards I like that she brought it back to those black roots you know I mean like even though the BT Awards and all feels in essence and in all feels like a black celebration however her brings it to this the spiritual side of it that we are half you know black people you know we're most magical creatures on this earth black people yes the babies performance was the baby being the baby I hope he has more than sugar because I can see more of him later on in the future he's one of those another artists now seeing his performance is life and you know bitch should work platinum sugar went platinum I just shoot though it's a really good song it's like a really good catchy so I've been catching my attention but just dick man should but I hope he has another hit like should because I think he's such a good artist you not I mean it's besides being a rapper I think he sees stuff in his own twisted world way I'm like that easy so animate he could he could be so simple and so boring and so does macho and yeah yeah amber the boos didn't do that okay he might be a little Chris but I order look like a well Lucas came out back remember when um get back get back you don't know me like that bitch with the big-ass arms bitch that's what this reminds me of bitch bitch knee is up here giving you full vocal that's a gag bitch he is giving you full vocal bitch yes I thought the draw this is hi this is Jose this is so creative and I'll if every piece it is like I said he has this permanent to me of a little Chris and Missy Elliott him and Liz I'll have that you know I mean they have like that like that like that creative spunk but like the essential essential side of the music industry or the hip-hop era or just being black in general because for some reason they think black artists don't know what how to do much but just jump around but apparently look at ass bitch I want to be in the baby open up their little baby so bitch open up to shake it why yes I get it bad little okay miss Kim you won't do a bitch bitch is out here bitch doing there and bitch I think that this is one of my favorite performances of the whole night Miz Liz oh she's a performer she's a threat to bitches that don't think she isn't a performer because but she can come into any award show and take the whole night bitch the whole night and that's the kind of shit that you need from a star to the star bitch this performance bitch the beauty award the BT Awards needed that we needed that we needed that we did I'm a bitch now bitch my business on my bitch y'all know I was in the music video for this song bitch for truth hurts so bitch this is just this is I didn't know she this is crazy the song blew up we film that song we from that video like two years ago and this is like look at this now this is crazy I just took a DNA test turns out I'm a hundred percent that bitch even when I'm driving crazy I got boy problems that's a human in me bling bling you could have got a bad bitch be not calling you back say come on Corey oh my fists escorial bitch and the fact that you skinny whore don't be doing no choreo is amazing to me this must be up and giving you full production well that breaks my heart look at this bitch giving it to you ah okay I'm glad you're back which a bitch it's okay he already in my deal let's say I'm a hit you back in a minute bitch I'm pinning it like this like that bitch bitch y'all got Rihanna off her feet Beach what's up girl please bitch my bitch let's go got Rihanna out of her seat bitch my bitch Rihanna have to get up and say okay bitch hold up which I know about to do a set up because then God was shut once again the audience we're trying to play my bitch don't be trying play my bitch like she not forgive me all the best Shoreditch I've had a girl please tonight bitch my bitch round after chick I don't know if everybody said I woke up hey ma'am okay okay okay wait a minute bitch that's so sick I'm so proud of her come on please come on vocal control come on breath control come on bitch wow yeah wow yeah wow get Wow oh wow mm-hmm bit last but not least for me at least manager blige performance tuck out y'all when I tell you may j blige that she's iconic she's a legend without her a lot of bitches would not be here however comma y'all know y'all was wrong for letting her sing autumn songs no shade my baby was struggling she was it was she's and then I thought you guys agent caught up with her bitch oh I'm not I didn't react to it because I already know what it was and I was like I'm not going I'm not gonna my bitch mary j blige on camera like that cuz she deserves more respect than that but what I will say is that it was a good performance just it was just her lips ain't Q she didn't know some her lips ain't Q's and you know but it's just because she a blonde the charged it because she been in the game for a long time and you know this is nothing new to her but I was like these she's just a little just you know somebody knows she just can't reach them oh alright but let me know the comments below what you guys think about this BT award girl it was boring I give it like I give it a bob but I give it like I was seven I give it a strong seven out of 10 and those seven really come from her cardi being Liz out it could have was just like it was a drag bitch alright now that some of you guys watching as always know I catch you guys in the next one bye AMI go watch my video so girl bitch please stop playing with me

  • Cardi performs live most times. She used to be a stripper. She’s part West Indian. She can dance and perform a routine.

  • Only reason I don’t rate sweetie is because her only good songs are the ones she uses sampled beats for: icy girl, high maintenance, my type, emotional and I’m sick of it

  • This was literally the best one in years. The performances were all amazing. Speeches were inspirational and amazing. There wasn’t nothing to hate..

  • Love your reviews but the noise & commentary in the background; if it's not HeFlawless, is a distraction. Trust, you're being viewed by A&R!!

  • I agree it was very boring. I fell asleep during Mary's performance after Method Man came on stage. The only performances I liked were H.E.R. and Lizzo.

  • I work 3rd and it's very busy in the office but quite… when you did Offset …I yelled so loud lol 😁

  • What i will say is, Mary J…its not that she can't dance. She bops enough to conserve her juice to sing.

  • The BET awards was the best it has been in years but it was still lowkey boring af…………that says something and that’s sad ah. 😐

  • Am I the only one who does watch Awards Shows anymore, especially the BET Awards. I stopped watching it in 2013.

  • Here’s what I think:
    Performances: Cardi. Lizzo. HER.
    Speeches: Nipsey’s grandmother. Burna’s mother. TYLER PERRY.

  • Cardi's pronunciation does b off & u r exactly right couple dat wit dancing & tryna breathe u wouldn't b able 2 understand anything she says but shit if Janet, J-Lo & plenty others can do it & get off wit it so let my bitch live please!!! And HER OMG i saw her earlier dis year when she was on tour and Zachary she can sang da place down she plays bass, guitar, drums & so much more baby she played every instrument on dat stage & i lived bc im a musician as well & its jus refreshing w c sum1 so young but still is getting n2 creating on every level & she did dis really sincere cry at da end where she expressed her gratefullness & jus said thank u 4 allowing me 2 live my dream & it was jus very powerful i was engulfed in her!!!!!

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