BET Awards 2019: Rick Ross Drops a Hint About 'Port of Miami II'

it's 99 Jamz mommy's number one for hip-hop and on be rocking with the afternoon get down the tough got DJ inside yeah girls super City and we are here home to three OPA Greek Rose rose a a I'm happy to be happy to be here with the squad duty Queen feel from 99 Jamz Miami's you're number one the crib that's what we call you are here what is this like your you've been at the Beauty Awards a billion times already right you know I be coming says oh six you know really really I think the most I want to see you know everybody show love for the homie nipsey who now yeah I think that's important anytime you know if we lost somebody that was close to us at the crib that'll be our responsibility the rep for them as if they was here and that's what I want to see and other than that I want to see the young artist shine I want to see Meek Mill represent and everybody else do they thing you know I love to be to believe and of course you're single you dropped today man we just dropped the single you know 99 Jamz got it first before we just letting y'all know we did so much cook yo we so close to this Port of Miami I just want to put this in the air cos it's the crib yes y'all know my first out of my release August 8th oh six okay I'm gonna just put that up [Laughter] it's gonna green portable ah me too that's a lotta pressure because part of Miami the first one was so like incredible and it broke records and all part of Miami to and I think that's what I think that's what makes it so dope me coming back full circle album number 10 that's why I really took my time with it it's because for me it's not about nothing else other than everybody who been down from day one they hear and they say Rosie don't got even that's what mean emotions so in the top part of Miami one I most definitely feel we did that and you know the fans are like putting so much pressure on you hurry yeah we want mommy to yo I love it I love keep talking keep saying Rosie yo that was cool you know that's what we need you know I'm saying it and me coming until my tenth album that make me that much more excited you know I'm saying my fans got that type of effect on me you know I'm saying so we ready I got a I got a move the subject to another section house billion a few months now man you know you just really cracked that six my mom yeah young billion you know her me I went to the movies in st. John week three beautiful kids and a mother Shearer G so you know it's all love man it's gonna be special yeah yeah yeah I'ma be honest you know it's the first time I've you said it I decided to write a book when I woke up in the hospital I when I woke up in the hospital eClass everybody was I thought I was in King of Diamonds you know they tell me how they had this you know like people out there to get the cops to stop people from coming in you know and you know they tried to keep it limited to certain people but you can't stop but what it did was it just you know some things that you may have been thinking about doing later let me do this now I'm gonna write a book now and you know you never know I may not go film out a year two after that so Jax what is the book about like I know it's about yes I think most definitely you know it's really it's a memoir about my life and it take you all the way back to the beginning you know my mother's story you are having me me growing up right on 183rd Street on 39th Court what it was like you know I'm saying for us


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