BET Awards 2019 REVIEW | Cardi B, Lizzo, Mary J Blige, Regina Hall

  • It was one of the best in a while! When you get artists with stage presence and a vision to perform, the show will just be good, and that’s what they did this year with some of these acts. That’s why it was so much better. They need to move the show to NYC or something to freshen it up next year though

  • Jt went away for fraud but they are saying she will maybe get out in the next 90 days. However if she doesn't she won't get out until March 2020.

  • Idek why cardi was there and not the Latin Grammy’s since she doesn’t claim to be black. And I’m really confused as to why we(black people) still claim her . . .but to each is own I guess 🙄

  • Cardi gave the same shit…could have done better with the Nipsey tribute but still nice… Lizzo & Mary killed it PERIOD

  • I only watched the highlights. I must say i was pretty suprised and impressed with the awards this year. They had to redeem themselves from last year's snoozefest. But I'm still beefing that bet didn't allow normani the opportunity to perform. Why is my black queen being ignored.

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