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cardi VSAT the stage on fire with a lapdance more hidden tributes to Nipsey Hussle and alum a surprising speech these are just some of the amazing moments from the fantastic 2019 CET Awards 19 hi I'm Peter and these are the most surprising sweet and touching highlights from the annual fee Beatty award the opening performance of the night was hot as hell this year cardi B really knows how to light up the stage she and her hubby off set stormed on the stage and performed clout and press and we mean that literally as offset appeared from a stormy cloud of smoke with a troupe of dancers pumping up the audience before the fans could even recover from offset surprise choreography cardi B appeared got onto his lap and gave him a sexy lap dance as if they were the only two people in the room this year cardi B was the queen of the awards with seven nominations winning best album of the year and best female hip hop artists but cardies not taking any time off to relax her new focus this year is acting her first movie Hustler's sees her act alongside Jenny from the block and constants world the story is based on a New York magazine article telling the real-life story of a group of Manhattan strippers scamming their Wall Street clients well it's going to be pretty easy and a familiar experience for cardi she's very open about her previous stripping experience on her Instagram she admitted to luring men into hotel rooms and robbing room as she said I made the choices that I did at the same time because I had very limited options I was blessed to have been able to rise from that but so many women have not and despite the backlash she faced that and hatred from Nicki Minaj fans it's hard to deny that card he knew how to spice up the show and set the tone for the whole evening meanwhile guests had to walk on an unusual blue carpet instead of the traditional red carpet in honor of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle who was killed outside his marathon clothing store the BT network president Scott Mills said we thought one of the ways just to start obviously other than a fantastic tribute in the show itself but one of the ways to really bring home itself was to have the blue carpet in nips memory yg wore a jacket with the rappers pic that said the marathon continues referring to the slogan written on the carpet Nipsey received a posthumous award for Best Male hip-hop artist and a humanitarian award his mother gave a very emotional speech about his life and the day he was shot a Scott bill said Lipsy is such an important part of our community in particular the fact that he focused on serving his community staying in his community and trying to uplift the community that he was part of yg DJ Khaled and Marsha Ambrosius and John Legend performed a beautiful tribute to the artist singing three of his songs it was very touching and heartbreaking when they played a video clip featuring nipsey but a song higher rest in peace Nipsey Hussle the marathon continues there was one more masterful performance by migos and DJ mustard with their song pure water the stage looked amazing with the rapper's wearing white dancers in blue raincoats and an amazing feature that started off as a waterfall and later had holographic patents on it some fans even noticed one more tribute to Nipsey Hussle the checkered pieces in the waterfalls representing his neck tattoo marathon migos won the best group award this year by passing elegant sister duo Chloe and Halle we can't believe they haven't won an award yet though there's no doubts about why childish gambino one video of the year for one of the boldest music videos ever this is America but for some reason Donald Glover didn't claim the award himself Glover is a true artist the video is very powerful and serves as an artistic protest about the contemporary American life and its cultural issues speaking of social issues Corinna Evans who is just 23 one video director of the year she directed Drake's inspiring and touching video for God's plan which shows him giving away more than nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars to people in the streets despite sevens age she's already an experienced director having running multiple awards but for little baby it was probably a much more special night as he received his very first Award as Best New Artist little baby had the edge over other new young artists city girls and they performed their three hit songs amazingly some fans attacked young Miami in the media for giving a dry performance but it seems that Miami didn't lack energy she was probably just stressed it's not long ago she confirmed her pregnancy had to enjoy a massive backlash on the internet but how she looks without makeup and on top of all of that she has to perform alone because her best friend and rapping partner JT began serving her two-year long sentence in prison for credit-card fraud that's a lot to handle by herself well even though little nas ex wasn't nominated this year there's no way he wasn't going to be invited to put on such a stunning performance his B et Awards performance video has the most views out of any clip from the ceremony him and Billy Ray Cyrus arrived on horseback on the fleu carpet the live band seriously took the song to the next level with an amazingly fresh sounding version of the 2019 hit the BT Awards recognized not only musicians but all talented African American artists speaking of the cinematography Regina King won the best actress award prior to this year she also won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in if Beale Street could talk black Klansmen which also won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay received accolades for best movie at ve T Awards this year one more very moving moment was Rihanna presenting mary j blige with the B et Lifetime Achievement Award for her long career in music and acting she gave an iconic 20 minute long performance with Lil Kim and Method Man singing blige's greatest hits Mary gave a very powerful speech saying people always ask how do I sustain and stay relevant in this industry because although I am a leader a queen and a living legend I'm a servant as well and I'm here to serve the king a servant is not always glamorous or popular but it's the job and the assignment that I was given there were so many other talented people performing and being awarded but we've just had time to mention Ella Mae's clamorous sassy look Ella received the 2019 coca-cola viewers Choice Award for her song to trip and she went on stage wearing an amazing acid yellow suits and sunglasses the last line of her acceptance speech where she said this is proof that you let the music do the talking third of being addressed to Jackie and his trip remix which was seen by many as a better version than Alice originally well no matter which side you're on that's a pretty gangsta way of handling their beef right let us know what your favorite moment was from the B et Awards the 2019 and check out our new channel 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