BET Awards 2019 (Mary J Blige, Cardi B, Lil Nas X, Fantasia, Migos, Lizzo)

all right Pisan greetings youtubers so the 2019 BT Awards you know overall I thought they had a decent year you know I wasn't super super crazy over it but I was the didn't think it was terrible either I thought was alright I didn't really have any major expectations because based on the ads and the promo alone there weren't a whole lot of people I was excited about seeing based on the commercials so I really only watched because Regina Hall was hosting she's one of my favorite people in the world she cracks me up all the time I want to see the mary j blige tribute i wanted to see what they were gonna do for Nipsey Hussle and i wanted to see if they're gonna do anything for a recent franklin but bt was like look man and she already had a 20-hour funeral what else the other one how many more tributes y'all need you're not getting that nelson they're like here y'all so lauren here's a picture for the slideshow we're gonna put her on right before joe jackson don't ask for nothing else like that's literally what bt7 like alright so that's what we got um I had a beef the only beef i had other than the fact that i think the award show is still too long i say that about like bt Awards in the Grammys it's like they just go on and on sometimes you know there's a few performances honestly they could cut to make the show a little shorter cuz it feels like you sitting through the SAT sometimes watching this award so it just keeps going on it's like when you're 7 or 8 and your mama drags you to pass his anniversary services Church and in the services night I was long minded Church ain't got but 26 members but we in there for 9 hours well what are we celebrating Church been here 45 years 26 members and we here for 30 hours why why ah memories anyway one of them Turks is where everybody got to participate but anyway um if I had to be and I know I wasn't the only one who heard this at the beginning of the show I heard them specifically say Anita Baker was gonna be there and she was gonna perform and that caught me off guard because like I said she wasn't in the promo so I was like okay they might have some surprises this year cuz you know sometimes the award shows you know they don't tell you everybody who's in the building and then there's all kind of surprises and stuff happens kind of like that year on they did to James Brown tribute Michael Jackson came out stuff like that sounds like oh okay so they bought that really get it in alright they got it neither they but get it and so I started watching and I was waiting for Anita and Abel's 8 o'clock and then 8:30 came and 902 9:45 10:15 10:57 11:00 all right this thing about over ain't it all right 1122 ok she must be closing the show and next thing you know that's all Johnny yo coming out singing before I let go and I said you know what maybe I don't know if Anita's coming out at the end but you know maybe she's gonna do before I let go and be honest he's gonna come from the ceiling and made some freaky Beverly and the whole band is gonna come up from the floor I'll take that that's fine I have no complaints it was nothing it's nothing no Anita so I don't know somebody pissed Anita off midway through the show I guess she went home she took her person went home call her over she said she was done I don't know reminds me of the time remember like 2005 when the Fugees opened Beatty Awards and then Lauryn Hill is supposed to close the show and I mean they kept saying coming up Lauryn Hill a special performance from Laura deal special performance from Lauryn Hill and then about that last 45 minutes they say no more Lauryn Hill it's coming up more surprises more to come stay tuned and at the end you were waiting for Lauren and they rolled out Stevie on the piano he's saying he's saying happy birthday to be et and then will and Jade danced around the piano I said oh oh sudden happen behind the scenes ain't no Lauren tonight so I don't know I did notice they only said you need to bake up one time at the very beginning of the show so hell she might have cust every buddy out the first 20 minutes in it went home I don't know we'll find out well I don't know y'all could have had it neither to come on stage and smooth out whatever one's about to happen with Nipsey Hussle parents's listen the men and his daddy said that can you just do your thing please look ya'll could've had an eater come out right there and smooth everything because yo nipsey's mama look and all that peace and serenity that she was just talking about went out the window she looked at him y'all should've had to need to come out right there Oh like it was a smooth everything would smooth that but oh well anyway let's jump to the performances um hard to be open the show I thought was okay you know what that was all right um I don't think I've ever seen a Karthik performance at an award show that I haven't liked I'm not a super super huge cardi fan I kind of I appreciate the entertainment so I like her from an entertainment perspective I like that her team ours gives her something different to do as far as the dynamics on the stage but the dances and everything I felt like she was lip-syncing though I was like yeah loop sing with the rapping but to be fair I've seen it happens sometimes when the award shows where they're performing and then they the rapper claims that they weren't lipping nobody heard the void the real voice is maybe the back traps – I don't know but uh the highlight of that performance my opinion was offset cuz offset came out of nowhere which is you going all right kind of like you ever seen on that clip what's that cook a little Kim when she's at the concert oh wait a minute wait wait I was like that so he gave us at the headset mic instead of that other one do they have it um what's his name – baby look ya'll sure he gave him the baby's headset mic cuz off set was ready he came out with the choreography I was like all right wait a minute I mean they had the dancers going I would never thought I'd see that from any of the migos I was like clearly he needs to get that same energy to take off and we'll be alright me goes like if somebody gives you to take off we're gonna take off in a second but um I enjoy that that performance that was kind of fun to watch off set was the highlight of that for me I wasn't ready for it I wasn't ready I'm telling you a lot of these rappers action you have additional talents they just kind of repress and push them all down I don't know if it's cuz it's an image thing they want to look a certain way cuz minute I found out playing one could actually sing and he actually sings really well I'm like why don't you add that into your music like you got all these gifts and talents y'all gonna be using them all whatever um and if K again Regina Hall was the host I thought she was great house I enjoyed it I enjoyed all the DC references you know I've lived out here for in DC for like 15 years now so this is like my home way accidents is my home home I don't have a permanent home no more my momma sold my childhood house and moved to Atlanta so DC is home for me um and so I enjoyed all of it especially the don't DC I enjoyed all that the go-go references having EU come out I loved all but the clips the skit some people didn't like Regina Hall as a host I thought she was good you know I think with Regina Hall what makes people like her she just there's something about her personality that pulls you in like it's just like a warm personality then you like you just know when you're around good people so I think that's what people like about her and then she's naturally funny sometimes the jokes may not hit all the way but I thought she did a good job especially looking when she lost that award and she came out there look at all just shuffled I thought that crap was hilarious I was dying she's good to me I ain't got a beef with her by the way I also like the speech he had he was like a 17 minute speech he had at this essence ceremony that's me she had me rolling I thought that crap was funny so yeah I thought she did a great job and then the baby performed like I said he came out with his head set Mike won so I thought like he better do some back flips all the rappers gonna be dancing tonight wait a minute but know what I mean he had good energy but listen you gotta gain that the headset mic the offset cuz offset was ready offset came ready he bought the audition for a dangerous tour maybe had an okay performance lots of I did like his energy I will say that and the cool thing about award shows these days is you know the staging helps a lot of these performance cuz there's so much that this you can do now on stage you know they've got lasers and water that can come down and spell words and it's fire and smoke you can get shot out of the stage and caught on the roof and thrown this way and there's just all the air and what else 3d this and and animated this on the stage and there's just so many different things that you can just do so it makes performance is really great so I always appreciate the one that the performers try to match that same energy because there's nothing worse than a smoke and mirrors in the Tanner who doesn't do anything and there's everything around him that keeps people you know energized as hell they even got Holograms and stuff now on stage so it's like there's no reason why you should suck in 2019 onstage so I said the baby I appreciated his energy Fantasia had a great performance I really like the song now that I've heard it live I thought the band was excellent Adam Blackstone is always a really great music director he's worked with so many people like he's worked with mary j blige for a lot of her tours he's worked with Janet on rock with you tour you know he's always a great musical director he did a great job with the arrangements for Fantasia set and of course she sounded great by the way she looks really good as well – she's really kept herself together good for her only be O the other beef I have I hate that when they do the I guess the spotlight on the artist and they're on the B stage I hate that they never show the full performance or at least most of it you know because a lot of times if we're being honest some of those people are on the B stage are better than them acts on the main stage and it's like you cut them off and you don't even give them a chance to shine like y'all even let them get to the hook sometimes because a lucky day lucky day was killing that oh man y'all cut him off real quick by the way he has a great project and I thought it was dope that Raphael Saadiq introduced him like that's some great clarification and verification right there that that some great talent if you got Raphael Saadiq rockin with you but yeah so check out the lucky day out it's a really great project and and the same thing with the Keanu on the day I hated that they cut her off – I'm like I won't think he continued hearing the ex song I've heard it's an older song I don't know why they put it on an EP but yeah like look the people on the side stage get it in I think the only person who's almost had their full performance on a side stage without them going to commercials Anderson PAC in 2015 moving on let's see little I like Muslims performance as well she has some great showmanship and I like the fact that she can sing she can rap and she can play instruments cuz I wasn't ready when she pulled out the flute the first time I saw her perform on something I said is that a flute okay all right so this time she pulled out the flute and was gonna twerk at the same time I said I'll take it um and I'll say this cuz I saw some people that were kind of trying to shame her for how she looked I'll say this a lot of you saying people who has something to say about how she looks are the same people who will jump into body positivity threats on Twitter time I let's be positive today let's post our bodies there on another crappy I'll be doing and then y'all want to be selective with other folks because they don't look a certain way like I'll be full of it like keep that same energy Liz oh I have no beef with what she did like she should be able to feel empowered and do what she wants to do cuz everybody's entitled to do that I thought she looked decent I thought she looked nice she was fine with me plus hell she was playing the flute I was down with it she played the flute and then bust out some singing in the end got to the rapping my thing is it's 2019 at this point anything can go onto stage as long as this musically inclined its genuine and his talent I have no beef with it so I enjoyed her performance I thought she was cool as a matter of fact I went and bought her out and right after she was finished just because I also bought the arm that Keanu of the day EP as well anyway help she really came out with a flute y'all like I don't say that's different look if Val's on the stage I come out with a triangle that's the one thing you can't mess up playing I'm done I better get that triangle now you can't mess up the triangle triangle in like a tambourine the Sun and go come out with that mess really triangle I was a triangle anyway little nas ex came out and perform didn't get like I said the staging is what makes performances so cool nah I think he had the best set if you're talking about how to stage look plus I've enjoyed watching his run of success mainly because you know the backlash that he received from the country community automatically I hopped on the support train of his project cuz I'm like y'all not about to shut these folks down y'all focused and stole everything we got anyway we should if we want to do some track inspired country we should be able to do that and you don't get the luxury tell us what we can't do so I fully support everything he got going I even went checked out his EP I was trying to be hip and young like the kids are I thought it was a decent EP you know he even had a rock song on there I wasn't ready for okay I'll take it had Billy Ray Cyrus there to house these performance you know it is what it is I'm not crazy over songs but you know I support I love a good success story only performance I wasn't crazy over at all with city girls performance mixed with the baby like I do understand that the current city girl who's not in jail she had no real intentions of really doing the rap thing it was the other one who really was trying to push it and you know when you arrived out for your friend you your friends to get you in and stuff he wasn't even trying to do and so now she only Beatty staged it don't even want to be there she I just needed some energy just a little energy you know what I mean it's because if I had to review her performance like I said before back in the day like remember to have read the Franklin clip when he asked her about all the Divas and she had to give their two cents and any extra by Taylor Swift and she said hmm Taylor Swift let's see uh great gowns beautiful gowns like that was my opinion of her performance it was just a great stage beautiful stage yeah great to station that stage is nice no I got lasers and good lighting up she got some dancer this is nice stage is nice the dance is that on black that's a good color to perform with real nice and then she was say for 20 seconds it was like they let her get half the hook in if she was off the stage I said y'all could've just had to stay home like I'll do that tonight girl um um cuz plus it's kind of a hype song that's like a really big party anthem right now so I I don't know but you know if that's not her Lane it's not her Lane and and that goes back to the argument that I was singing about record labels now that artist development no longer exists they really just throw people out there on stage the minute they get some kind of traction on social media or get a meat like a regional hit somewhere they just put them out there full front and there's no backing there's no support and sometimes they get set up and I think that's what it looked like whatever she look really really uncomfortable and then you know the baby had the second half the performance and it yeah listen I'm not gonna laughs confused with all these bigs that's like little baby the baby hey anybody else the littles and the babies we always didn't had little babies and all the names but now the names are so similar it's hard to keep up with everybody he had a bit more energy he I like that with the staging it was kind of like a story a storyline with the performance he did bring some life back to the performance but I was lost once it started so it's hard to kind of win me back over so but again he beautiful stage beautiful stage great great the great staging it was great acting it was a plot it was there was a skit I appreciate it all of it beautiful stage her had a great performance I I appreciate the fact that she used her platform to really talk social issues she could have performed in any song she wanted out of her catalogue but she chose to do that one which I thought was really commendable you know cuz you only get so many opportunities at major award shows so for her to use the platform for what she wanted to do I thought that was really respected respectable I forgot the guy's name who performed with her but all that was great I loved the visuals that supported the performance in the back and just a message I hope that connected with some folks and I hope the right you know ears caught what was being presented DJ mustard amigos like I said I'll set he won me over at the beginning of the night so I was like I need all set to get that energy to take off because take off never got no energy went amigos before him take off beat like a tick off I don't know if he wants to perform like that like I feel like that day they're like Oh take off what you about to get into oh you know I'm about to go do this BTU Wars thing real quick and you know I think there's a 30 for 30 episode that comes on ESP and something to do that afterwards what y'all getting into you know I'm I just do this little war so then I'm gonna go home cuz it's funny cuz you could do that quite well doing his thing you got offset doing his thing all the dancers you know and then you got you got take off conscious not even three minutes pyrotechnics lasers water dancers $200,000 performers on the stage take off see yeah yeah are you even trying beautiful stage beautiful stage um but uh I do like that song by the way but they actually I think I bet they did try to do two step at the end yet they were able to get take off the move to the right one time you ain't do it no more after days I'm done I'm gonna go ahead and walk off thank y'all good night I'm going a happy hour after this I don't know and then of course the marriage oblige tribute I of course I have no peace wit I did kind of want them to have some additional people to perform for Mary cuz that's when I thought maybe Nina Baker was doing that cool I need a bakery I would have loved these here her do not gonna cry or seven days that I've been dope but yeah Mary J had a fun performance she was a little off vocally but to be fair man J be on tour her hope she been on tour her whole life ever since she came out she's on tour I bet if he gonna Ticketmaster right now she got some tour dates Mary just been torn so sometimes you boys just need some rest she just was a little tired but she still had a great performance and the funniest thing is we're not even a funny thing the coolest thing is like she has so many hits like she could have done another 30 songs and we would have still been just as high because that rain that she had especially from I wanna say like what's the four one one two no more drama album like I mean especially me you got to marry and share my world in my life those albums is I mean hit after hit after hit and like of course I can love you in my favorite merry songs share my world is my favorite Mary album I know the Mary stands loved my life but share my world is what did it for me and so of course as soon as I could love you came I'll say I better here I better see little Kim come out in just stayed somewhere so she did Method Man came out you know I pray to God that I aged as well it's method man's age cuz he looks exactly how he did when I was still eight like he looks exactly the same like out maybe I needed to go vegan and have a diet of air and water and photosynthesis of what but man whatever he's doing I need to take note cuz I mean he looks exactly the same him in Larenz Tate they just have not aged at all it's like good for them yeah Mary's tribute was a lot of fun to watch I really enjoy seeing all of the hits perform she was really good when I saw her dead since last year too so give Mary her things I'm glad she's getting her recognition because it really has been like 30 years to this point it was time so good for her we see dj khaled Meek Mill Jeremiah did bopping I was just about to flip to when I said dj khaled and I forgot that meek is on that song and you know what's crazy I feel like if meek is the same I feel like he can probably sing – but if meat milk is saying I feel like he'd have a really great chest voice cuz he's so comfortable like yelling and has stamina with it where he can just stay way out there and that loud all day without his voice giving out he probably have a really great little register if he was a singer but that performance was actually a lot of fun I enjoyed that full performance the energy was really good a lot of fun to watch so it is what it is you see then they honor Tyler Perry with all the work he's done and I will say yeah he's definitely when you think about a lot of the people who we've seen have re-emerged in acting a lot of those people got put on because of toilets projects because there are people like Robin Givens and Tatyana Lee hell even Janet I think her doing knows um why did I get married movies in like four colored girls is really a great that was kind of way to kind of keep her out there because you know folks was trying to write her off for a minute musically and I was a great way to kind of keep her name out there and and you know there's just been so many people he's put on or kind of went back and get brought out like even Aunt Viv like Janet Hubert is on some show he got so I always thought that was dope he's always helped give you know careers of folks now whatever you think about his content of whether it's quality or not I just at least the fact that there's some doors that are open so he may be the one door and I think we need about fifty more additional doors but I will give him kudos for at least opening that door and getting you know success for those people who were coming in through his door but I we definitely need like 50 more doors but good for Tyler you see and then Kurt Franklin performed erica Campbell sounded really good Kelly Price is always in her pocket I've never heard a bad Kelly Price vocal in my life so she always kills jumped in McReynolds was really good on his guitar that whole song anyway love theory is a great just upbeat song and the album that just came out um it's actually really good as well I really that like that just for me song and I think they just posted a clip on his VEVO page where is him and his backup singers like three of them singing acapella it's a really good vocal if you're like a person who really isn't a singing definitely check that out it was really really good he posted it today I think and of course they had to Nipsey Hussle tribute where you know you had DJ Khalid again you had John Legend you had Marsha Ambrosius you had I think yg was out there and it was great some people were kind of questioning what was going on with nipsey's mom and I don't leave it like this at the end of the day this woman is leaving her son so however she manages is how she manages leave her alone dad what she wanted to share with you all you know her way of dealing with everything and just wanted to give some insight so let her have that Lane and leave it alone unless you buried your own child I don't think we know what that experience is like that's a lot to deal with and it still just happened as well but I enjoy her poise and I enjoy how she's just in this place of like train I didn't know where she was going with it for a second because I thought she's about to say something like the FBI was in order those guys I wish she's going with this but it's you she brought it all full circle but anyway oh that was the award show show your two cents what did you like what didn't you like you know let it all out in the comment section anyway

  • Show was good but 50 cent bullying tactics was turned into a funny skit and i was NOT HERE FOR IT AT ALLL…..

  • Great video Calvin! I thought the BET Awards was good this year. I loved Mary J. Blige's tribute because the QUEEN did it herself. I loved Fantasia's performance as well. Lizzo shut the stage down! I will check out her music. It was great to see her shine. I do agree that the show cutting off the new upcoming acts performances. They are talented and can sing. I like Kiana Lede's music. I think she got something unique. And that male singer you mentioned is dope too. I would say this year's award show was good overall.

  • I think it's cool that we have more black artists such as Lizzo, HER, and Chloe & Halle that play instruments being spotlighted. I enjoyed Mary J's performance and speech. And glad she did her own tribute.

  • Ok I didn't enjoy much but a few people.Mary had me weak bc she really came out trying to fix her pants.And lil kim's mic…ugh I could have choked whoever was in charge of that.😡

  • Thx cause I thought I missed it. Of course it doesn't take a lot to piss Ms. Baker off. Lol, yeah the exchange between Nipsey's parents was epic.

  • That why I will support beyonce . She is A star vocalist and best performer alive . She has work ethic and charisma and stage presence. Now most of them are mediocre like Taylor Swift who can not sing . And Adele who always sing flat like what did Grammy . Rihanna is lazy singer and performer but she has hits and know how to dress . Cardi is trash and can rap or write her lyrics. This generation is trash . Normani is great performer and dancer but lack vocals . Sza can write her music but bad singer live . Fatansia jennifer jazmine great singer but lack the stage presence. Hope beyonce new album b7 is r&b funk soul blues with live instruments and great songwriting and meaningful lyrics and catchy hook and beat . Album with massive hits and powerhouse ballads and bops and anthems . No more old sample . No more rap or trap . No more autotone . B7 must have soulful music with depth rawness ,mass appeal , originality and creativity

  • That why I will support beyonce . She is A star vocalist and best performer alive . She has work ethic and charisma and stage presence. Now most of them are mediocre like Taylor Swift who can not sing . And Adele who always sing flat like what did Grammy . Rihanna is lazy singer and performer but she has hits and know how to dress . Cardi is trash and can rap or write her lyrics. This generation is trash . Normani is great performer and dancer but lack vocals . Sza can write her music but bad singer live . Fatansia jennifer jazmine great singer but lack the stage presence. Hope beyonce new album b7 is r&b funk soul blues with live instruments and great songwriting and meaningful lyrics and catchy hook and beat . Album with massive hits and powerhouse ballads and bops and anthems . No more old sample . No more rap or trap . No more autotone . B7 must have soulful music with depth rawness ,mass appeal , originality and creativity 

  • I really wish Schooboy Q performed at the BET awards……WAIT has he EVER performed at the BET awards!? If not, then that needs to happen.NOW.
    Goes back to munching on my Haitian pate

  • Not only was MJB the highlight for me she was the only reason I watched the show. I been rockin with the Mary since What’s the 411 and she still killin it! Like u said she got hits for days!! I’m not up on this Lizzo chick but I gotta admit this is my second time seeing her perform and I was definitely impressed. Also liked Cardi’s performance and Tyler’s speech and thought Regina did a great job!

  • I did not watch the BET awards, but has anyone done a tribute to Nancy Wilson? I haven't heard or seen anything paying tribute to her 🙁

  • Hi CaLVin The BET Awards was good I love the Mary j performance was the Best and nipsey hustle tribute and LIL Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus The performance of Old Town Road that performance was Dope The whole show was Good CALVIN Send me a comment from Raywin HARRIS 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yung Miami is pregnant so she ain’t gonna have too much energy… On top of not wanting to be there, of course..

  • My beef was with mama burna i didnt catch the depth in what she said. Ppl overdid it jus didnt like the comment

  • I don't think I've watched BET since o'l Man sold BET!!! Music ain't music no more, it's more like noise. 🙉

  • Omg on the pastor's anniversary!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Also, it's true the rappers do have other talents. I found that out with TPain, this cat can sing!!! I don't know why they never let him. It's a travesty!!! And DJ Kahled WHY???

  • I love your point about artist development…that’s what keeps T.D.E light years above the rest. It seems like now anyone who makes a funny 10 second video is given a giant platform and then when they can’t deliver we look at them crazy

  • The BET be looking like a ghetto ass mess 💀Lizzo was fucking fire she was the best a freshest talent in the building.The rest was tired

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