Best & Worst Dressed BET Awards 2019 (are ya serious?)

but good what's poppin extra boy turns out Dianna welcome back to my channel are you popping because I know I am okay I am back with another video as you guys see by this time this is going to be a bachelor it's just BT Awards 2019 additions ok we are here I am here critiquing this year's fashion to be 18 now this video took so long because I really don't care to the B team it's just every year the carpet just gets worse and worse it was the fashion of the beauty world this is very unpredictable don't you that's predictable is that most likely you'll be trashed but some people okay some people don't care and what you just did it do what needed to be done you guys kept faint actor how much energy to be Tijuana I really don't feel like having something nice to say about everybody I like to mix my videos negatives or positives have more negative the positive okay guys so here you have okay those who don't know more just coming on this video you guys don't know where I am what I stand for what is my motto okay because people will be coming here I can crazy little shout out before y'all start acting crazy bitch get out click off adios Tolu don't rejoice wrap using my opinion these are my opinions however I am the tightest want pity about my time it's my own facts so bitch if you like it you like it you don't get down you feel me hey Johnny if this is your first time seeing my face among my sisters please click that subscribe unsubscribe that describe the husband a lot if you yes you if you are watching this video right now stop this video and give this video a big fat thumbs up without further ado let's get right on into this video John I was so late for the caca setting walks the carpet but this is what I wore I was saying as someone who attended meteor words I did have rain from when I came to mary j blige the magic lies I just didn't undo that many Mary Ajay songs like I was like damn I'm like every single so first happy for myself she is here carrying her burnin deep I've been this is cute this is simple this is very plain however I'm a little slide because it's not ugly the locks look beautiful to face this beat it's nice come on come on Lady do you bang who tried to be on the a game you know what I mean she's pregnant she's living life yeah this pink ensemble is not too bad it just looks like sheets we just cut out of the arms and legs and sleeves market McKenna this is giving me very fashion alpha a very very fast don't like this it's not ugly I just don't press you like it and I really like to take you thank you thank you back it looks very cheap she looks beautiful – makeup is – the glasses are not it I feel like the lip color is not it as well but yeah this is gonna be tea words I just don't like the fabric this is lated I just it just does it just doesn't do it for me I don't like it I don't like the crisscross I don't like this at all sorry not sorry we know I don't know how to say his name is so so honest Charan Jackson avocado Master J this is simple this is cute we have a little body idea already happening you know I mean oh my god I can't wait to look like this what up skinny okay anyways this is Q this is it gives you sex appeal you know the body ID on the carpet you feel me you can never go wrong with a black suit especially black and shirtless you can opener on that next we have Liz oh this is a very interesting outfit I love the dress too just as nice you know I mean it's something it's different to bring to the Beatty award you know breath of fresh air I like the top with the matching shoes it's nicer so this is giving me a varmint bitch voluminous she's coming out the job I don't know what type of print this is you know I mean it's confusing but it's cute Elsa makeup is because you see how performance bitch production [Applause] period now behind the host my girl okay we had miss Regina Hall this is nice the sleeves are cute they're interesting however this gives something to it looks like she's about to fly away the shoes are beautiful the dress is nice yeah the shoulders give them very different they're not uglier they're not heavy at all it's just overwhelming well is all was like structure to give me a shape you know I mean this is just flat very flappy bird you know but I'm here friend because she looks good it's interesting it's gonna be one that's gonna be used to your life I like it all black with a red lip I'm actually into it okay now we have her um I don't really get this I don't it's not ugly to me I just don't I just visit our farm bring clothing I'm not a big fan of clothing I just hate free clothing doesn't like it see this look is just not there for me however the performance sweetie the performance look was in that latex our black latex oh she was there that performance out of a bitch was it for me she's just a thought a carpet with that but um yeah this is just I'm not here for it oh I like the lace and I just don't like the arm brown Samba with the polka dots or the dots yeah the hair is beautiful you know shows got to shade on now we have blac Chyna and she's giving very jolly party and tease your name I actually don't see a problem with it this is very posh scheme yeah you know we just know that trying to do what she wants to do I don't think she looks that bad to be honest I don't think this is it but it's something different I feel like she's dressing up in a costume I think that she looks better than some people walked on the carpet I don't think she looks bad at all we've seen her look worse before and I don't know what she was doing this is not the worst I've seen better but I just don't know what she was thinking I don't know what direction she wanted to go and I just don't think it's that bad out of it is that bad it's just very costumey is ready Halloween to me okay now we have a little and this blue slicker so nice I'm really here for the suit with the no-show and I need to do that one when I get to you know where I want to be in my weight loss that for myself let me know if I do it now I'm just you just gonna see titties um I'd really like that she'd have cheated a half floor but the blue just looks nice on your skin so I'm just gonna see passed on the kappa how you know who's with this whole western themed you know old town road you feel me yeah this is not bad this is not bad it's cute it's not you know what I mean it's there I just don't like the two different friends the two difference really just do my eyes off nice the Hat is nice the shoe so nice I love this color has skin in here now we have little can and little can she first of all her surgeon who are you you need to be arrested you need to be arrested no more surgeries for you no more procedures done on other people the outfit is not it the humps come down the side is just nothing to do it for me there it's fine I don't care the Chanel basketball bags whatever this is it's fine this oh my god like why would you wrestle with this with your finger already what she wore perform your marriage a guys are so cute I was like the best I've seen him look in a long or a lot of the dark see that was cute this she looks very plumped she looks ready stuff she just doesn't look real like just I'm not even here for shoes this is very simple this is very elegant a you know the hair is very simple the makeup is cute the red lip I'm loving this look this is nice this is nice this is cute because I've said the other people have always hard bit my god this is any simple this is a big penises are you tailored is it the best no is it the worst definitely not she looks like a star I'm here for this never done the toes are done it's cute together it's okay now we have this man I don't know what his name is all I know is I told you I would either like monogram I don't like a monogram said however this looks beautiful or his skin this this looks nice this looks well put together this Gucci suit with the no shirt with the to go chain but this is nice I'm feeling it Yana how did you hate monogrammed however this is monograms on crack I'm loving the suit so tailored to perfection the boots the way this pant or on the boots come on the placement bitch I'm here for it this is very nice this is very tailored to perfection I will say I don't care for the hosts to look as she does she's done a super for the green the Nickelodeon slime green I am NOT here for Allah I am NOT here for you know Allah if you ever need a stylist when you need someone to help me pick out something I will be here for you I love anime I really do but just sometimes I just don't know these things on this like why this color this would have been selected for certificado never put her the soonish is always wearing suits and you gonna wear a suit like at least make the alterations different make it look different and just a plain ol sue but this whole natural Japanese are like neon green baby when I sent me on to my other Coachella video like I have no problem sitting in the young takin your arm it's just neon green thats lime green is just over done it is just over you so now that I see it what a nice clean it is just lovely to me I'm not here for it I'm not feeling it big glasses too with the frame not here for it alright let's just go to the Kids Choice Awards I'm still going to the next and we just gonna keep it at that okay was no that's it now that migos they all have different color suits on and I just can't even I mean I've never matter what they wear I think everything he wears very nice the suits are nice with the gear on it it's beautiful I like it there's just nothing bad I could ever say about niggas like they just oh they always do it for me they legit always do it for me son here for it the eyes they are like the best just rappers they're like the best just rappers in my opinion don't you think I think sound and now we have Justin Scarr and she looks so she liked to sell hi I'm here for this moment this little sleepy boy hi she looks growl oh my gosh she's so sexy she looks good this is chocolate this is your shopping this is chocolate especially kisses boo-boo okay this is beautiful this is oh my gosh she looks so good the makeup the hair shut up ow okay yeah oh so many be okay miss me on and you know Rihanna Stefano Carter but we saw what she wore okay when I saw and I heard that she was in the building wear this outfit period okay she is what or fancy the time the shoes the bitch even the makeup is most likely fancy to be honest okay Rihanna this is as beautiful in here Jakarta we didn't walk the carpet by however that green dress she had on the night was popping Wow you know much faster so against it so we are to need the look so we're just always be there for me like this sometimes it doesn't but that whenever them I'm saying sometimes never disagree love the makeup the hair bitch slave of this green the design on this dress that could for me you know part of me girl you just she's still here bitch she cannot happy IRA and she looks so good the shoulders yes this little piece that has fallen off yes the way the dress wraps about her body sexy pueblan heavy is CC she looks God the wet hand I am just here for it I'm here for it oh now we have the made me the baby look so gonna do blue suit his little white low friends those are the gel office like when you go to jail you have to present in court if you don't talk about but I'm here for this look it's very nice it's cool it's keen and ya know on the baby so now I'm looking for the BT Awards okay there were a lot bad bad things have to say this video about many people but you know what I'm not going to I'm not I'm not I'm just gonna leave it right here because I don't you know the words for the words just at the BT Awards is lookin like excuse me girl performance out who was so good but she walked on the carpet I did hey not it not here for okay and now the best-dressed that's in 2019 BT Awards is I'm gonna give it to see our you see how I really though she has to do on the carpet the hair I was filling it to just I was feeling it yeah well yeah guys does it for this video give this video a big thumbs up if you like to like comment subscribe share and like I said you see me I'm a jeweler you watch I posted you don't watch I don't post so much and it's all then see it right darlings bye


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