Best Soul Food Place 2010 Hoodie Award Winner with Lavell Crawford

please put your hands together for colorful rail and the one and only lavell Crawford once again you put me in a category about food laughs here is best fried chicken now I gotta sit up and talk about soul food but I guess my mama see it always go for your strength well lavell do you have a favorite soul food dish I mean really heavy I mean why would you have a silly ass question like that I know you guys is the prompter forget all this ain't even got none of my dishes on I like double smothered chicken double wrapped in ham and deep-fried inside a yam topped with peach top of my deck so full with a large sweet tea with some sweet low for the lemon we talked about soul food and it's so funny that we bring us over my momma the best soul food cooking how my my way here mama Miss Anita croppers her birthday I got give up our shout out but she the best so I didn't get this be for no reason you know I got on a vest with dragons on it this I don't know I look like a Chinese food restaurant I wish I was standing backstage I'm do gonna say yeah give it a have a fried rice with two egg rolls I was like I ate it before I got here but it's so funny we doing soul food restaurants because soul food restaurants are the forefront of my history but that's why I wanted Tufts in the bowtie I felt special I felt like I had to come with respect right right right but I'm but I love my soul food restaurant so much it's the food is delicious but the business can step it up I'm gonna tell you that right now I don't know why air time I go to a damn social restaurant and I order what I want but I'm on the wrong day let us oh we don't have you're real on Monday that's on Thursday we'll give it up there well if it was sad I'd even say I might tell I'm like what if the oxtail family gotta come in and brain and what you got today we have baked ham crock – peas there's a crowd – peas and a pork shoulder I want no damn pork shoulder and then you have called soul food restaurant you have come naw man just drop don't ever try to call Carla no this what you go get ring ring ring ring ring ring ring I forgot who the hell are charged finally somebody pick up hello yeah it just made me so food yeah what you want yeah Jimmy a smothered chicken winter with the red cabbage of some knocking the key and some potatoes outside and a large sweet tea with some sweet low for my living hey hold on man I'll work her let me get somebody to take this top all right and the 2010 Ford hoodie award for best soul food sponsored by Hillshire form goes to O Lord I throw it up mama Mia thank you thank you so much I want to thank God for this award Steve I thank you mr. McDonald I thank you I thank my parents and we just think he'll shine our sponsor and it's a great time thank you for making our dreams come true and blessing our community thank you very much


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