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Best of VIBES Awards – Emtelle

Emtelle started in the early 80s and the
companies started off making PVC ducting in Jedburgh, and over time we then moved on to making broadband tubing and fibre products and opened a factory in Hawick
in 1999. We now employ over 300 people in the borders. Between the two sites, a
group of company now. We are two companies in the UK, we also have a site in Denmark and Germany. We’re setting science-based targets that will be coming to effect
and then continue though until 2030. We are a plastics company so you know
plastics don’t always get the best name But the kind of products were making
that products and go in the ground and then can be used for their original use
and then as technologies change they can be updated and still used you know so
it’s basically a conduit which people can reuse this technology challenges. We’ve progressed and we’ve used a carbon footprint as a measure for improvement. I think we’ve had about 30% reduction in that footprint in that time
and we’ve also worked with our suppliers and our customers to try to reduce
packaging waste Outset just about our VIBES, we were part
of Minetti UK limited at the time, in their pipes division and we entered into VIBES
when it was a regional award system and we managed to win an award for that, for the activities we did on 14001 and since then we’ve actually used VIBES
as a measure every four or five years by entering just to see if we’re sustaining
on our level of improvement, you know, against other Scottish companies
and since then I think you’ve won the award twice so it’s about making sure
that you’re improving but also making sure your supply chain and working with
the customers, all trying to improve again I think the VIBES award is the
most important award that we’ve got and then do what we do: enter every four or
five years I try to see if you’re still as good as you were. And is you not won today, keep trying

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