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Best of VIBES Awards – Castle Group Scotland

Castle Group Scotland originated in Perthshire twenty-five years ago and there was a family-owned business. We are in the
structural repair market in Scotland What we’ve tried to do is not just comply with environmental standards We’ve tried to go beyond. It’s very very important to the business and personally as well. I think we should all be looking to look after the environment. All our staff worked very hard to win that award
and we changed their management policies to enable us to refine the things we do on site and the things we do as a management team. It’s more important now that we do have better environmental practice than we did when we won the award back in 2012. The environment as a big issue, it’s a big topic and it’s something that everybody should be addressing One of our recent environment project we
were looking to use 10,000 tons of stone We approached a client and asked if they would be interested in using recycled locally sourced stone instead of using virgin stone Our ethos for sustainability is giving
the past a future. We look at the 3 Rs which are repair, restore and refurbish before looking at new builds Winning the Awards has aloud us to focus the mind and since then it’s given us a target to continually improve. It is something that’s allowed us to grow as a business
and it’s tied into other aspects of the business. Our original win in 2012 was
obviously greeted with great excitement by everybody in the business. A lot of
work had been to end, in particular in the few years before then, to ensure that we brought ourselves up to the proper standards to not only be recognized by
VIBES but obviously to achieve the correct accreditations that go with good
environmental practices Once we obtained the award and we
received it. We felt that it was a platform just to go on and try and
improve and now that we have been recognized again we feel that just shows a large vein of success for the business

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