Best of Ced Entertainer "Kings of Comedy"

yeah you know a lot of y'all you know the world gone crazy go to church like they used to man that's why folks ain't being in a while I hadn't been in a while either I hadn't been in a while I'm gonna admit that to y'all this evening and I went a couple of weeks ago and the scary thing about not going and going is that you a visitor you know what happened when you were visited I mean at some point in time you might have to stand up and have words that's scary right there dog especially you got to follow that one lady that know the speech you know she traveling so she and jumped up to my first of all giving honor to God pastor members and friends I come to you on behalf of the Greenway Missionary Baptist Church Greenway Mississippi my Reverend Honorable Thessalonians our Kincaid jr. the third says to me and I quote from second Corinthians he who has come and you next talking about damn oh no none of that shit [Applause] I stood up in the middle of the church all I know it he is my language I'm in the middle of the church time I first of all giving Big Ups to God Reverend you bout about it and the choir [Applause] they kill asking me to say something I'm turning the juvenile on there and Miller the church time I so you want me to come down now huh you're trying to get me to go to communion huh you want me to get baptized huh you're trying to pay me to be me pay tithes huh you want me put in some collection huh you doing my money huh you will pay for chances you got your body I've been watching a lot of television oh well I you know they got a lot of televangelists on now you know faith healers they didn't heal people y'all believe in them folks brothers and sisters how are you I heard you were hungry Hill right there to go outside and get you something I got you there's some Faith Hill is on from Detroit some of them play us the obviously they only got on purple suits finger ways rim up they're cool as hell Louie what you hungry alright Adama Zubaz a birthday with a there you go go on here give you some neat I've been I've been traveling around to I went to France not too long ago Kane went over to Paris it was all good it was all good you know they get our culture too they get it a little late like they listen to our music but it being French you know like blowing like our Kelly be French may be blowing to you do shit repair live in service replay vu7 Bajada shovel dino do everything that nigga so damn steal from their soul and you knew the girl didn't graduate right then when he say it off up in college dingy anytime you off up in some shit you know damn well you ain't graduating off up in college get your ass on come on ain't nobody got money for that come on that works too hard that works too hard down there off up in college bring your ass [Applause]


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