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BEST OF BEAUTY: SKINCARE 2018💦 Jen’s Korean & Western Product Awards💜 2018년 베스트 스킨케어 추천템! meejmuse

  • I really really want your nails!!!
    Thank you for the video and the tips. Btw did you hear Watson's is gonna rebrand into Lalavua? Thats gonna confuse me on my next trip to korea i loved watsons and olive young!

  • Hi Jenn, I love your videos, and I've been waiting this video of skincare and make up. I have a question, pyunkangul's skincare with wich other products you use, I want to know because I have nutrition cream, toner of pyunkangul and the benton's serum of your video, and I dont know if I am OK with this products. I have oily and sensitive skin. Thanks a lot Jenn💕💕💕

  • Using the Heimish rose serum and the Satin rose cream which super nice too. Went through 3 jars of the Klairs midnight cream and still loving it.

  • Before you buy anything anybody recommends id suggest you go to cosdna and search the certain product u want to buy and theyshow their ingredients , how probable is to cause acne, irritation and how safe it is to use. I don't know about this youtuber but a lot of things other beauty gurus have recommend and i was almost going to buy turned out to be horrible choices especially if u have a sensitive and a acne prone skin. Best of luck

  • Jen! I always count on your skincare reviews!
    I tried pyunkang yul line that you’ve recommended before and it helped my skin soooo much! Thank you

  • Omg just in time, I'm looking for a new moisturizer right now
    And now i think we need Will's skincare awards 2018
    I honestly really, like really curious about his skincare routine 😂

  • Happy New Year! Unbelievable, beautiful products, and it really helps me in my search for new products.
    Ive spent hours this last week researching skincare products so I can start a good regimen. Thanks for putting this together so nicely for newbies like me !This is so exciting! Bless you

  • Hi Jen! Thank you so much for another awesome, informative and helpful video! I have a question; I have had my eye on the Klairs foaming cleanser for a while, I wanted to know how you feel it compares to the Neogen green tea foaming cleanser, which is my all time favourite? Also, much love from South Africa, and please give your adorable cat a cuddle from me! <3

  • hi Jen…Loving this video. Thanks for your hard work. I will definitely rewatch this video.
    Last year my best skincare product I use was Eau Thermale Avene Tolerance Emulsion. It mooisturizer help to calm my skin during the period where my skin is sensitive and I am having fungal acne/rashes on my face. I just wan something light.

  • I love your honest trusting review and I can’t imagine how much of time and effort you took to make this video, I loved your passion toward makeup through this video!

  • Finally <3 I trust you a 100% and know you have tested them rigurously throughout time ! I'm so happy that im following you for quite some years now! xoxo

  • I had to watch it in 3 times, haha 😂.
    I really like that you put some notes and "potential flags" for every product. It makes it easier to choose among the range of products you present for each category, it's really informative. I mean, I usually trust your recommendations, but the information make it feel safer to buy one product or another.

    Btw, thanks to you I discovered Pyunkang Yul and I'm a huge fan. I have been using the toner for a year now (or more?) and it's super moisturizing and gentle as you said.

    Thank you Jen and I'm looking forward your next videos 💕

  • i heard that the klairs vitamin c has something in it that can cause skin cancer or something after long use so i didnt buy it.
    my favourite is Benton- Snail Bee High Content Essence & TONYMOLY – Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack
    those two were my rescue to my skin

  • Will definitely check these out. But is it just me or am I hearing like background noises, like a breathy sound here and there? I can hear the cat sound, but yeah…

  • Finally made some time to watch this. I love how detailed this is, especially with the notes. Thank you for working so hard!

  • wow that's pretty smart with the multiple layers for the cotton pads. I have like 2 boxes and been finding it hard to use if i'm not just soaking it in serum and as a mask on targeted areas. 🙂

  • really appreciate how thorough these reviews are! it's given me so much skincare inspo for when some of my current products are running low 🙂 i was searching on my phone whilst you were talking haha! Heimish is my next must-try brand!

  • 12:20 Vitamin C doesn't really have a lot of scientific evidence backing up that our skin can even absorb it. My husband has done research in the space and the fact of the matter is that our skin is a really good barrier to outside elements and therefore its pretty much impossible to get the various vitamins to actually get to a place where they would even be effective.

  • What you say about vitamin C is pretty wrong, sorry. Harmful to spread misinformation like that, vit C is well researched and one of the most effective actives you can use to brighten skin and fight UV damage. Also, it is actually encouraged to use it during the day because it enhances the power of your sunscreen.

  • I really like the Klavuu cleanser now I’m thinking of trying more products from the line! What would you recommend?

  • This is kinda late but the dear klairs deep moisture cream dried my skin out after almost finishing the entire bottle. Perhaps it stopped working for my skin after using it for some time which made my skin really itchy and it started to peel. After which I switched over to belif moisture bomb cream which is so good and moisturising!

  • I'm excited to see a lot of my Klairs skin routine has made the list – I have such dry skin that the midnight blue calming cream is my everyday night cream (even in summer here in Sydney). I am interested in finding an eye cream to help with fine lines, dehydration and dark circles for my super sensitive skin (with weird allergies including macadamia nuts, rosehip oil, and a sensitivity to parabens and mineral oil) – do you have any recommendations for a cream in the <AU$80 range? It's interesting to see the Klairs foaming cleanser – I've been too scared to try it with my dry sensitive skin. I'm also still looking for a cleansing oil in the <AU$50 price range if anyone has any recommendations.

  • Honey, i love your reviews and watching them all the way in Turkey. You have put some flags for Bentone BHA Toner’s polysorbate 20 ( it is a cleaning agent goes along with essenrial oils and Klair’s tocopheryl acetate , babe it is vitamin e in chemical terms )
    Go girl goooo
    İ love youuu…

  • Can you please make an up to date skincare routine? I'm new to skincare and don't know what to put first/last etc. Thankyou xxx

  • Jen, as spring approaches, can you do a video on sunscreen? I’m a no-sunscreen offender bc I hate the way it feels on my face. If I know I’m going to be outside all day, I’ll put it on but for everyday, I don’t wear any and I know that’s not great. What sunscreen recommendations do you have that are light, non-sticky, pack major protection, and layer nicely under makeup? Also, where does sunscreen even go in the routine? After serum? After moisturizer? Things like that… thank you very much! Love your channel!

  • Hi Jen! I'd love to know more about your personal beliefs and the use of GMOs because I'm currently investigating this issue and I'd love to know more!

  • Also, as usual, your videos are top notch quality – all the information attached to each product are so helpful. I live in South America and buying K-Beauty is always an effort because of the waiting, the costs, customs etc and videos like these where there's such a thorough review on each products makes me feel confident that at least whatever I'm buying has been extensively tested by a pro like you. So thanks!

  • Just wanna say thank you for the recommendations! Bought the benton toner, iUnik serums, dear klairns foam cleanser and klauvv oil cleanser and i am three wks in and i can see a difference in my skin! The benton toner was a bit sticky on my skin at first but now the stickiness is becoming less with each use 😅 of course i have been using my own sunscreen and moisturiser and skin masks as well so they help too 😅 but i just wanna say thank you so much! 😍

  • Hi! I’m new to your channel thank your for your videos. I’ll definitely try those things. I have a problem with my skin, the color is uneven in my face and I have a lot of pimple marks and also, blemishes and etcetera. Also because of winter, my skin dries out and it looks bad:( my confidence is dropping. I feel so ugly. As much as i like to use products, im scared because my skin is so sensitive that it breaks out whenever I use products like moisturiser. I’ll try your recommendations
    Thank u so much.

    Ps. Is there any great shampoo brands in korea that are available in oher countries? Like for dry hair?

    Edit : I JUST REALISED THAT YOU LOOK LIKE YOO IN NA OMO. Ur so pretty hehehe i wish i have a skin like urs

  • Hi Jen! I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of or used the brand O HUI before? I’ve been trying to find reviews for any of their products on YouTube but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything.

  • I love the VENN Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Mask soooo much! Yes, the price is a tad steep but you pay for what you get. The ingredients and quality of this product is incredible and works so well. I use it as a sleeping mask and the next morning, my skin looks like I just had the most pampering and luxurious facial. My HG for years has been the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask but VENN Concentrated Revitalizing Mask is the one I find myself reaching for on most nights. Personally, it's on par with the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask, if not better. I get most of my K-Beauty skincare products from my trusted and awesome seller on eBay called loveforgreen. Good prices and a very lovely lady.

  • Papa recipe bombee black honey masks irritates my skin a little bit when I put it on for about 30 mins, my skin has the stinging, burning feeling and it was itchy . wouldn’t recommend papa recipe for people with sensitive skin!!!

  • Hi Meejmuse thank you for this very helpful and informative video :). Where can you buy Pyun kang yul products in Korea?

  • THANK YOU so much!!! There's so little content on Korea skincare for english speakers!! LOVE ❤️❤️❤️your videos! You have not failed me yet on a recommendation! My skin looks amazing!! Thanks so much!

  • Should I use the Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum that has wrinkle care? Im 18 with no wrinkles but I ordered it and didnt read the wrinkle part till I got it today.

  • I just came across your channel and I love it! I also noticed that you have a bird which is even more awesome! So excited to see more from you!! 🙂

  • Okay… I'm hella confused… When do I use cleansing water? Before cleanser, after toner, before toner? I'm lost😭

  • I find it funny that there are two types of beauty people. The ones that absolutely love kbeauty , and the ones who absolutely hate it. Vice versa. But the main thing I find disappointing is that they dislike due to being biased, rather than the actual quality of the products. My hope for the beauty community is that they can get over that bump, and see that beauty is beauty not which ethnicity produced it or country.

  • I have tried so many skincare products from your video, like the Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner, the Dear Klairs- Supple Preparation Unscented Toner, Pyunkang Yul Acne Facial Cleanser and so much more from your mentions. They are amazing. I really love them.

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