BEST LEGENDARY DECKS to PUSH TROPHY FAST!! Top 5 Decks to get Legendary Arena 11 in Clash Royale

hey guys welcome back to another classroom video and today I want to share with you my top 5 recommended legendary decks for troll he pushing all the way up to legendary arena if you guys don't have any legendary cards make sure you check out yesterday's video we looked at the best non legendary decks I will leave a link to that in the description down below and as always if you have any questions about anything steps in terms of card replacements feel free to ask in the comments below but let's go ahead here and get started so the first X right here won't be a gray for attack and that is the ever-so-popular splash are now there are a bunch of different versions of the tech being used somehow the bowler some have the electro wizard some had the night which in there I will show you guys a couple different options on the screen and you can go ahead and pick which version suits you as well as your card levels my second deck right here it is going to be a golem at night which beat down deck this deck currently has one of the highest wind percentages out of all the latter decks apparently being used to a very powerful strategy now third over here we do have is that bait deck with the minor there are once again a bunch of different versions of these a bait decks being used somehow the princess some have the minor somehow the Elektra wizard and some has the hog rider so once again I will show you guys a couple different options on the screen you can go ahead and pick which one suits your playstyle as well as your car levels now forth over here we have a Pekka bandit Knight which deck pretty powerful pretty straightforward strategy one of my personal favorite strategies to use right now with that Pekka in there and fit and finally over here we have a hog rider electro wizard deck this tech is a bit different lineage that we feature in yesterday's video yesterday's hog deck was more of a fast cycle deck this one is a slower paced deck with an average lecture cost of 3.5 it's more of a control style gameplay now there are two runner-up decks that I do want to mention very briefly here that didn't make the top buy list the first is the lava hound and the allow how it works it very well in lavaloon decks as well as lava hound miners acts but I didn't make the top 5 because of the rise of the tornado spell and the rise of the executioner it is a bit harder to make effective use of the lava hound with those two cards it being so popular in the meta and the final runner up right here is a royal giant diagonally Rahl shine pairs up very well with a lot of different legendary cards like the princess the ice wizard the minor so if you guys want to use the giant I will show you a couple different legendary decks on the screen you can go ahead and pick one that suits your playstyle as well as your card levels once again but here we go guys we're going to jump into a lion battle with each of these five decks starting off with the splasher deck first all right so here we go with the graveyard splash you're our deck guys like I said before there are a bunch of different versions of this deck somehow the bowler somehow denied which pick whichever one you have the best card levels for and whichever one fits your playstyle so we're gonna go ahead here and just kind of chill out see what he does first if he doesn't do anything we might do a night behind our King tower because the david ragan is a fast-moving card and the executioner you want to kind of keep it for defend it's a very important card on defense in this deck now the only downside if we do do a knight behind King tower and he has a mortar in his deck then he can punish us by more by locking the mortar onto our tower so I'm kind of reluctant to make a play right here we might have to do something to get this game starts that don't like waiting here and wasting time of course we drop a card basically as soon as he drops a card so what is our luck with that even get a graveyard yes we're going to go grey drag right here and just make him spend a little extra defending himself all night tank Rattray towers here guys in the ice so we're going to trade towers for sure we're going to hold out for a second here and just wait wait wait what I want to do is do an electro wizard boon for his thing right here pull the golem / – our King tower boom skeleton to distract that infernal dragon who the infernal dragon will melt our tower there guys well played that barbell on the electro wizard was definitely fairly clutched and all we did with that NATO was given more time to do damage to our King Tower so I was kind of expecting the infernal dragon to go down so definitely well play to our friend up top there mister tutu but we do have a huge lead on the King tower right there so what we can do right now is going to an aggressive like graveyard Knight drop right here and see if we can go for the quick three crown but with this deck against a golden deck you do want to try and keep the pressure up so let's go here boom boom come on graveyard build up please let's do some work he's going to tap it he's a pit there we go where's is that there's this after we're still going to put shift damage let's go ahead here with execution right back here we're to wait for the girls are going to lock onto something or to pull everything together here with a NATO they brought it electro boys are on top for a huge clock value boom look sure we should do work nice and for us right dragon going down execution of doing work from behind a power right there take it out basically everything we have ourselves another graveyard to go in right house go boom boom maybe if you're going to tank and where's the baby dragon going guys where is the dragon going it's put the tank from my graveyard Julie baby dragon look boy simply win right here guys I'm going to go pump all right boom nice boom great earth horrible going down come on come on come on leave it really good watch this guy's watch this ready there we go Three Crowns day three over a mr2 – lets go ahead take a look at that golden eye twitch beatdown deck alright here we are with the government night which beat downs act like this before guys this deck it currently has one of the highest wind percentages out of all decks currently being used on ladders so it is definitely a very strong choice if you have that night which if you don't have the night which lumberjack or electra wizard are also suitable replacements for her now we have a pretty bad starting hand here ideally with this deck you do want to have the pump in your starting high because it is a pump at beatdown deck and like any pump beat down deck you want to focus on getting at least two pumps down before the W lets you period you're not really worried about playing offensively in the first two minutes you want to focus on cycling your cards and getting as many pumps as you can down so we go ahead and do a slow night which push to counter that giant and we'll see what it does to support he might be using a graveyard deck you might be using just a giant beatdown deck but we shall see very soon right here anything we lightning yes boom so boom boom nice that witch is dead so we can get a pump down right here is the yes forcing out further electrics bent on a defense right there we should be able to speak any pump here very soon – wait wait wait we're gonna wait and I'm going to do pump once we hit 10 you never want to use pump when you first hit sexy lecture because you need to be able to defend yourself so never pump when you first hit 6 I'm expecting a giant in front of one of these lanes we shall find out which lines very soon here mm-hmm all right we're gonna do baby dragon skeleton or the fire ferret left hand side spoke of a bit of damage use the health on our tower sort of as like a lecture bar and I could just say from a lecture here for our next pump drop so is that going to use probably in lecture wizard on top of the night which oh right there now if I was pretty aggressive I could go in with a whining right there but I am not pretty aggressive so when I go ahead to a mega menu right here then do one more pump in the corner once we know what he does it go pump right there pull let's see what should should die to the mega we're going to go a boom golem right here into the giant will hope we defend the Giant instead of a massive counter push from there you might do it quite fortunately officer lane with a graveyard but if not we should be okay here to defend what's the skeletons as well as a baby dragon put a log always back in a minute guys ready for this boom log yes of a giant back I was right here it has to work because we should have a nasty corner push to come back from this double light which baby dragon right here cuba can't get make a minion over here and we should do nasty work right here guys look at all these troops even without a golden tanking we're still doing some nastiness right there boom boom boom lightning walk to the barbarians walk to the barbarians no he gave up guys good game to our friend as you can see guys even without a golden upfront tanking once you have a couple pumps down the counter force is insane we had so many troops on his tower it was very crucial that we pushed into his giant push so even though we did take a bit of damage on that graveyard a giant push on his part all of our defensive troops survived iconic counter force to win us the game but let's go ahead you guys take a look at the exact base deck or here we go with the miners app facing off against a life off top there mister level 13 good luck to you sir who lacks Hoggy to a max hog he gets one head off though not bad not bad let's go slow princess here see if you can fade out a log and then maybe do a quick minor barrel but we'll see we'll see we'll see Goliath what do you got for us Bar a ball guys you ready for this Jody right here quick quick super aggressive coach if you've got log we're dead but he's already use arrows as well as fireball so I'm not really predicting a log get some nice damage down there guys some decent damage done for sure but now he's going to have another hog rider right here note we're going to ignore those minions though because if we ask those minions we won't have enough elixir for us hog rider here what you got for us what's your hog e boom boom farming he's got arrows in farm fall if you have a no spells in his deck I don't think so could you would have you would have logged by now I'm guessing but I want to use this far belt here soon we're gonna bail out to Fargo with that princess he'll probably five all the tower if we do it quick minor Goblin barrel push I should want to try and tell us a minor push with my princess so we can splash legs bobbing gang as well as the Ola barber okay so you farm Oh mmm school barrel right here was a defensive barrel I don't really like that I did that but soak up some more minute it right there thank you we'll have the in front tire once again ready to go for the hog rider the tower it is within rocket range 594 is all we need so we can just play defense with the rest its battle if we have to and rocket him at the final couple of seconds go and farrotto scar me thank you now one thing for our to survive to prevent friend of mine right here Loyola yes okay fill hog rider click princess nice nice oh I wish you could rocket that but of course we don't have enough time the rocket will miss we don't want to cheat Pat's with boom there we go Lee Barb's dead Kerala right here you're going too far ball it for sure whoo and go to the far ball no not quite all right let's go up boom boom going to zap this right here nobody's you guys princess the debt in front our lock on to the hog rider GG my friend miner over here you're going to do something on this princess maybe arrows maybe you'll eat Barb's and eat farts guys let's go boom scarm over here went the arrows would go bobbing gang yes and crawl tower there we go left dad probably gang over here one more barrel and the chippy GG here guys get into our front to life up top there oh yes then tower is dead we'd even have to rock it for the wind always feels good we can do that too squirming and good game as well as a well played right there so let's go ahead here take a look at that Pekka deck next so here we are with the packet deck now one thing I do want to say right away about the packet deck is this deck more so than any of the other decks we're featuring in this video is a little bit level dependent the night which is okay even at level launched a fairly strong card but be Pekka and the bandit are both fairly weak if underleveled the Pekka especially because um you pay so many barbarians on ladder that uh the packet will have a hard time clean barbarians because at equal level gameplay a packet one-shots barbarians that means a total of four swings to kill a packet barbarians but on a ladder you are likely to say smacks level barbarians or higher barbarians in your Pekka and it will take a two shots per barbarians to kill so uh so it does double the time it takes for your Pekka to clear through attack of barbarians to do keep that in mind now he definitely has the advantage here I wanna get my pump down here soon for all how we're going down you know we're not going to pump here [Applause] because we don't got another hog rider coming here soon boom boom good defend this library but you get another pump down in a second guys nice no hog kids so we do battle ramen front but he does have any promote our which will kill our Pekka so you're going to go focus ahead he run pumping up if we can and he does have a double wind condition deck which are very good at keeping the pressure on I preventing you from pumping up so right here minor we're gonna soak up a couple minor hits as well as food my night which please boom there we go so going to look up some minor here tonight what you kill us solvent thank you thank you and even with this deck even if you take a bit of damage it basically happens whenever you use a pump deck you have to trade tower health for pump lead so now that we have one pump down it becomes easier and easier to defend ourselves every time I use that pump on the back on the back very interesting Lee went for the pump theory or you do it yes there we go there we go one more pump in a second guys boom yeah ask to the furnace yes one hit nice there we go there we go there we go let's go GP right here like this or for the pump style interesting interesting typically the Balaram up here with the poisonous political pool for them as well get all this jazz bend it for this no spells I'm getting Indigo's and what this deck de pekka is mostly defensive shut down card not really a heavy uh not really a pushing carts right they're doing worked out tower down agos Peck up on defense to shut down this Lane against his hog rider within language back here in case Chris do a sneaky minor on us and against mister guy off there we have ourselves a one crown victory but there we go guys let's go ahead here take a look at the hog rider Electra was your death all right here we go up with the hog Electra wizard that guy's not like this before this deck is a little bit different than the hot deck we featured in yesterday's video yesterday's hog deck with a super fast cycle 2.9 deck this one is 3 or 3.5 elector so the bit slower paced a bit um more of a control style deck so follow down here for the barbarians bad far blow guys that fire I feels gonna cost in the battle guarantee it please don't do for our hands in front of you RG if you got for us call the gang over here there we go there we go cannons a better log it the reason I try to use it spaced out so he couldn't get the whole thing in one log but is RG going to a bit of work as that one failed prediction fireball definitely cost me 800 that I would I had four more elixir to defend as I roll a joint right there but a bit too aggressive a bit too aggressive my mistake my mistake I thought he might have barbarians in a sec I don't know why he probably still does though so we kind of just chill out and see what he does let's go boom boom barbarians right now yeah told you guys I told you he had it trouble right here boom night finishing them up hog why should finish the tower off we're gonna trade towers right here so don't think we can defend the RG in the left hand side especially cuz we know he has a log in his hand ready to go and he's also got minions ready to support it so might just do executioner Hilda tillage minions and if we just stand this RG it will be a miracle guys because they do a ton of work the RG that is yeah so we traded towers it's honestly okay though because we are in a pretty good position right here I was I'm expecting to Trade Towers when I went all in on that hogwash a few moments ago and now we're gonna sit back and see what he does next expecting another world giant on the right hand side my guest I don't see him going for the three crown I would be very surprised if he did so nice kill the ice wizard that buys that analog all right respectable kill the Hutt yes thank you thank you thank you there's a minion ready for this guy's boom boom boom stop these yes they did they did library do work do work nice tank for the hog writer yes it's a more damage on thank you thank you thank you now where's he coming from guys is going for the other flower or as you go for the two crown what you think s is in the comment section down below which Atari going for who ready for another one of these guys now to sneak your ooh over here boom knocking back those that's all hold up we don't want to over commit we recycle as fast to Internet as we can Google print pull it together and pull it away from our to our their make the Archie we check her to my King tower which has more health we're going with another a hog barb all right here guys in just a moment boom boom one hog hit please yeah there we go hog records and damage done to King towers fairly lowest receiving out cycle as fast as we can here executioner go forth quick hog barb on a second guys ready for this with your minions boom one hog hit not quite not quite let's see if we can't get back to another hog rider here golfing gang right here gets and ship them to the tower yes there we go and all we need is another fireball guys to win it one more fireball it's all we let's go boom holler it right here he just threw it squabble in the corner there he's trying to break those gears there but I'm not too sure if that's how it works but anyways sir will good game to you up top there guys that is the hog electro wizard X but anyways guys that is the end of the video here are the five decks of one more time if you want another chance to go ahead and copy them first right here is a splash guard deck second is a goal Meta Knight which beat down deck third is a zap a deck fourth is the Pekka bandit Knight which deck and fifth and finally is a hog electro wizards at guys like I said before the two runner ups that didn't make it to this top 5 list are the lava hound X as well as world giant X with legendary cards like princess ice wizard or miner if you guys have a different legendary deck that you would recommend to other players for pushing trophies let us know in the Commission down below but that is the end of the video guys I really hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to hit that like button and subscribe for some more clash Royale content thank you so much for watching guys we will see you and


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