Best Friends Forever – Award Winning Short Horror Film

  • You killed your bestfriend now she coming to kill you so y'all can be bestfriends forever…

  • She takes a picture the first time and saw eyes. Next time she took it that yellow jacket who should be on It is there. Then there is the third time when there is nothing there. I would be like f this shit I’m out.

  • I would have liked it more, if it went a step further by asking, “What happens to a vengeful spirit after they’ve exacted their vengeance…after they’ve brought their murderer into their current realm for an eternity–essentially by committing the same foul act?”  Are they fulfilled or do they spend an eternity murdering each other, reliving the fear and horror of that deed an infinite number of times?  Does sating that urge for vengeance lead to redemption…or to Hell

  • Certainly creepy enough – but ghosts can’t physically kill or injure the ‘living’, they can only scare. Of course, it’s quite possible to kill someone through grief or fear using ‘nensha’ – techniques – as Sammie Morgan does in The Ring – and such deaths are gruesome enough, but NOT through duelling with kitchen knives. Rachel was impressive however as a vengeful spirir. If I had encountered those bedsheets I’d have emigrated to Tuktoyaktuk at the speed of light.

  • Oh my gosh very good ghost activity and poltergeist parnanormal sweet very good market arts so Creeipses Spookiest
    sketchy freaky scariest as hell 😱 need do part 2 and 3 full movie of it wicked video film

  • Nothing scarier than A dose of reality! This generation is frightened of monsters, ghosts, demons ….oh no! They are sacred of realty, like getting into a good college, then getting a job that pays 65-95k a years, buying that home for 300k , 2 cars with car payments of 600.00 a month and then….and then the kids! I feel sorry for you all….it’s going to hard, very hard to exist….but hey anyway…enjoy while u can…hey? Do they make those Polaroid cameras anymore?

  • 讓人疑神疑鬼、緊張兮兮的房子就應趕快離開,何必四處“探險”?鬼是會怕刀槍嗎?哈,恐怖片其實多數不合常理~😬

  • This plot and story is god damn good!!its far more better than horror movies!! Keep going!! i would like to see more

  • White women should start a petition against horror writers. They are depicted as just the most slow witted people ever. I would be so salty.

  • Nice short film. But not really realistic. Polariod needs seconds to to develop the picture. And why the fck have a GHOST a knife? Thats unrealistic

  • 3:48 “Okay! The demon that is about to kill me is not under this sheet. Let me try this one..”
    Honestly chubby lady…why don’t you wash the dishes before runing away from that house? Maybe you can give the demon a good impression and quit killing you.

  • IF ONLY… All crime victims' who were killed could later haunt and exact vengeance to their killers like what was shown here, then there's no need for death penalty or life imprisonment. And prisons would've been mostly half empty.

  • So… I'm really diggn the atmosphere of this. It gives you that horror anxiety that we all hate to love. Thanks for sharing

  • Great work, can tell why you had so many awards at Nexus 🙂 Some fantastic visuals and great acting 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed…now how to get to sleep tonight…

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