Best fashion moments from the 2019 Oscars red carpet

  • Thank you! I’ve always told me that pink used to be a color for boys and blue were for girls. It was really after the 1800’s that the colors started to switch and when the first catalogs for Montgomery wards in the early 1900’s came out, they marketed pink for girls and blue for boys and other catalogs followed and thus, still is in place today .

  • I just want to know how come the older women get the more flesh they like to reveal? 80 year old tt's are still just 80 year old tt's lol….ijs

  • She doesn’t know what she’s talking, Oscar de la Renta was NOT an American designer, this people need to do research before

  • Look at the fat black bitch glorifying the men with a dress. Only because he's black it looks good but if this was a white man they'd criticize the white man. Lol. They didn't pick JLO to talk about her dress because she was the best of them all. She was STUNNING to say the lease.

  • These people are out of there Damn minds, men are women and and women are men, Lord save us from this crazy Freakywood.

  • That tequila flask was actually Guillermo's, and he was sharing it with Awkwafina….. it paired perfectly with HIS outfit!

  • Regina King is great, but her dress was boring. Bevy Smith is so annoying. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard!

  • That’s not Awkwafina’s flask purse… it’s Guillermo’s from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the “Guillermo at the Oscars” video. 😂 He also had a flask microphone. A lot of stars drank from both the purse and the mic.

  • Spike Lee was in Wario custom from Nintendo's super Mario, how could he ask Guillermo not to be funny? Actually his suit was a joke

  • The black man with a dress on was awful there was nothing fashion forward about his outfit, it was fashion conscious on how to wear a demasculine outfit and create a concept about a defamatory statement that creates a negative impact on Black men.

  • Thumbs down. How come you didnt mentioned Jason Momoa and Lisa 🤔🧘🏾‍♀️🙏🏾🇨🇦🇵🇦

  • There are 6 Ages every Empire goes through before it crumbles….this is the last age…. thee age of "Decadence" look at Meeeeeeee Bicthes!

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