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okay fm okay 101.7 you are welcome to best entertainment show with your host Tolliver's Elsa add-on okay 101.7 you are welcome to best entertainment show with your host Khalifa's Elsa add-on okay 101.7 fm when you're my chief superintendent ESP could open some attea wanted a mint onion ecstasy let's see a minion be my Halifax and Sandra Abraha teenager on okay FM 101.7 help us give us the best 101.7 money yeah Hey the song in the background this morning you by Dinah Hamilton Anna listening to the best anti cement show on ok 101.7 FM my name is Halifax Nina and Santo and I'm your hosts we are on every Monday and every Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. all the way to 12 noon where we debate on discussed and lane all the issues bordering on creative art and entertainment it is a Monday morning fresh start of the week middle of the year and we have every reason to be thankful to God just as Dana helmets and a stain on the background money and talking about being grateful to God yes a yeah I achieve as I get sustaining per doctor and next of forests upon see you of specialized company of other weekend no Omicron and you say oh no no a year 2019 ultimate man of the year we congratulate dr. soprano sissy yesterday Minami that was at the exclusive man of the year Emmy Awards in CIA papa dr. a next offer is upon honor oil ultimate man of the year 2019 ultimate Man of the Year 2019 award was given to our father CEO of specialized dr. ernesto forest upon over the weekend are the Emmy Awards congratulations papa glory be to God uranium you see look it's always good to be thankful I would remove him when he arrived in incra mo Cueva west side with your l'autre moi it has been a rather interesting weekend I mean fritzy Friday are the CNMI debris yeah yeah Brad Sammy police is watching us a Osseo on pseudonyms and Sunna to Messiah HIV crossing in Sunna to me son again which I hid a choc hip nickel if I can Oh Fionna he even says a sound soon even if you drank DDT and you drink his healing what interesting we can power bonus enemies be parkour and Abed beer would be annual free links entitlements I mean Abbas Anna a bit surprising diverges awesome new zoo then are the same we can social media baby is a bangle most strong man be any medical amo BC BC am a social media phobia a KB it's not so the Millennials who are interested politicians KB general is for can be obeah kasih semuanya medical strongman be what spark that's what causes any lessons any risk aversion pas of course I'm doing this with you so get ready to join us on a text line startling way for what's up em me SMS text messages pay zero two seven seven eight six four four four four six zero two seven seven eight six four four four four six you can also join us on our facebook like page ok 101.7 FM on facebook for your comments questions suggestions finally we have a new theater in Accra at least almost 1 BC theaters young you know almost about kumbaya and walk raha yeah you betcha star Seminole soon see and then if we have time worries are crazy was built upon the same building a Krakow do he how can say that idea Christopher's do we is not intending to law in CNA there is no legislative back into any crazy bus issue in this country urea mobile the assassin to say younger timer but of course also medically strong Mundy say even do that one first yay okay oh my god is working I never have because of HIV this diabetes have the taxes in good movie cancer Russia kidney or liver and awesome awesome Tina mwah yeah me too Amy define healing what donate and invites refined healing water but your audience Wayne and sweatin it we did it did it DDG Who am I with inclusive it's defined in the water as instantaneous I teach through diabetes cancer liver asthma hepatitis me an order have you coach was made possible by hitting what to read whoa what did you say probably pretty cool oh but mr. chairman how did it go new DDT we need to me some medicine in California would do the same define evening what a bigger stretch one NFS account which was defined and yellow thread burner seven zero five three six two seven five one five eight zero five zero six two seven five four now that is the voice of brass amigas a musician on a machine voice no opiod CBO kyon nah in case you don't know who brass on is DJ Bosco introduce him to us my virus one okay so the voice you're listening to the song i listening to this brass Sammy oh no namuci in the voice or can say or holy water be NASA only what's on to me say Arabia HIV hepatitis B kidney problems liver problems sassy my brother Sammy kaya noon CSE food and drugs authority for Omaha police were Kakashi Brad Sammy yang tae added so many questions about say a machinist Amy born in new day in Patna JAMA say Oh anointing out to me vampire gone through sua asana pyuria not Sao Paulo and in support animal Chino Brad been our power to to teach you what what crime has he committed why was he arrested what are the implications em anyway we have on the phone line now the public relations officer of the food and drugs authority mr. James Lottie to give us some education on why what's brass emitted is not acceptable by the FDA rules and regulations mr. Lotz a good morning thanks for joining us new Malati is it should say one mop elesif watch ibrahim e temple nacho boonie not putting anything the only say after he saw a video on video social media Nastasia to Minerva meet the policy ho-oh and lugia put a dia wire audio file on it and individual oakland say a war it's repetitive be our answer any nation some other diseases include sexually transmitted diseases ninety because he'll lose Emmett until you see what your Roman one and you're very clear in the law say before over to me yes I forgot shut up on products and sell on the market in this empty amount to me that is one second one is to say before the free advertising even they approved to that man if we approve it i'll say apple you know that letter Sigma you need an approval from the FDA for you gotta be tight now the worry a spot of its targeted point also is that this is now Obama in the public health act shadow fight you cannot advertise to entities even if you have a product to cure disease you cannot advertise as per the role to me Wow so these are the three things every cancel it taking the action in see we'll see would you push for prosecution and coats well we are brought in the police hit me really yeah implicit e among the portions of the lower was laude we are medium understand the seriousness of the issue because he let me come to the issue of entities made the government for instance are put in some policies mimiama when it comes eight on through ninety advertisement comes in and if you don't take it would be fit some of the things I'm grateful there's a very good reason why the lawsuit say you cannot advertise from earnings because you are you on the arena gotta are diagnosed only not a particular medicine is oh no they broke up with Monica replacing for some price on that particular drug drug linear to Ma another issue matter the doctor will change us frontiers in Yemen normally when this advocate and things are primo its next opponent leave their medication and they follow the army a matter you can check water come to see from places like oh come on don't you call you to tell you that people leave their medications and some in the big theta the poor end up dying you can't be complicated issues Nadi thank you it becomes worry if this are beckoning go on and people are I go on Twitter were deceived but people are lured in a way a little medication follow the same they can all mental problems and the one we want definition to the investigation if they see that is worth taking the case report and they take a jerkwater let's see what happens relax over Issa Sesay said na Brasa mie pene such issues because concerns or beliefs or common air or mouton all sort of products powder oh yeah water sometimes grass and says they would mama at Mesa we re is it because raza Medina about social media because of public pressure among single one oh no out no because a strain said say if that is the issue almost everybody is doing it say okay III thank you for this control of wasting in the firstly let me be very emphatic say it is not because Abraham II okay and now to keep out go back and explain and the most into you okay I don't know the number of videos embrace a me on social media I somewhere last week one of the videos was foreign to me when I look at a video now there was a gentleman interview blasphemy and a lady after the interview with a living that was interviewed in Poland I think yes that was undeterred by Simon Felix I Healey about fifty people of if not he in in computer would be son question say have you taken your product to the MV Mechanical Turk and yet true and maybe our conformity shabbiha will now I had Putin Andrea and young coupon – hello OD brahmanda stock up on time this one is response this video will happy one week ago yeah at the onyx because when you look at that particular we do know there's no way BMO go into such a theme it is most which one so we need feet are the tablet okay yeah we would probably be a vehicle so we are what don't I am visual jammin jammin like more efficient wouldn't we but a second video came up the second video no a hot yoga rakia displayed in the product he indicated say I have this protocol divine living water no ha ha and by show me your peepee when you listen to that video very well Bravo say they claim motion no no more the switch was as follows limit on the product itself do every Bible can you see I got before making clean but the question is does work claimed identity a clip on a product well unless administration's because they have told me about two particular fishing I don't want to make a galaxy be fishing I'm giving to my department and I will monetize if we when I say it is something that cleans up in me for product that's working this addiction that we need to go you know what we're going what it is not about me it is about that for me the third video got object it's about our work to take public okay mine final salute questions mister Lottie and when you watch several TV stations today you'll find flexes priests mmm dressing on one we had to do with the Busan I'm gonna see on my desire II now on median when your faith healing pill all Muslim make see all forms of concoctions mouth said idea we put some no but bond payable but I wanna be a seam in the genie column at that point so know the omen mixa mixa mixa no it's it's now suited at an assisted from faith healing to actually substance on Maryam Allah because Amadeus abuse trauma Busan Busan no into one to me about you yeah because I mean entry next train say yay Oh confuses this is the Brannon corn and what is happening okay well in a question how is that easier product out on the Amanda Berto and now when you come to do a treatment for your day wrong we have to see the difference but coming back to your question this much cooler type of practices have been consent to the AP meeting problem is taking a decision where yep a hey even Minnesota's than one no I just recorded should be polled so this part the aspect of plus traditional things neutrality after dunya bono finds a way for it to be period and it is something that is content one Nadia cafe it should be picked up and look at very well because some of the things you see we are regulated community no I must be honest with you when we go in we can't get anybody you know pop up in and see oh and you see those things when you didn't it's looking you up a regulator will be lockup in it doesn't work because even we got you so every our company as you're saying your brakes are filthy person can know you can turn evidence you have lynnium on your movie day then when you get any job that come out walk away and go for Muay Thai late we'll get the results so and yes Elvia don't just get up as a religious and would rush into no we are not sure of where we can get with it but it's of authenticity we are ready for I've got people to come in Greta do you what can be done about it thank you Miss ality what about quite a few muah especially the coastal areas and you know low income men in areas no I'm not going to say they are mobile pharmacists Oliver burn will be known now Watson when will be Empire yeah was a drupe foodie in paracetamol all sorts of substances you don't win Indy bl3nd from house house and a group home with me hey hey friend the same every big group said yeah we say areia to make a scene what is your advice to the public on standing this apana my Jaguar go in the first let me start with a piano photo nene amano consider doing a manual Itali make I feel someone loves with me tip over tubby so I think Mountain economist in part by digital public say people should not go in photos medicine and me as Malaysia or demands a bisque emotions in the Amana oh my a new role can use different routine a would mean Yama would have to prepare dinner from time so you don't know the F things on the level of efficacy of those routines I think those Indiana DN you and advise it a general public's a patronizing gross things at all it will not have game and I will read emphasize on that advisory they dream up public your own games will be put on I've anything because you proved you mean you don't know what idea I was especially always important but they make other me they can rely on gene therapy approved that is a product it can be investigated and then come to the issue of mobile summit in Astana Amano yes II suppose it was one cent one you need for my because of a commercial or something we need to kill so gently every the original of we have advised him that taking trial as part of the Apple for smokers ability to be going to the intellect part of the villages in Yama when it's it is evolving to speak for his Africa she's the product of Magellan destroyed in fact is but if they did cop in Turkey would a Muslim nation to SP to continue and we are finding with académica I live with you yah varasi aura teams lot see that is the pro4 the food and drugs Authority namuci no voice no voice ESA no chroma she brass Amina Esmond ENT or Muccino my uncle line suzuna any lawyer and cocasa say what is the legal implication of what is happening now they actually work with yeah good morning hello hello well we may have to call them back and say we've lost player hello okay so basically the food and drugs already have aa conferment so much Brad Samir – because wahoo advertise the brilliance of yo Sam sooner – nice eye areaa now a faith healing Moomba because advertisements as a dragon on us a drone has moved from church to peel medical issues now among tests in what are known among man an intermission say i mean on fans my area and that is why exactly he's been grabbed what do you think as a listener who was the fda rights at what point now Anna I mean as I said wow any confirmed do you know possibly you but I'll see you know they are limited what do you think you can send us your text and your thoughts on zero two seven seven eight six four four four six zero two seven seven X's four four four six I think we don't have a lawyer back on the line Laura Geneva could yeah good morning hey what's in como bono back and forth say a gospel musician Cobras on me Accio ensue be nice and soon a year holy healing water nice and soon had to Mesa all sorts of ailments know the asana Bobby Brill me area or the ASA HIV he has used to here liver problems kidney problems NASA bunam DDT Grampa when you drink this water you can be healed and FDA forum so see there be no a drug working with not tested it's a more permissions are going advertise it and administrate on people in tomorrow podium a police police work Okocha brazen aim as a lawyer know what is your take on this FDA all right a Nebraska me nah is no committed any offense all right okay first of all no and yank I said the memoirs a war entities who is 33 bodies that we call them either regulators or polishing bodies on where human is embarrass a PPI a Organa happy yeah yeah warmer and it sets the fairies here so for example yet my ye yeah what national media Commission any award national communications authority more physical aspect of broadcasting any remedial Commission normality look at content in much the same way or do car Francois ble for a Policy Forum TTD common service via be deemed as prepare supper person–i at drugs food and drugs a– a war foreign God's Authority Aloha indeed yo Linea ganas resulting so Bravo Alvarez a said the BIA fair no drug and I a fairly safe food no food and authority no ability in criminal and sauna suit and drugs Authority forbid plan among BR no question about watch a movie psalm 118 LCD ser una say sad the corner will be back or no aircon does it come under the ambit of Mahayana what didn't mean say at the corner I economist em know they food I feel Suzuno a a drug and she said call it's a saying which me establishes anime me no say it falls and the watch is called food and then it falls on that drug huh then was definitely back I said FD you for no home is a or more area tre question will be said on say the abandoned in a corner ie another wine yes da casa wire through there is an act of commission an answer why net there is an act of omission so the an act of omission are it here FD you for raro yet classified under offense another an act of omission Fabian Picazo II bb-but waimea it year FD a– formula and also so many be classified as offense then in that case no they regulate are no moves in so big deal with senate acronym they're great and apart from the acronym Yamano crimes woman wrote me a developing directives la derecha snippet enhancing over a llamada Monica for say even time you cry before adventure kuhmo you better try my apartments the length of advection you may be over they are precluded from being advertised in fact they might be grow ah Albert via my own kick you would not for example do what we call thousand di Beppo so classic improving a re we accrue not one person can say yet autonomy appendix was you who misinterpreted ionic an overly oblique Mina you question about Phoebus I wanna say sorry brother an uncle from Kissimmee my my god is a high my god is the wire at the area BPAY ATM ran an okay Millia Bishamon a defaulting Walker now a mocha mama tree and if any mommy Anza and Bella Samaria I didn't see no emotion in iron chest yes we are now at the investigation speech and I will come to the investigation or the decay i'm a tresor mo can you say vamos a seguir we'll see or do you know you're not here let's just say what a DNS a a attract so that it effect Claire it can be clearly distinguished from ID be a woman's phone saw CAS bridge say yes rich Wakile in made me kind of iconic on was awara in which were healing water and yet the Ibaka sword Emma if you have missile mídia sem Concordia College sofu West a so then he sprinkled fits on the members okay a different from a no and a sabia also forbidden area of oil now Saudi and my entire body I will you sue as a point of contact now or the administer a spiritual BP blessed be all of that kind satya Pepsi for know Canada mostly emotional and Obama 7si all you soon as drug industry de panamá eb3 re idiocy in Chino say that extended yeah say a young father said Yoanna qualify and the socket degree of we're dia and an edge they say and son a drug dealer Bob on channel I will say fg4 movie run the bureau stress near DN a– in him do you come and visit obey application on the body visit reproduction production site or our hair with the monomer which appear home scale solutions Anna finally know the amount Indy say yeah not at all Ania want is a wine yeah Nexus a wet gif D for a monster shares of those regulations media so the dose Mohammed is all can essay in a dragna or advertiser all outfit or advertising ossetia was saying or advertising in fact all kind said you are you people hwa-jung fire your mom they were saying your net blue be in three oh boy HIV or ball cancer and then a myriad I got more personal necessary what flowers are advertisement no-name coca-cola and also a flower so then the sanema we see no Massa why idea I think he said that third one I'm not too sure be nice video team components also show to ha all kind of say one dragon outcome possible say well now Jimmy Carter's we have beautiful yet assumed you knew NSA my office while but they are if you why a moment ago and in pucon hank azaria wife as well and at the children of me McCutchen on sir Ukraine L was all country sad that we see this veteran approved by their be already ordered wanna all year or body the reality of Micaiah now having said this it is the burden is now first on empty so may establish a say a DNR Bella salmon oh lordy also all Connell a year drag another your food arena every phone on a regulating quarter man you would have to establish yes yeah what yes your what can answer so sad miss Macomb special eyes say deep for money to me say yeah no quitting in the idea heirloom Quino nah a deeper a deeper hunger and nothing ancestral your food okay I'll confess I am so so Deanna a free food don't change about the a dragon so what it means is that shelf are surah kahf among ordinary man we are na or cancer or the Agora and if it is established its mere shell Bruna we are even crossing the carpet from being ordinary food to drag a ordinary water and also a fiery and to their strength as fire energy latest Okubo to the category of Dragon and I'm saying that it is up to now say the burden is on the food and US authorities obokata an abominable fufufu a dragon and yet dragoo in farah no Katya Oh pipe you cry miss Anna what I can say Oh baby no bacon sir Anya guilty then the badness on FD to prove say hey Drac in Chino Oh Babbage they say a a dragon and now say the advertisement now or Uranus a flower so you have to prove say yes well yeah but now oh yeah at the Kumbha and yahoo mobile social media sometimes their problem with videos three at the idea Yahoo no social media no or the coke or tyanna problem Kakashi Nibiru sometimes even their sauce no garage mere questionable you know where nya at this one OCAD because he who ni a new person operatio also a guru no I would not don't want to say anything to prejudice a be ideal for case but the elephants will be appreciative in a ba la semaine bono Sifu Adriana Musa mayor un puño avianna a movie banana Anisha Fatiha it creates a problem for you as to whether certain AR the Tampa maybe an area within a contest to be there is this other one and say again only abuses sooner yeah yeah interview oh yeah and I'm saying that wooden about the epic what about that burden is on you or no now a suspect you see now we investigate you know no say yes or no no birthday cake a cake a stream into a judge who passively sincerity and non-porous a bi in quotes no BJ or Betty ikutsu the Ocampa maybe our exactions aware Bonnie I was pretty good yeah when our side cute you know not for standing the videos not recently the interviews we have watched or viewed or head the pattern is on you in this all cancer walk on a bra and I said yeah Nia yeah money to me Sonya you have to prove Saviano say yes I did not a year true now will ya what do you rapid rate say yes Toria drew whiny ricotta say once a year Bruna who needs eternity and SSA what someone on the opposing internet the issue of the advert whether indeed you said you're not Orion on a advertisement an answer is some adaption banana or Jana these are all things that are yet duty on the FG zombie but for back fat is not somebody are ignorant chassis assay won't mean career croupier Angus out on a bra have you fallen among salesmen Anna any adapt such body if d in fact resist over mountainous on yet because you see Adrienne FLE pom-pom and the amount maybe PSR engineered religion is about people self it's about the world being otherwise would be a bitch me i'ii be pianola annum no akasha autumn if you go will be people aquifer the SEMICON something that is toxic poisonous an acquaintance ax a Halifax at the anagram who know yet not science is a a expire now what would possess the unites now move from for ordinary food to something toxic mean I've been for DLC for the Masters you sometimes do you go out Sevilla's mobile confessor yes ABI Johanna otoño a meteor requirements Anna as Parnassus through within the period na the only part which me Adriana so this is the Wyndemere comments I met resume and then if there are any questions but now yes I mean you've been quite extensive an exhaustive aim but before I let you go find out what smaller normal some resume and I won't go listen OPI names a brass on me he's a Christian minister right now ocid a used to Chris to train you know and I say use the crystal to me fast saliva any mud no mixi it becomes drug on fan share will be nm non-fan be a blind persons ayah that is faith healing by the way anyway here drew a memory at what is the cutoff points for pasta swine to fit healing is it a Somalia was sorry day more energy in Sierra but some advice are advertised weapons here um Rana because the brass Emily say Gina a sorry Damon and maybe a nap a thousand two thousand three thousand wha-ho and no cast hace mucho amor legally he still advertising it to a public so at what point not ID bets camera because I double cover story demo a I bet his mates will be a comma bones you a Adventists me so what do we do we can say and I use the word loosely this time around let me use it more seriously as a burden there is a burden on the regulator to prove say a DNA acutally no and yet one of those products nya follow and I wouldn't know if either food or drug at the time now a Mochaccino Nana so who moves our videos immuno now advertiser know where we attract and that's the analog channel now an idea is a loopy mmm I'm Ron idiot now let me say a yet drug in Jeep okay and I'm saying that Oh investigation know me or may not true or if they decide it's all clear the idea will be a knee at the back reporter that burden is on them because as you rightly said there is the spiritual we be about it Oprah all can all start seeing okay obvious bridge why he being water so the question we have to ask ourselves say yes one of those is she would be a t-38 man demon Kapoor who know because o Soniya Healy know a NASA he was using it as a drug drug as one that is cutted categorized and fg42 viana Memphis a make em give work Maya Momo and I also want go on to do a little and America PPR district never put you guys with your investigation piano if they intend prosecuting him we have a burden the burden is to prove say indeed science una no come one seven and it's a tienen who so after now say did it now the offense and yet drug and that blood drag no was being offered for sale for the purpose of healing another remedy in an ailment in which case my back as a follow and i am in for an otherwise no you be who was a ceremony now that's why we would not be able to discharge our baton and fluent me on this tightrope etinosa soir there are choose works free the accused walks freeze I want to me and dischargeable burden of proof near lawyer tequila at Geneva Korea yabba-dabba I hope say one of the two parties Bevo for legal consultation yeah yeah yeah yeah it's my moment oh yeah yeah yeah yes my mom my ha ha said he walks with me a the onions really really up on nah yeah coffee between no I better see thanks so much for the kitchen let me show ya know many people I mean in case you just joined us you don't know what talking about what we are saying is that gospel singer brass Sammy my goddess obeah an embrace an e/m I'll see you what ensue be nice on soon to Mesa area BIA especially HIV kidney problems and liver problems and a Brass a MIDI in surah abasa social media saying soon renew and now offer a bribe you'll now see a DDT say DDT I'm Kitty Ikra say ooh mixie plus uh non-healing water and no on the healing water can even cure the poison the DDT Yakko my area before CD mpany police for aqua cos one now if you go on a facebook like page a bishop Matthew or say Kofi says this ask him Mitra and Amira say he's talking about the FDA man ask him ask him if he is saying they have not finished deciding on how to handle the fetish priests then why are they concluding on the matter of bro Sammy they could have waited until the final decision comes out as how to handle such matters name is reunited Renea says this they are comfo there's a fascist freeze people on most TV stations are doing the same thing bro Sammy has done what's the FDA doing about that brah Kwami DJ says the FDA has not been fair to brother Sammy in case you just joined us what exactly did brats a mixie listen to this My Goddess and Hanukkah I never have because of HIV this diabetes hepatitis in good movie cancer Russia or kidney or liver an awesome awesome lutein and well the Minotaur Amy define healing what donate and invites the find healing water but another nice way we did DDG Gruyere my within two seconds also flat sassafras so that is it smoochy brazza me at reporting or Cayenne CIF de Foix Papageno no idea what the abrahamic honorable you don't know who exactly brass amis has a very popular gospel musician My Goddess menu me one of its entirety my panel is seated we are ready to start our discussions to look into this matter then chronically make some time for autonomy do conditioned station in fat wanna me Farquhar sorry just beside the door good but weird robbery India sokku leaves I'm atoning in our public advances me oh Moo siesta all sorts of urea FD is your muumuu you appear with silvina fattest priest one one two hundred or more besides all sort of rush every if was your movement why Brussels area for work a while so much me approve is say one dear all advertising force and either food or drugs and I'm compensate or advertising ampere what do you think join us on a live Facebook page ok 101.7 for your comments or send us your text you know what's up old SMS SMS on zero two seven seven eight six four four four four six zero two seven seven eight six four four four four six my panelists each other to boost written to the issues named Sue my entry Ankara and quad see advert we Umbra once become we both read into the issues to my good is better photography's best entertainment shoo-shoo hey Anita my dear for okra ever okay FM classification so now my dear so Hobbiton so I was recovering my our creative art in the noon am I gonna now you're doing seven watch cobia may assign up in sympathy as I add shake and before I venture a walk Shannon soon miss your favorite presenter mollified well ok 101.7 fm+ and the dimensional assume a Georgia I knew who put a br and 100 cozy area billion prepares me that one some agua EDM she ever entered cement industry I wore my gundam first and the devil – oh no cheese 1 0 1 2 7 mm Genesis say your Mondays and wavy 10 a.m. to 12 noon you can hear corny echo grass sorry a bony Maine sample smack on facebook says that every is confused Austin suffer says then I think the FDA should also arrest my boss saw for enemy reading waha I wouldn't want to repeat that one here I'm not sure it's been fair to them if you are ever dia from home with Ian Evans from sweet roses Halifax please I want to ask the man they have da man that does the sale and consumption of cigarettes not also violates FDA's rules why bra the Sammy good morning PC he is a prophet oh my god my god Jerry demuccio zebras I mean our prophet in situation a more prophetic healing than any other thing Bravo it's the helices thanks for joining us in case ammonium so Christophe when a Democrat races where sorrow is the husband of pasta to be and he's a famous movie maker filmmaker and director oh no no try alavés or try but let me promote you or try to see why but one to taste we know we achieve what about what for conahey what's workable movie okay I see what for paranormal can say and we secretes you're also a director the National Commission on culture yeah what's the CEO opinion on this matter back and forth well it's about the message and the messenger messenger the messenger in the sense there this new economy this claim this is very clear now if it has been to be ordinary person via Yahoo nutiva so how are yes I do we attract the attention I don't think they were ill effects a new produces a bit discuss our issue because the coffee's Booker T V Susanna Cayenne phobia but never a seminal a Murphy among for Holly hello although what is going on here what my see a non Obama would be is a Ola I could define what DDT is behold attribute who Jesus and the abilities DDT because me unless phenomena moitie did it is and I mean insanity Mohammed what Massey innovations editing yet read was a reddish an acid brownish substance Nadia Goodman and yellow but enemy say mix channel year I tell you say question be our Oh none it um well yes ha ha I wanna to a magic magic for him to be named I can say no more what substance via on multimedia Massey Akita powers mmm I'm gonna chemically mixer Nicola no ssme kappa around around what year was a cannibal it was somewhere in the seventies okay I'm Way in the seventies no mom makes it Mikasa Adina say the mustachio would be a normal mix a enormous all via normal as plainly say spiritual powers it's me Sheldon hey Muhammad in the anyway media mr. facher say FDA Kochi and I so much you know our friend the Amla maturity there are chickens but Halifax idea back home I'm a full say Ghana I was here yet you see they allow amorous why – can last America story about Bieber I'm the collagen you be any conceivable what'm I see mm-hmm I see a Bolton and with that and if a boat in the end if a bootable media wheels if a booty because it allowed a Karamu that means it's illegal it's wrong because they in one way of we know in the legal system I am cuckoo alibi through our media television video the Unicode proceedings Network a menacing during the election petition you anemic also is fishy anomaly do's and don'ts so if they the Attorney General Office know opposite what is good right and wrong even by the Lord we will always not be calling lawyers to disturb them in the morning who come and explain what it is let's take the cameras into the coach rooms let's show let's show them life let's see what goes on and ocean patch on just a second Oh a GT big oven they will show Parliament now we see parliamentary proceedings how it is done and can I blame him autumn I see I'm telling you if you know it and we also see with MPs only pass what our moon casa yes what about you know me all caught them who and yesterday every way say we'll get to know what a noise what the law what my senior coach willow – ow – ow oh instead of what watching some of these telenovelas yeah the BIA completely and someone i'ma try so Chris I wanna see we have people – who be interested if they want to know what the law is matching what Monsieur am a coach a sanitation code to see a Keynesian yellow khakhra drivers caught near you walk across debrie and no inca whereas a me an answer be are overfed ruby at the imagine a public domain obey aside the widow obey who say a last year you be I didn't occur Gina course our twenty opens Wow or Sharon's who know uber who said no yet you'll be out on because Gina cotton went improve una who live in 1000 confesses say a a tricky wrong Padma see and your non-believer we know ignorance Yesenia repair cos I would TVs one minion or driving ultrasound Buick are one who knew first nama tightest and what is this jelly with moron Socrates yeah better see also in the stupid asses are on Veda Veda we open see we am she was a brass I mean for this walk accordion me emotional story where you can watch some two weeks ago a knee-jerk as a piece of animal food de la muchacha Mucha sorry dear countrymen Amyris FDR jakkuman a monophonic adjusted Union a three by me what I find intriguing no a a method of preparation for a true II hmm but the semi catcher is a you Bush you meeow meeow before any banning chamber catch NSA Ghana for I rebuke idea a beautiful her national national health insurance and in cover in turn on more and I made you a mouthful which is concerned only HIV now beside a report a year no it's your no no Jim we say I both wanna banning chain mmm no much any say a no pabu's you know no Sonya you morning Hugh you know miss me was aware for when you feel angry and so Jim aigoo button mummy who how was Miss assertion mean yummy butter no no Connie then when you said you man wanna know pal 1 a.m. 2 a.m. one hour with me dear 50 bottles hmm I say more D minor auntie no boss your pseudonym say any side chemical components net missus a new color even if it I said yeah yeah yeah be a spiritual a coup truman's welcome to en Cocotte internally Bo and Rachel ensue as a time on Orcas I mostly perfidia I was I area who do our boo-boos we saw me re Sabri I actually sunny per 50 you could Tracy amo ever – Lucia a journalist were labeling papa beyond even FD a chasse and Zanardi be a bed everywhere a month in I was a labeling yo man come on you know what Raghu we are a biack we abou soon into I saw Rebecca Kalitta consume me now one thing destroy me be sunny say mochi no no finish here and a valium uncle piano supercopa ankles I said runo hmm say cabassa was so cocodes not the boat Reba Nahum person with chilly boosts your Nagumo and I'm at the common lab I'm aquaria test the moon say chemical components Vienna maybe Tamia honey Padilla and also a semi a mechanism Nadia Kanu I know gay person ain't no miracles II mean I'm sorry una be able I like I said when you're a Sager no NCBI fairness a evidence from a video mo mo medical reports Nia digna Abbott Abbott me se na o Musa NEPA 50mb an umpire OB Nia aids economy you know at the zero before and after medical resource until yet may possess immediate Gina so critical and Courtney who CIBC ah-ha-ha a balance on ignited between for nothing one things as well I be big enough for know a hard G area self medication because ideas are adverts we no matter how popular you our brew tree ok Albion few a ballad rudia by AAA who say Drona Bravo DNA a bit before the naa kaho say maybe Renee yeah bro food anger I know you are in and it's apart on 1 & 2 Co events the chemical license show ba-ba-ba-ba-ba tono in Tunisia sanema Wagner Nia was here educated enough was a self medication why Veda Yamanashi as here four zero three zero two two four five sorry 0 3 0 2 2 4 3 5 4 7 and 0 3 0 2 2 4 3 5 – 9 – boom 0 3 0 – 2 4 3 5 4 7 and 0 3 0 – 2 4 35 – an eye earphone license to see on a moon tray my dream on this brother Sammy FDR rest matter just for 5 minutes we'll go to our second issue for the day zero three zero two two four three five two nine zero three zero two two four three five two nine wow that's quite interesting say I mean as I said maybe I mean I'm psycho Hanuman I see all sort of people advertising all sorts of drugs do we have anybody on the line yet hello hello meanwhile you can also join us on a live Facebook page okay 101.7 f fame on Facebook hello do you be all for free hello hello Wow Assad Jean view okay never the best entertainment show with your host Tolliver's Anza hard-on okay 101.7 fm you are woke up to best entertainment show with your host Lyle Sussman's are gone okay 101.7 [Applause] well sir charging free sweets muchacha me not assume a better revival fire I think what a business a young German Brazilian on bed rest I know who not supports an injury or doing it would better revival choir I want to move any group of the Year at a vgm a 20 nights and that was a fast gospel group are on Martha sight I still know the same Ian went go to the three musica was on for three different categories better revival choir but you see my boy come on over now my my aff 101.7 something is up no social media medical any strongman on media fissile I mean over the weekend now who are these two people they are two young ganyan a sister orma BCD feeders f-word between that's when a fever no a spread it very very very fast both of them almost of the same age I think I was 26 I think strongman was 26 in February medical sense when the six somewhere in July I don't know started to say a Obachan anonym cell look he was the one who saved you know gonna wrap some four years ago and I get back home today and it went on and on back and forth back and forth on my DVR Divya Divya Divya and it's become an issue say look does Biffen help this industry at what points do you you know know your limits SMED fear me do i yes a and yes I mean Qasim we it's becoming personal now attacking people's girlfriends that I can people's personal issues what are we singing about it we will go on the phone lines and speak to a few but before we do that let us listen to the songs they are thrown at each other in this lyrical ones just one or 12 of such songs i'ma go straight into our phone lines and talk to a few people and what you think ok FM 101.7 that is mythical for you here's the current overall best rapper of the year whoop you I mean well he is still the one holdin that title who is strong man this is drama no no you see his real name is or say quick Vincent's he's really started in commercial Kakuma see I am a Tijuana starting a rap music in 2010 or he win me are winning focus FM freestyle Friday 2011 Oh winny KF m freestyle Saturday 22 over winning the next big thing in GH hip up he is a fan of strong Empire that a strong man in case you do not know him didn't be fist at science when I suppose power social mediums anymore indeed chronic knee social media returns Caracas ooh Donna I remember those passes on taking dope Sidney pottier when you are on tour by 1850 doc Ebola ban and say I'm already HIV syndrome kokoomus it could be some ice in my head transit Chingiz to me a look on Chocula blood at once cause I had a safely catch him afloat one country could be on Ida 1/8 say a high park marimbo graphic front page negative no they can't see my name Peter Sam about kids I know they pick your style wicked you unwrap a ticket and let's refine these rappers many rough second open ball fetches rapping yeah ramen wanna stitches forget TV VIP club cook with the bass tickets Venom's hip-hop qualities then get me more than my Kenobi teacher I don't be cheated and I come to lecture one would say well I want a shame uncheck me flu on the test chop my great Natasha for our same support LS the Chinese type ijz a rap I see you on the hype I keep flowing every day I'm not your ganas pipe punchable I want ya homie come let's fight while a moonie maggara i dream about Obama's wife you know we give thanks to God and it's fun when in yeah you don't need a formula to calculate a distance between us they create circle stands to get the least chance tell em boss man say you know that he assistance we obviously this big massive clue you human eyes ago hello asacol I'm saying your phone lines no ain't on micro so what we do civil feeling way bigger than the elephants new school I wanna Minnehaha organic you confessed rymus Kimia intact hymens to do in fact make you know try – Benson that was just an instance why you're by yourself muffler make an job you knob reversal I love you come get me through the last box of elo you know feet time I saw bow what to opto to point I Jessica you're done washing my co-star me punch x1 walk-on from Manchester to bear makeups hear me fluidity sham final wrap-up on a down payment system and some money flowed into me DNA DNA shamanism as its local a nearby Benjamin imodium whenever I lose to UV when I die still win after many a sue me I'm still kid putting in Florida to me do we have on the line if yeah aqua to that is the deputy chief executive of must look if you could so has been monitoring the beef between us because money Eugenia 900 mean Arkady don't forget in the large regime some the same thing in Malmo Carney idea D now yeah mama lunacy is almost 100 binds us or no Appa Eddie Lee jung-jae I broke my know and Youngjae BMOC Omo community near lucia na o my business my Agha I see NC almost buy a washer so far no Mateo depe oh Jesus Christ there ever a bear me yeah not Mankatha yeah media so Swannanoa mini edema young kind of crown chakra and there are certain things that it is not part of us we don't mind if they are doing here defendant is a healthy one mom is a we are in the technological world and in Allah I really see other feeling most apparently I mean leave home and leave phones with the earth but for with these kids are local online them and collaborative from schoola they get access to Internet anyhow Melford be seddie seddie seddie seddie we are be finish a seon-young new and drumming multiples of efficiency loom bunny and mega pad manufacturing a chocolate right bhamini edema in those times Arbuthnot was lobby ceiling you and me we're not hearing things like some of the words these young guys are using your business a mobile school I'm a rough Challenger go ahead but why'd you bring women in speak so nasty about women said be you are a man who came from a woman we are brandy I would always practice Adachi Oh Bethy abuse yeah my parents yeah young people is the other fault so Emma we also point Fania repeated some of the unprintable words no me and missile I mean how inspectional young wants to grow in this kind of world genuine upon mummy of Emma and you're gonna for yup yeah nice cry and we don't have to entertain it same effects a move you're moving it yeah picked families out take the women in your life out in fact I'm not the type I met a funnel and this young person I mean these young only only nam they're fun of them but I expect there they should be access equity recently Socrates she's our truth – my wallet he did not go that low ana he's also a young person like them wicker Serbia what all his past uncool no in attacking women attacking women starts attacking I mean : women mean maybe any pain without it – in a strong man you claim you are highly educated we we all agree and we know almost yes well really for Christ's sake yes to whom much is given much is expected from will be a local University of Utah now o bicho co-captain when also so while our who is Fanny co-sponsor and see if you say material we can ASEA and yep if you own a house it was any and I see I mean even some of our gospel musicians ammonium they do not wanna say a beef in OB to say Christian allows new me melanoma contain enough of you say a different to the ex-husband it they may be right they may be wrong that's a be ooh baby see now the best phenomena a day ahead and mafia best sauce wha fine use the right words but please open loose immunity ornaments and clay a problem aluminum is ax and stone boy named Jacques between a quadratics gene I was so disappointed in terminal because may expect to Saudi or b and e io being a handicap a best friend one of my last much I mean join them to feel safe it is a hit no we won't accept it you are trying to let us fall in love with your talent use it positively nyam nyam eponymous a mere moments a up seriously my game because enzymes tbpi acceptable no we won't accept this as christians we won't accept this are muslims we would assess this confirmation they should act a again if yeah akuto is the deputy chief executive of mass lock or CVD a we wouldn't accept to say beef you know somebody remaining yet distance khakhra article hello hello hello had you gone Manickam in studio Veda Halifax we Oba I would say if you are go to and you say was coming directly that's me and I miss my car to pass me mama da me pair up and right in fact speech I'm sorry you know I dropped back I can't be drop here ninja my Jimmy earphones de Medici I can't miss a rap game no and Kasana na and go forward issues say I dragged you oh mama I'm a girl friends about a battle women but I think is so much Americana but dragon fella into a new tomb see see Sabrina and I won if Debbie to swallow or dragon into a bar a new to know I say your precedents near facility first ladies Amish at any constitutional Ruby about where they are most equal moon if the Amano and said ah NCO minimum can say ami Anjum 248 especially with felony battle have a canny boyfriend Hoonah everyone we know we on you know a boom words me before I own printable okay Anna asked of him Vera sorry to interrupt you MA let me go back to the phone lines now article hello good morning morning thanks for joining us do you know medical is their friend what about strong man hey have you followed the addition if someone is saying he or he doesn't know about yeah peace right now then you know ya know in this world but to me I read something yet to be on today thinking say it's not it's not soon right because where the beef is heading to us and becoming on becoming because now the Australians are involved and I thought I saw a different article this morning that strong one-month moments also involved which I've seen the video which is not even true and then bloggers extended to a different in all together to me I think it is not so right you know this you just called it enough ain't nobody Ln need we are very we have vegetarian Judea would be ha okay I'm gonna get you a quote from somewhere and yeah if it's for 40 something get any fine as a diver Tiago I could different pleaser which one to help boot party and then maurois to me I think there I I blame the media sometimes I'm having me blaming new media under par because some speaking to you medical dropping a truck and then strong Minds watch repeat a track like fresh trucks are my property sometimes when artists even could back out there yet being for promotion the media sometimes don't support it though me I think sometimes is the only strategy that some of the artists or mobile humble finding we don't get promote your mogan I blame the media sometimes to be frank know comic-con sometimes honor salomina of course because this beef started not if you look at the video Ghana is only a as a TV ad yeah it should be yeah oh they are for the content I think it's not it's not so fine an epic our article give it a see yummy show so the only ethical one is a sound engineer he's a recording artist as a musician in that he did this jingle for the birth entertainment shoe welcome to best entertainment show with your host elephants Elsa I don't ok 101.7 FMF that is the work of article let me go back to my studios who else we tries to get others on the line very important on Gaza because the industry my board Roseland Cindy echo soo epic OAB former coach e tomu Cassetti i when i acquire battle and as a contest of ideas any punchlines any rap any rhyme scheme into why would the boss ani and obi fat man was a fella cryin I think that she's enjoying it I mean who videos via social media on any boyfriend medical economist mi di laughing about Sankofa say serviceable you drew easily going to say you know the easy aspects of its now yeah I'm funny too serious but in 71 kayak their money be who owned Connie I did not want medical be girlfriend me inequities anyone can be baby I didn't want bang killing it okay yeah they were I see her babe you know koukousei babies I mean and you know a miss my my night healthy he I can say a bay IFI wrap really to show crime but because I say under God forbid we go home okay BBC be a pendulum also in the air horn assess ac/dc and talk in general medical strongman we can be a mighty Amish I know social media past say I'm sure say brand beyond feel certain who battle my bed bomb do look for these two guys and make sure someone so much to me açelya brand amount well now is Vera for us only a brief no entered a non common Kazu just that Oman gee that's not Latin beginning frame my own Cobra pnina in CNA on on with the National Commission on culture so great if you are good to see ya ganyan culture no attempt DD any beef in between and shed in the path of a soul but also we assure this person now on himself controversy sells nano crane almost at sea and so they follow a snow day what do they do Halifax may be a fear any freedom let me say – yeah no no Cassie man Cassie beefy no I knew what is beefing I think the rocking showed us another showing of a competition since the days of Venice a Roman Empire for any competition competition will be BMO Cain and Abel even India sacrifice there was competition in the ener-d a so nobody harmonies hello an old hello Tinka hello no yes you are me talk about Jamaica photo me zoom into one car thanks for joining us batch of move we waffle with you if we say we are not interested so we need just ask Ranawat Yardley zubats meeting you honest man so it's all over mean it is a PBR I mean for the last past three B's no use as mandated on every sector social media PPR demos you see you all do yeah follow follow no it's not part of our house I sell some of the you know contents of the Yamuna at MDG boom for doing so I mean yeah I know I was a little bit chilling some week their Christianity name was lomasa you get it as part of the industry which is Carson we've been doing hip-hop geography apply for for so many years sometimes I do not get it se SE se ya habiba form from from the Western world I appreciate Ferb in Egypt and now possible once you can fill the full package so by which you can language you connect across I mean if you follow music if you follow HIPAA mythology is rough organ era or here platform you would more every music in itself there's always been this so it means my mind why anybody would want to have and some with a vision about the say the flu near Carson they should keep it clean with the engineer no massa it's just part of their culture so the big day Elia we embrace it and go along with it it's the better of all of us in Iran a son if you want Jesse yeah I mean just just sitting you you you do not understand the culture you know understand the phenomenon but don't with it make me make ma'am ma'am ma'am and Cuba raised in aniseh me my name is a asked me got some boom-boom baby on a Soviet missile Oh baby it's part of the heart of their business even our son I mean you want a positive side Industrial any attention so FBI bitch and you just imagine a scene in the last video attention has been featured on your industry did you get it these guys are racking up the numbers you understand why anyone of you – no so much it's just a media fluey no npc twice surprised I mean positive you get it I admit you got section once in a minute man I mean I'm the one who community speaking to to increases numbers thoughts fired shots fired unnoticed am happy to see at the cool one I mean yuppies mass increases numbers so amorphous a no one can say Biff knew and said I knew they are saying that the beef has some pile so it's a good house the pile and we should live the sweet beef the personal insults and personalization on on Paseo BDD attempted DNA will be girlfriend's questions do you have the problem with the insults in the be songs I don't I don't because I understand a bachelor and then don't become women an okra it's because of that understand you know mark is up to me to when you're well informed on it attorneys and listen I guess something Dickinson or Khamenei and yakety you understand because it's an example would be I say one of the biggest this songs will assume an eight to five Adama if your castle big III clear but I did this your wife know that that statement wasn't never P but the problem just to catch me just making food some kind of week a little carpet to make a BB Menasha lirikappa I got a good job and that's all people and I thought useful Ghanaian okay but what gets under your skin quality unless a misogynistic drama for for more fluids or for some attention allowed unless of course we didn't wanna stand the intricacies and then you see beauties of orders and Rob this song for massive beef you know I mean for me I don't have a problem at all and I'm so say the gun fires of these two artists no oh we won on it when a stunt announced in DMSO my Walkman would be Pancham Akash I would say a nano poop on me and I fabricated yeah did you know public anyway that's all the SS of this you know that's an expose some death or some fabricated death on your your food that's right this before you could use that me Bo are you saying that in the absence of personal insult iodine so smeared fabricated and I genuine to me because I would dump an Internet company Anka barren area did you not see you do it usually a with you live in AD in unison in the castle visa to be mobium API years later a big break oh yeah then it's just awesome we are comical nothing a dimensionality yeah but these are they were real estate you know crazy at the moment zombies India rotationally no security and you can assign an okay Bobby purchase a based on history el era a different songs and I said this or somebody yes and they be not to say yeah woman on an okra path of course which we tell you to the end okay I'll teach me a banter with what when we run anymore woman would be from is allowed and Oliver Darcy well that is unknown as somewhat be due editor of entertainment gh dot-com and a very credible reputable and that a means pundits sock sorry to have cut it for this long interjection so patch over my canoe now wouldn't even a supervening submission overflow you enjoyed it yeah we enjoy on one on each submission the submission oh okay I don't know yet ABI me enjoying where points like Nibiru profess yeah meaty a yeah kamikaze and Regan and I know yeah you people Facebook enemy who say we because Thomas what is going on and I was just listening and Laura any first time an eco evo and abraca an OB missus and what is going on and will be a body many be a tribunal women unfortunately no me ta medica da be honestly I enjoyed the the talent and acid awake no but Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine West knee behind a woman yeah I don't know how to put it yeah you could have done a good song and as a good rebuttal whatever punch with us those weights what am I see Naevia is always noon among young men trained you because strong man so the buiding west blowhole you shoe yeah autumn Asiya anymore average Tsonga with Albania more Mikasa see I would be more knowing and sharing reader-friendly sir good and that is what I mean you see as an artist new here Lee works a bit friendlier Kofa was written as ooh paper – oh yeah nice a good Indian satin Cochran what Amasya new who say in the West Nibiru ha ya both the woods me about Mamma Mia now papa then it's okey what was he say a be a strong man a NASA medica the new me I met medica new mom a very beautiful lady Oh beautiful lady admire so much but Sonia audience a bit me economy meaning new moon watcher answer me Mommy a new mama eeny meeny miny obey into an eye any strong man so to virginia code appearance oh no news web both a nominal with those words new amiable name everything will be okay for him then but I think say as at work as beef I am all for it it's being there as part of the business this is how you promote business beefing is part of it competition is rocky in football oh btw say moreno over Team B our attention coach innocence because not following you know they obeah obey any media why no chassis it all like him or you you hit him either you like him or you hit him that is a merino aa sock yeah better see Kwesi Reynolds in a gun iguana auto bean says it is very clay that all those drawing themselves into this beef beef beef Matta also want to be heard we are enjoying the lyrical supremacy and the bragging rights and anyone who feels can join data squeezy Reynolds from Laguna Olivia Magna in CMOS is in fact arresting we use our punches for good promotions than the beefing stuffs this wouldn't help the industry which wouldn't encourage this is getting personal now a big note to this beef issue hi guys I think Brad Sammy took a little science experiments too far he shouldn't mess with those with serious illness he should be punished for those reckless acts butters from Kojo in accra central zero three zero two two four three five four seven zero three zero two two four three five two nine main seal what do you think about this defend here I mean young kazoo as what points do we I mean do we cut it off but before whilst we're waiting for the course new mommy yeah idea we – so Christmas a mohawk would be a new hold on sock hello but any video for free yeah I think funny and they need to speak the whole street better down example right because some of this is no good our country Ventura true indeed we step in there people in the car is no fun then you come to this dish I think you see a clue to his right these people have a lot of talent that they could do it with that vision lie like you working to reply some of the way if you have children and you know how it is nowadays children anytime I come from the school they are on the phone and so forth they use that young whether they do certain well the thing is not much to use any time so what we are talking we do they arrive is not that is therefore even Adam time that's why you are referring you should know the way and if you want to get it full away you'll get somebody talk about this footballer you could refer to have people down to bring people's legs before you get a tank you know you can get attention in the good way not necessary of using a welder to jab people attention if you have been to a university you go there to pay me more than the person who have been into school and your wealth are verifying because you voted to reply or fall from that it would have no opportunity to be day who hello while he's gone off well thanks for your call is there any other person online hello hello Pato identity beyond for every hello zero three zero two two four three five four seven zero three zero two two four thirty five to nine hello please join him and way Colin from Dennis was a contribution because energy demand in our coach Peterson a say who Curitiba Gianna we had made economist Italian instead of a big cover like the we're doing one Anita but show me the mamanucas is someone Nanaji beauty the hidden of the continuum enjoy be per meter see hello hello yes I can hear your name and where : ephemeral Monaco only just up this you see there were other me and yourself in AMA yes I see cargo and yeah I am human in a national average in my area generally but Jackie Evancho P because the bottom one terribly honorable will my baby be sanitary water anymore happen if Amir Muhammad ornamental here yet but not very important part was that I want any tumor would be enough again in Korea another outer point yet yeah – yeah Michel hello hello but so Lowell reduced its income from my video but maybe Li any any part of a dream they first read the winner Emmy Monaco me me me me opinion very cunning don't wanna home Mary Catherine vision a strong like a traditional data or can say or Novus in Europe from and for years now I can see because that I don't know no they also don't so Duncan wanna also medical cornea Janina Moe try to make the public knew about Rob Thank You Sharon honey rub I want no concern on your comfy on we should take you that we medica well Miss America tomorrow on him Sir we are very good in love and I dare you to come out I stopped using someone's home meet someone's wife or me standing there they're busy getting ready ready I want one o'mooney abomino abomino fire up additional mean yeah better see ok secretes patch Oh nah maybe some say might say Marcus is a photographer oh yeah Halifax MSA mayor of Accra yabba-dabba some say also eating me our fire space at the eme building of his complex near wall Octagon boot in a new moon arm inside very beautiful place it has Sita theater totally finished and is open to the public it's open to the public yesterday II movies hour is only for movies so if they interpret events but media me focus no a war movie yeah but it's opium venom obiano and such a deal ng b NT so based on user manuals arrangements like there is a drama that I don't have it what's the am l4d I don't come on one region one and I talked to the meal say their abundant public buildings with Rioja so cliche Morocco Vera Verto concluding statements way ok ABI Finiti a pressure all mine Yokoso a b-boy meteor mania and quarterly bimp key to access a million ah yes spearhead acai agenda no 3 months beyond you to access number be fear a battle of ideas now a my industry no air Casa and Ayana for every class of NEPA BR yeah everyone else's immunity wave is not a beefy but a Sammy Sosa yang test the sake in Arabic good Thank You Vera thank you so Chris thank you my production team from a series of radix know the way through OB Anita just finn and pablo my DJ DJ both school who means again when it's the same time at ten a m– me Tomasi ok FM 101.7

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