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BenQ EW3270U 4K Entertainment Monitor Review

it seems like almost every monitor that we get in house to review always has the word gaming attached to it whether it’s really for gaming or not but the product that we’re gonna be looking at today from Bank you it’s actually marketed as an entertainment monitor you guys are going okay like what exactly is an entertainment who monitor what is that stuff huh well an entertainment monitor means it’s pretty much geared to do everything that you want to do it’s made for playing games it’s made for watching movies and the fact that it has 95 percent of the colored gamut you can actually use it for editing videos and stuff like that perdy well also so all in all this particular monitor is a nice product it’s the e W 30 to 70 you kind of a long name the 30 to 70 you and uh it’s a UHD monitor 3840 by 2160 for millisecond and gray to gray response time quite a few features inside of this bad boy I’ve got it right here behind me so let’s just jump in let’s take a closer look at this mother and see what it’s really all about and does it entertain it features a thirty one and a half inch screen 3840 by 2160 resolution and it does is that 60 Hertz now the thing about this is that it also has free sync technology so if you guys don’t know what free sync technologies it actually locks everything in your system and makes it so that your games play absolutely great the reason that this monitor probably only has is 60 Hertz refresh rate is because it is a 4k monitor you get the full UHD at 4k and it’s probably a little bit hard to get a monitor that’ll do you know 144 Hertz or faster at 4k now the panel is a VA panel which means it’s right in between an IPS panel and one of those VN panels that people seem to really hate on this particular product has a three thousand to one native contrast ratio like I said it has 95% of the DCI p3 wide color gamut which is used for doing editing and stuff like that 16 to 9 aspect ratio has a brightness level of 300 CD has a hundred and 78 degree viewing angle like I said before the response time is 4 milliseconds great agree on the screen and the time was also very very short you guys can see it it’s only eight point four to eight point five milliseconds which is a really really great lag time which means it has almost no lag whatsoever now the design of the monitor is pretty cool now the only thing that I would give it a little bit of a caveat is this as far as the adjustments of the monitor go there’s really not a lot to talk about you really just get tilt controls that’s really the only thing about it that you get now one of the very cool technologies about this particular product though is that it has HD R + bi which is brightness intelligence now all of this can actually be accessed by a button on the front right hand side of the monitor you can see it has a little HDR logo right there this has actually four different settings for you to choose from you also get quite a few picture options as well so whether you’re gaming playing a movie you have different settings to either set it like they like it on a preset or you can set it to exactly what you like another really nice thing about this is the brightness intelligence level this means that no matter whether you’re in a bright little you’re a dark lit room but color hue of the monitor actually changes automatically you don’t have to do anything whatsoever this is really good I care it also features flicker free technology so even though the monitor is at 60 Hertz you’re still able to look at this monitor for a really long time now some people might you know stop a little bit and say oh you know what is I protect you well if you’re staring at a monitor screen for eight – even 12 hours a day I care protection is something that is very important to your eyes I mean let’s just face it you only have one set of eyes and I think that a lot of people really take the eye care protection stuff they take it with a grain of salt and think that’s really no big deal but when you’re looking at a monitor for a really long time you’ll notice that some monitors actually make it so you start rubbing your eyes or you feel like you’re really getting fatigued this particular monitor I was able to play games and surf the internet and I did it pretty much all day long yesterday and I never got a headache and I never felt that my eyes were being strained I’m sure that the freesync technology is helping a big you know a big deal inside of games but even just surfing the internet and everything everything is really nice to look at and having that brightness intelligence that automatically adjust no matter what rumor environment you’re in that’s also pretty cool stuff the OSD controls are located in the bottom right hand front of the monitor they’re actually located right underneath the monitor they’re very easy to access and you can see you can scroll through all of the different adjustments very very easily now one thing you guys are gonna find very interesting also about this particular product is it features something called smart focus now what this does this actually highlights certain areas of your screen so if you are watching a video or something you can actually highlight just the area of the video that you’re watching or actually wherever you want and you can have that stand out separate from the rest of the monitor another interesting fact about the ew32 7 to you is the fact that it actually has upscale resolution now for you people out there who’ve owned DVD players you in the past they have these 4k DVD players and said that upscale the picture to make it look better it actually filled in all the blanks and made a nice denser higher you know clarity resolution picture this particular monitor has that feature in it so if you’re watching something that actually has you know a lower resolution or something it’s actually going to make it so that it looks better so it looks kind of like it’s a 4k image that’s kind of nice you don’t even have to have a DVD player it does it automatically now as we turn around and take a look at the back of the monitor there’s not a lot to talk about here there is however a base amount so if you want to mount your monitor a wall it does have that option through the basic connection now as far as all the plugs and stuff like that you get a USB type-c 2 HDMI 2.0 s a single DisplayPort a headphone jack and obviously your power cable port now like I said before the only real caveat about this particular monitor is the fact that it’s not very adjustable whatsoever but then again it’s not really geared to be a gaming monitor or a Professional Series monitor where you need to have portrait mode and all that other stuff so being the fact that this is a multimedia monitor that probably isn’t that big of a deal for those fans out there wondering hey Elric what exactly comes in the box well obviously you do get the monitor itself that’s a no-brainer right you get a type C power cable you get the standard power cable and you get a DisplayPort to main display port cable as well inside the box you also get a manual and a driver’s seat you notice a lot of monitors don’t come to the driver CD whatsoever they just automatically sync up through the plug-and-play but this particular monitor it does have a driver CD so you guys can see that this monitor does pack a lot of punches inside the monitor and for those people out there who really don’t know what HDR is or HDR plus what HDR technology does is back in the old days if you had a monitor you’d notice that they have bleed to the back you’d see their light coming on the back you’d have hot spots on your monitor where certain places were brighter than others with HDR technology the lighting is actually spread out amongst the entire monitor so everything on the monitor you have darker darks you have brighter colors and everything just looks its absolute best with HDR technology and in fact it seems like HDR is kind of like the RGB of the other world you know I mean everything the computer world is going RGB everything in the entire industry is going HDR so the features are really nice I want to stress again that the I care is really nice if you’re staring at your monitor for a long time I really like the fact that it’s a flicker free monitor and all that stuff and there’s another feature I didn’t mention this particular monitor actually has 2 2 watt speakers that are built inside of it and guess what these speakers actually don’t suck music sounds good video sounds good and these speakers can actually get pretty doggone loud as you guys can see right here [Music] and watching movies they look absolutely great all the colors in this particular panel like I said before our 95 percent of the color gamut so you’re getting a lot of the nicest colors that you can get only really an IPS monitor has better looking color and those monitors are usually a lot more expensive and they have slower response times slower refresh times this particular monitor sits right in the perfect pocket for that and you guys can see that games look absolutely great as well with the free sync technology you’re not getting any lag whatsoever you can play games for hours everything looks great there’s no screen tearing whatsoever I know that the 60 Hertz might seem like it’s not really fast but when you’re dealing with a 4k monitor it actually is classed enough and makes the screen look perfect when you’re gaming alright Tech fans so there you have it everything you want to know about the brand new bank you 3270 you monitor now this particular monitor like I said has a lot of features packed under the hood freesync technology for millisecond gray to gray 16 and 9 aspect ratio 3840 by 2160 full UHD 4k stuff a lot of great features now the only thing about this monitor that might freak some people out is that this particular monitor is $500 which is about $100 more than similar products on the market but the eye care technology inside this monitor is something that a lot of products out there don’t have whatsoever and you really have to pay attention to that because the eye care may seem like it’s just oh it’s just some kind of you know funky little thing but it’s really not these guys have won awards for this particular technology and if you stare at your monitor all day long really it comes down to is how important are your eyes is that extra hundred dollars that you’re paying for the eye care and not to have fatigue is it really worth it I think if you’re somebody who uses your monitor for everything which means you’re a gamer you edit videos you watch movies you do pretty much everything on your monitor then this monitor says right in the pocket of being pretty much a perfect product it’s not as great as IPS monitors there’s a little bit better color gamut on those those are really made for it they’re not really made for gaming but this particular panel it’s right in the center of everything so if you’re looking for a really nice monitor to everything it’s gonna do it really nice it has great technology under the hood like I said the ability to not adjust the monitor that kind of sucks is you can’t raise the monitor up you can’t do portrait mode or anything like that but really since it’s not geared you know specifically as a monitor for editing and stuff like that I can see why they’ve omitted those particular features because you want portrait mode you want all those things to be able to just especially if you’re a person who does art strictly for a living you want to probably have a monitor that you can do a lot more adjustments on but a modern that’s meant for everything and needs to sit in a really tight pocket I think this product really succeeds at what it does I always want to hear your guy’s opinion like usual we will have a link down below you can check out more information if you want about this particular product or buy one for yourself and just compare prices I’m mark you guys been watching teka tomorrow if you’re not sub have to see you guys here on the channel all of our music links are down below so if you want to check that out as well you can do so we’ll see you guys back here for more tech on teka tomorrow well tomorrow

  • This is a very well rounded out product that will do everything really good so if you were ever wondering what the heck an entertainment monitor is check out the BenQ EW3270U. Cheers!

  • Awesome video I'm looking for an HDR monitor myself for editing! Although I would be happier if it was 120 hertz

  • I remember my family spending big $$ for an 18inch monitor in 1999 and everyone being impressed for its size. How far we have come and how worse a LOT of things have become. It has made me realize how easy it is for everything to get fucked up, but harder to keep…. a high standard of a quality population.

  • This monitor also works great for consoles, I have used it with the Xbox one X and PS4 pro. Freesync works over hdmi while using the 1X, colors look beautiful while playing in SDR, and in HDR contrast and colors are enhanced however since this is not a bright panel, HDR content gets dimmed, if you want a better HDR performance go for the BenQ EX3203R.

  • Well.. already have 55'' 10 bit HDR 4k tv with similar gtg response times and it is actually great for gaming.. the only downside is that can't do 4k 120hz due to the limitiations of the HDMI ports/cables. But 4k60hz is fine too.. given most GPU's can't really push 120 fps on 4k anyway. That's why i stick to 1440p 120hz ultrawide for main PC display. Best of both worlds.

  • I have one Asus MX279, is this BenQ a good monitor to swap to that i have?? The price is not bad. Great video Elric.

  • Poor hdr and low rez, wish they would step up competition for higher end monitors. Monitors seem so far behind tv's right now. (Waiting to upgrade my x900e 49 inch).

  • I'm looking for a 144hz, 4k G-sync monitor for less then $1500, prefer ips or something with vivid colors.

    My last tn was too bright and washed out but that was 5 yrs ago.

    Have any suggestions?

  • asus & acer are making 120hz – 140hz 4K hdr 43 inch Monitor hopefully you can do a review when the monitor have release

  • Damn man to many damn monitors out there i can't pick !!! 😭😭 i was looking at the x27 and the PG27UQ but perhaps they're to overkill for my 2080 , I also had a change of career path and wont be going the graphic design path no more but ill still like to practice as a hobby so i don't lose that knowledge i will also be doing a lot of gaming and a mix of everything i can throw at it, what u guys recommended ???

  • No dead pixel on the monitor then its a good to own. Really hate dead pixel very annoying on the monitor if they have them!

  • I am actually thinking of purchasing this monitor. Thanks for the great review! You should have 10x the number of subscribers for this channel!

  • The speaker are not great,… my GS8 hast better spreakers… in Germany atm you can gez this Monitor on Amazon for 349,- Euro

  • I Just bought this monitor and everything is fine. I try to use with nvidia g-sync but I got black screen many times. I don't know how can I fix this.

  • For 4K entertainment such as UHD 4K Blu-ray or Netflix 4K streaming, getting a monitor is the easy part. The hard part is getting a PC that supports all the DRM required by 4K content such as Intel SGX, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2. Much of the DRM is baked into the motherboard so people can't use AnyDVD to beat DRM like they used to. Many mobo makers have stopped making these mobos because watching movies on PC is not really a thing anymore except for a few HTPC enthusiasts. So some of these mobos now have jacked-up prices as high as $800. Of course, you can still watch regular Blu-rays and DVDs on this monitor. But then, you don't buy a 4K monitor to watch 1080p or 480p content the same way you don't buy an HDTV to watch DVDs or VHS.

  • This monitor has bullshit profil colour in HDR mode for UHD 4K Bluray. The light power is also not enough for HDR (tone mapping is incorrect).
    if you want to watch 4K UHD Bluray HDR in good conditions, dont't buy this monitor.

  • I just bought one from scan and it is shit the colours are washed out it's and to dark, save up more money and get a better monitor, this one is going back to scan.

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