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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are hitting the big screen together again I guess sometimes if you're so deadline reports that they're collaborating on co-writing a script for Ridley Scott's new movie a 14th century drama called the last duel so this is the first time in over two decades did you just winced I just it's the fighting version of Good Will Hunting it's when the goodwill has left the hunting field and going to them exactly I'm gonna watch it I'm there and they're going at each other my witness because I don't like Jules Jules yeah do you er O'Doul's yeah sorry sometimes those are the Good Will Hunting esque magic I don't know this sounds like a very bleak movie listen like I'm there I'm here for it I think I am probably one of the world's biggest basic white girls you know you know you have those movies that might not be world-changing yeah it'll be a good movie to see it'll be like okay you know what this Matt Damon Ben Affleck it's not gonna be horrible it might not be you know Black Panther might not be the Titanic sort of thing but it might be a good movie that was cute get there early as I get my butter fingers and my slushy I mix all the flavors I'm gonna sit there and I'm gonna watch this movie with a with the Starbucks in my bookbag let us know they have great chemistry and kind of it's a similar thing to what we would talk about Brad at the beginning of the program you want to see been happy and Ben and Matt when they're together they are pure joy right it's magic seeing them together that's why I want to see them do am I go straight flicks I want to see I want to do like a comedy like when they were doing Kevin Smith films or something like that because then I want to see like the joyful aspect well between also they've in the permanent well the film is about like a 4 yo one soldier raping another ones wife and then fighting to the death over it already like I don't know I mean sure I guess King I don't know it seems like life is already hard enough do I really want to go and watch this I don't I don't know if I do especially not in the winter it's gonna have to come out in the summer it's gonna bite driving through snow to this that's for sure they fight a jewel to the death the one left behind will be declared the winner and if some one of them loses and his wife will will be burned at the stake it sounds awful right it just sounds very bad English everybody then in the movie goes home safe all the actors get up and wipe the whole lot off and it goes I would actually pay money to watch Matt and Ben Duke it out in real life Oh Matt would win oh yeah for sure for hey let me tell you something look Matt Matt has this face where I'll invite you over for dinner I'll sit you down come up behind you should bring back celebrity definite oh yeah BAM TV show oh my god alright serious turn guys we got a she said Ben would do it she he's taller he's got the rishis bobblehead night but pick up rage he's leaking the same Bourne Identity is he yeah is he gonna project that onto his best friend Matt I can keep Doris well say what we won't say well in the movie we might in the movie yeah


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