Bellavia, servicemen talk Medal of Honor award

I served with siren Bellavia as a 3rd platoon leader turns it upon the dough attitude he stood in the line of fire and laid down a base of fire for the meat and the rest of my squad to be able to leave that house the army is this weird thing when you absolutely traumatic happen to you and you're registering pain in your brain your brain wants to protect you so there are times it's forever gut feels like 50 years ago or it feels like it never happened right but then you get that smell of diesel fuel or you smell cordite or you you know you see blood and you're like boom yesterday right there I never in a million years thought that I would be talking about this day for the rest of my life as I went through the action and I reviewed it and I didn't interviews it for every medal that we did we it would kind of went through this process you know as we wrote them up and obviously for that one it it stood out a little bit more than the others and so we did a little bit more you know in-depth I think interviewing and as the more I went through it the more I was convinced you know why we're here is that day and everyone loves to talk about it it was it's a nice rematch it was an asymmetrical war as an asymmetrical fight right but the fact is the days I think about we're like the battles that were just you know you've got an m-68 and that's like a little reflex sight I remember having so many people in my reflex sight so they don't want to put the dot you know normally you put it on one target but there were three individuals those are crazy day the days where you know you see people and you think that they're detained but shot them in a firefight that's a crazy day I did not know that he was gonna do that because the fuck know he was gonna do that I would I asked him not to which is why he's such a hero is because nobody should be in that position or put herself in that position and that's what sets him apart that's more he deserves the Congressional Medal honor I would advise against it strongly had I had I known but I didn't know that he was going back in extremely humble and thankful for this opportunity he doesn't have to do this for me he didn't have to have me down here but I really appreciate being part of this and man I just want to you know tell everybody would what a good soldier great so if I feel compelled to do something I'm gonna do it at this moment I feel compelled to help the army put as many people in the army as I possibly can that is what I would like to do for them until they don't want me


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