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bella thorne is in New York City and apparently she wants people to know about it fellas they're doing a press doing press for her book of poems the life of a wannabe mogul page six report says someone from her team shared her press schedule with the paparazzi so they could get some good shots of her supposedly there were 15 photographers waiting to snap a picture of her after the Good Morning America interview where she came out as pansexual and they've been following her around in places you wouldn't normally find her afterwards as well is this the new normal for celebrities it's the old normal Thank You Melanie it's what celebrities always used to do was work more closely with the paparazzi and make sure that they got column inches at that time or magazine inches because of it but now it's all about like being all over Instagram right and that's not just taking your own pictures but showing that people care about where you are and what you're doing hence and this is why sometimes you see celebrities as well with fake photo agencies who have taken pictures of them walking down the street in their workout gear when it's actually an advertisement for the workout gear but they're pretending they've been passed for you gonna Melanie keep on going but would you do it if yes of course I would totally do it especially if I'm a celebrity and I'm wearing this twenty five hundred dollar dress and a four thousand dollar bag in these $700 shoes I want to let brands to know that people still care about me and that their clothes are gonna end up in a magazine that's how people get it going exactly I was gonna say the kind of similar thing when you're doing a press tour right you budget for that you you really pick out the outfits you're working even if you don't normally work with a stylist to hire a stylist for a press tour right because you have too many appearances you can't wear the same thing twice if you're really trying to get these expensive outfits and this is when you look your best and you want those photos out there and then yes you can take your own Instagram photos but that's also one more thing you have to do that day you know it's sometimes I kind of get the benefit it's like hey if I'm gonna have like ten days of really cute outfits and you have a professional lens yeah but you got to be smarter do it you got to be smarter Oh incognito tell them I mean they just this bad luck bad choice of a paparazzi was a blabbermouth no you find the one you work with the same ones you've been working with for years the one she had the one that one changed their tune no she got greedy instead of having the one she wanted 15 to make a big old slash and when I say she I mean her people they wanted to make a big splash yeah gotta find the one who's gonna tip off the second one and get the third one the address and that's how you push it they sent out an all-call to let people know I've had big celebrities a list celebrities that managers come in the past and say especially on relationships and say these two people are going to be here at this time on a date do not pat them going in because it's obvious and then that there's been a tip-off pat them coming out so it looks like the restaurant at the ones that have released the information because celebrities have wanted their relationships out there this is a very very normal thing or at least it used to be and so any celebrity that moves about the paparazzi yes they can be annoying in a pest but actually they need one another to survive this is like a colony that's feeding off one another so you see a celebrity getting out of a car in Los Angeles out of a parking spot and there's not a car to the left or the right of them or anywhere anywhere that's a setup photo honey because finding a parking spot in LA during the day is impossible that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling breaking hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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