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hi, see you again with me harri this time came a friend of mine he is a professional barista at a coffee shop in the city of medan I invited him to deliberately, you know why? because I want to learn latte art and all this time I’ve been hanging out at the coffee shop where he works ever made a coffee vlog in a coffee shop where Yudha works he is very good at making latte art well this time I want him to teach me 3 simple images at latte art what are the picture names? love tulip rosetta we immediately start for latte art later, Yudha well, I made the coffee first now we will learn how to steam milk here I use fresh milk this is called steam wand this is steam knob, it’s useful for steam and we start the steam process pay attention to the head of the steam wand the tip is slightly below the milk the process of looking for stretching so like this if you think the foam is ready we can immediately enter the stretching process how to mark the temperature when it’s right the temperature of the milk is above our body temperature 60 to 70 degrees Celsius because normal human body temperature is usually 37 degrees Celsius it has become milk foam you can see now we go into the process making basic tulips i mean basic love, i’m sorry this we enter the foundation process when it is enough, we can pour right away Wow, really cute this is basic love okay next I will teach how to pour for tulips we enter the steam process the steam process is the same as before which I said before first, the same as before we go to the foundation okay if it’s enough we can pour it okay we made basic tulip we go to the next image, rosetta here basic rosetta is a little difficult because we have to know how to wiggle a milk jug lets start enter the initial process making foundation now this pattern is bonus we will make Pegasus latte art pattern okay we just make the coffee, it has been prepared in the portafilter here I use double ristretto Don’t forget to flush first before steam so that the water does not get too much into the milk yes, so am now I want to make it as he made it well because it’s still in the learning process I think in order to save coffee we use one method that once taught me that’s about like this guys is this okay? the technique is do you have unused coffee powder it’s put here first well, this is like this later we will try it like this I honestly haven’t made it, guys most waste 1 cup of milk (in this process) okay failed yes we try again it was still a bit bubble let me try You gave an example earlier What do you think guys? well …… so it saves you the use of coffee powder right? Well, we keep making it like this again this time I want to try try making tulips use the rest of your coffee if you don’t have coffee at home chocolate powder can you? can, any powder can (learning process) this is pretending to be espresso okay oh fail this time guys fake tulips lol this you can practice again at home now I try to make rosetta this is pretending to be espresso okay failed, failed, failed okay guys So what’s important is that you’ve told me how to do it the important one….. for those of you who are just like me can’t make latte art but we have to try hard. must try often if you feel this video is useful, you can click the button like and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe I say thank you very much, you want to come here if you come here again, don’t forget to teach free pouring okay guys, for those of you who have questions or can give advice and input please write in the comments below, I’ll try to answer later see you later


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