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maker has that plus he's also uncovering who sees the bands in their undies every night here's our latest inside track summer concert series that's right backstreet's back so guys opening night you got this guy back yes yes so I mean how do you feel you guys nervous I mean it is the first one so but you've been doing this there's always a little bit of nerves if there wasn't nerves I'd be worried yeah only ease hanging backstage with the entire crew we're turning member Kevin how we AJ migt and Brian and what's the new thing you got some getting the instruments out they're gonna see some stuff they haven't seen before yeah operated instruments into our show here and they're both gonna get a little more tonight and in a different way we're gonna do it like an acoustic yeah and Chicago's first merit Bank Pavilion is already filling up with fans a select few were invited to sound check where they also got to meet Howie's little man shake your booty while the guys were busy with the pre-show Ken Baker checked out their stage wardrobe this is our first look rack they're wearing all the same thing which is a blue suit by moods of Norway so this is the second look of the night I have Brian section I have how a section or not have Kevin section I'm the one who changes them during the show so like I keep it in this order so I know who wears what when did you say you changed the boys yes so you've seen them in their underwear obviously I have definitely seen them in their underwear and what's the report the report about God they're there they're holding up pretty well fans will be pleased to hear that they'll also be happy with the boy bands choice of opener DJ Pauly D gets a evening it's like an iconic but I feel first time they're all back together in New Year's I mean I've been a fan of them since I was the girls in the audience I like that good hey Jesse McCartney follow what songs are your favorite backstreet songs say you want to hear oh man I remember I was must have been a fourth or fifth or sixth grade when it was as long as you love me Backstreet Boys have a wide range of fans this girls even got BSB tatted on the inside of her mouth there were screams a few tears a 90 year old concert goer and their biggest fan how we son minutes before taking the stage they say a little prayer have one final chance one get into ready position and they're all thank God because I should have been an avoid manche I got moves that's where the bunnies at but you only need a hundred bucks if you want to support geez


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