BEHIND ENEMY LINES | Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Playthrough #3

welcome back everybody to part three of my first ever Medal of Honor allied assault playthrough if you guys have not seen parts one and two links to those videos will be down below in the description in this episode we are continuing on with mission four behind enemy lines good to see you're still with us lieutenant the landings at Omaha especially dark green and Charlie sector were very very tough we lost a lot of good man while we've established a strong beachhead along the coast finding out what the Germans are planning next is key to the success of our Normandy campaign the French Resistance has reported a shift of enemy troops south from the Calais reach and right into the path of our advancing troops true formidable German units are assembling just outside saint-lo we believe they're using a manor house as a command post to organize a counter-offensive we need you to find that command post infiltrate it and obtain any tactical data you can regarding the enemy's battle plans one of our most trusted agents in the resistance a young woman named Manon batiste will be there to lend you a hand one more thing lieutenant intelligence reports indicated the Germans have deployed a new tank into the field at ripe bigger than anything we've seen before this mortal has been appropriately designated the king tiger and we believe the Germans have transferred some of these new tanks to the command post you're ordered to gather information on the capabilities and hopefully the weaknesses of this new threat good luck lieutenant I know the mission is in capable hands rendezvous with the resistance Normandy France June 22nd 1944 hello locate the downed g3 pilot escort the pilot to the Marquis hideouts whose enemies I cannot be right well you know what we can do that's a weird color yes uh take a break blue interesting I kind of like it well mission for be easier the mission three I got your buddy not gonna drop chop me hey how you doing there's a monkey safehouse right near here that way see so many small pockets of fighting behind enemy lines it's it's crazy it does make for very very enjoyable video games say that and a premise used in most video games most over to video games okay this little shed else in here Germans are in there how accurate this is three shots enough for two kills possibly three each it fritz we'll be there in no time my friend just don't die a little bit of a limp to him his elbow seems to be kind of stiff might've torn his ACL I have no idea probably has multiple concussions or a severe concussion another one yet no I'm just bid I don't have a BA are actually an mp40 and a grand Renee time wow what a terrible grenade huh shit shit I worked absolutely not I love the grand this game I think last mission would've been better if I'd to grant I play a little bit safer with it he reloads fast oh thank you you got a better shot than half the guys us with laughing last mission last niching scheme is making me crazy so let's zip my m1 grand is shooting red white and blue smoke god bless america Oh headshot what the hell are you it's up there but damn he fucked me up sniper that's why Cyprus is definitely the most damaged after his hull Cobb mg s mg I [Applause] have to hit each shot here fuck teammate Heil no mr. pilot I have an idea this time Jesus what what the hell is this man Oh wobble did you see him there what the hell this guy is hitting me without even looking Hey mission for ya oh dude this guy's a psycho empty fire these men are terminators these are modern day I already got the health shit balls you go three shots all you need got okay strategies this took me a while to realize this I don't have a Thompson or mp40 what the fuck any help up here could really really use some hey there it is what we doing oh my god sir down get out sorry there's mg right there oh I'm ready this time I'm not an idiot boom there she goes now your boys got a little bit of a shot duel so listen a lot but it's a start I had one of these MP 40s man no I don't have one anymore and it's gone rip where would I be if I was a back door I don't see it hold on what that uh oh I did it wrong I fucking hate ladders dude thank you I will just fall and almost die in the process underneath the church absolutely hello m'lady you the agent yes you didn't have to I hope why are you whispering oh you won't want to use those guns you are Kali they make far too much noise move submission it has yes well that was brutal diverting the enemy Normandy friends June 12 1944 infiltrates the tank park my man how are you taking so long for oh we found a discrepancy on your form did sorry it was actually uh as old as hell what's a rather inefficient kill oh thank you orangey gods okay I'm on paid for on that one I guess who go liking this look at your boy Oh Oh loosey-goosey nailed it okay yes I picked it up perfect I know I'm right in front of a tank here and I can't see shit god they're not in there what the hell bomb that's hole I much rather have to bomb them than have to face him oh shit oh shit hell shooting me this asshole okay out of nowhere leave me alone please again I have not doing anything I'm just an innocent man now there does I got it alright what do I go to not get hit by any of these explosions right here okay now I wanna blow up next over there ah we'll never hear me coming right that separate 'fl hell yeah new weapon finally they got the the good iron sights I'm just hunting for food mmm ha this is a proper sniper mission now not being swarmed by enemies don't jinx it Ryan go go love it we'll be swarming through here aren't they find a way into the train station yeah vote my dear is this oh that's not the way jeez man this guy's just sneak up on you and take out most your health it's a dick move I think have to go around so I'm just gonna commit this way actually are you kidding me game Oh 13 health can he do it the dream yes he does it incredible there's always one more than you expect remember that boys your health health seriously there's no help in here are you fucking kidding me pull wow great I'm really healed up now yeah you my ass Oh oh shit got the side of one shot kill was just really weird it took me a while to get used to that okay any help on you nine I'm on them either ah here we go spotlight that was that spotlight wait for it oh nice it's alerting everybody all right I like this mission it's got a lot to it now where'd he stay there the entire time more meds nice go around or up up and around just try out walking for actually help a little bit it won't be as stupid ouch sure where the sniper was but I'm not gonna lighter around and find out oh sorry dog get what's up dog nothing much because he's dead a rat which way to look see look in the middle you don't have to guess you just first thing you see an actual uh Pappa turn that way yes next couple strategies a 20-19 browse all oh my goodness it's like an idiot keep on moving keep on moving it'd be a good place for the yes suppressed pistol just for the damage output who damaged old food this cane feels so good because baird and csgo omegle all that be somebody inside here oh hey we'll help again and now we're not bastard center up topper plant explosives on the track barrier all right right on the nose keep your eyes peeled gentlemen I do what just game how to better like alert system with the enemies like I think it'd be a little bit better if I can move a bowel you know nice move out undetected at the very start until I am actually detected if you can I'm just that bad wouldn't put it past myself oh fuck guarding the health I see taking it not to come for that we'll be doing again planting explosives at the track barrier hope shit I mean why are we reloading no need to poop okay well I did that one I'm not sure the oh there it is I see track barrier I didn't know the fuck attractive barrier was that was a track barrier do any train enthusiasts alright sweet get into the back of the opal truck set up here think it was up here this leading to a next mission I would assume right or the next level keep getting the words mixed up they call like the entire set mission hey it's our girl da Yeats yeah fuck oh you'll hey this will be a sweaty experience here there's the Train and keep my head low and shoot behind me I mean that was close it's blew it up in his face the command post Normandy France June 22nd 1944 and we are continuing on in the struggle infiltrate the perimeter and I will be done idiots for my disguised as a German prisoner No you'll have to hop out and take cover before the inspectors are high okay Oh like standing up here we meet again we will my friend I guarantee it he's probably gonna die let's go dude alright so if it the perimeter so the objective car 98 here we go hmm anything I should be looking for one R and G I do it's one thing I don't like about this game right now is a completely off fuck I'm completely screwed with the suppressed a pistol at range which I mean I understand oh don't use it a range but they could be helpful if I could uh become even more precise with a weapon if I wanted to a distance oh man we're drop-shot bastard I know this help back there but should see there's more health up here see now is it too much help this is not that bad game come on there's a tank daddy goes I blow that up can i okay okay so that didn't really work I thought it would Oh oh man I hate that guy three times my accuracy is on point row speed send the false oh my god a lot of missions here send the false communique told me to get it sorry oof got him oh shit ah he's bold ah no he just bought here played reaction there my friend this is a weird mission here Oh roasted him again this game just feels so smooth for how old it is I was expecting this to be much worse and the game I don't believe is natively widescreen and no anything that config file to be 1080p is pretty fucking good still less three wardrobes loser three of them are you kidding me oh okay oh and talk about it steal the troop of manifests captain a lot of resistance work here I like it bukka you Germans ever going outside the house out house get it it's bad okay go one loud hold on it's time oh yes oh you hurt reload this thing like a truce just kidding right man get the bullet I don't know how these guys are surviving these jobs here I like this life is so powerful I got the manifest idiot battle plans and intelligence on the new tiger got it shotgun had no chance in that guy okay it's got a little bit of range to it I love they're gonna have it just completely die off at the 10 meters I was sucked it's still pretty bad Jesus Christ this actually still might be more efficient than the trench gun I'm missed by hitting the bar hate to see it Toby yeah that do anything probably not are you kidding me hurry up hurry up hurry up that'll work the explosives not the battle plans though is this trench gun dude geez outside help hello throwing grenades which is bad for me I see any hell Jesus that was tedious running out of shotgun shots but I think we're using a pretty wisely holy shit got the battle plans the days of physical media yeah it's a grenade oh that's close so no health interesting alright so gather intelligence on the new Tiger which is this way was it upstairs baby oh Jesus how did you hear that or notice it well you're dead now idiot here it is I guess I blow it up how do I gather this this intelligence I am confused confused man here oh wait oh is it below look at this I don't want to talk about it but it took me about 20 minutes to find out where this tiger tank intelligences and there it is a fucking Field Manual alright escape and meet up with Mendel okay Medellin madam hello I gotta blow up this son of a bitch give me one second blown it up I'm not far enough away am i oh that was a quiet explosion are you mental no you're not do you worry you're dead now and you look like a man well man on to disguise it's all the ruse all right Jesus what what where hello what can I help you what the fuck the hell was that ambush what so many these guys oh my goodness is the dog now what is happening okay prepare for the ambush so you didn't die the first time just just more good by ambushing scum now this is a guy there's multiple guys up here actually he's prone and I got to reload there's more what is this mission yeah this is a this is a fantastic mission for one person what did I bug this out okay okay move down you got again yeah what another one they're all you effing kidding me what is this mission no they're behind me they're behind me switch out to the mp40 oh not this time one shot okay hurry up hurry up hurry up this fish it isn't broke at all screw you well that was easy that was very very easy


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