Bees Knees Awards 2019 – Intro from Chamber President Gavin McDonagh

thirty total victory lands in temple good evening ladies gentlemen well should we try not again sweet holiday camp over shall we good evening ladies and gentlemen good evening and welcome to the Chop room at the 2019 in the Clyde Chamber of Commerce public service announcements for those of you enjoy the Beasties before you will have heard it before it hasn't changed since then we have a safety announcement please be aware at the event of an emergency if we need to evacuate the marquee we will be unveiling ourselves with an audible warning device probably more better than this one hey if you hear one of those it's not a dock in distress it means leave by the nearest available exit which are over there on the left over here on my right and over there or through the mate doors in which you entered the assembly points are the car park over as you came in or in the rear car park at the backwards which you haven't seen yet because it's a secret one because we don't want you to park there but we're busy the main thing is I'm probably the best way to sum this up if the event of an emergency if you see me running anywhere try and keep up with me apart from that it is now time to begin the evening it is the pleasure to welcome our first toast business evening and I've got to be kind to him because I need pay next month so unfortunately for myself I do have to be nice to the president president this year because as well as weekly president chamber colors unfortunately the managing director of Cape Marina so it is great delight – forced smile I have delighted welcome just remember just remember who will be holding the microphone at the end of the evening good evening and welcome to the market chat room Kip marina first of all I'm fully a wheeler you're not you have to be subjected to my waffles or attempt to be brief the point of the wards this evening is to recognize you and your businesses achievements so if you're here tonight remember you're already a winner and please remember there are no losers here this evening only runners up I was reminded during the week that the unique selling point and strength of the in backlight chamber is that we are a local community of small businesses in comparison to some other chambers who can be overwhelmed with large business however our membership of the British chamber of commerce allows us to punch up overweight and gives us a seat at the big table it's with person mind that we're fully aware that we would not have this evening of celebration without your participation and certainly we would not have an event of this quality was it not for the support of our sponsors so I'm going to introduce you to our sponsors and and I'll start with a Auto Tech in Robert McKenzie it is late thanks we look for support from our sponsors and I hope the Google's on in support them as well we don't know where not to take as what the hell we've been looking at when you go to Port Glasgow traffic lights so we also have in West College Scotland we're very thankful to them and Liz Connolly for in giving us a loan of in the Bach College for doing the judging for that the bee's knees spaces verse in were also delighted aim for your sponsorship and I'm wearing your product this evening so moving on a no ticket possibly of mr. robot this evening so we also find yes we will be having a game show later this evening and Berkeley canceled in but played and we're delighted for your sponsorship special Stewart good to see you it was evening and it may be a long night so we also have West Coast cinemas unfortunately in George Clooney hang won't be here tonight but say we have another stand in forum Jerry quickly visa for endings and also a Sansom talking of handsome gentlemen we have fallen from holiday party a lance in loops he makes up for in personality we also have a Riverside than the plate another George Clooney look-alike and get all them 30 years taken Kevin he's also taken the I would same and he's trying to confuse me but sitting at the Riverside and look like table of this evening aim Costa fine team Jenny McCarthy for his sponsorship and we're not as the charm the cherubim are also one of our sponsors and caving aims were very thankful for his sponsorship as well in whatever the heck he is so a hopefully I haven't missed anybody aim our sponsors but thank you for your sponsorship is important to us so moving on you see you're not here to listen to be woeful and dropped in speech oh another side another thanks this evening has to start up drinks and who have input the spark online Sauber in Rosie Wayne on your tables or thank you very much for that [Applause] the seedlings nominated charity is my music adult services prizes if you'd like to place a donation and then books provided with your name and table number we will collect them towards the end of the meal and best of luck to y'all hope that you're all eagerly anticipating milton-jones performance this evening and remember this is effectively a trailer for tomorrow night's full performance as part of an backlights fledgling comedy festival so if you wish tickets Kevin Eventbrite will be happy to accommodate you I look forward to all the video presentations this evening and I wish everyone good luck and I hope you enjoy your evening thank you [Applause]

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