hey guys what's going on welcome back to another episode of clashing buffa ready guys and today we are here to sit down and look too when we hear oh my gosh let's focus say 87,000 subs so we are not gonna play clattering up today we're just gonna sit here and wait for 87,000 subs any minute now any hour any day this may be a 2 hour video or a 5 minute video which enough with those Janani against no one hears that for here we are all here for Charming the guys you know what happened last time o plus 1 sub yeah there we go guys one more sub or charmin that is determined Charmander is gonna get it if we don't get to 87,000 subs by the end of this video chairman there's gonna get it last time I thirst to like the video or Pikachu wouldn't die what happened you won't like the video cuz I told you to like it Pikachu dead now I don't want you all liking my videos because I tell you to like my videos I want you all to live your videos because if you don't like my daily videos your life feels empty does that make sense like you know why because everyone else uploads the video and get 10,000 likes and boomer earth is here literally dancing in the dark for you all the other day I mean you're cutting pokemon cards and I still don't get room so right guys here we are we're gonna be playing what I think it's the best free-to-play deck right now I already did a video on this thing however and it's so good right everyone's playing it it is such a great that guys half of the cards are coming other half of the cards are rare so very very easy for anyone to max them even you know if you don't have the golden you know you can do the challenges and whatnot but very easy to request them very easy to just get it back to speed a lot of disk arts working so many decks guys where Eric Wake is kind of tied to the hog in this meta but you know what I mean Valkyrie works in almost any deck the card it's so broken right now musketeer ax DPS guys you don't have musketeer you can put some archers if you want the deck to be a little bit more free to play friendly hogrider I mean the hog rider has been like the number one free-to-play win condition in the game probably top five win conditions in the game since day one you know especially when it comes to free-to-play players bats always such a great card skeletons is a card that is really not you know level it's not that level dependent you can have them level ten level 11 they're gonna put a little bit less DPS but for the most part they're gonna serve the purpose and mortar guys mortar has always always been good so any right guys we're gonna be jumping into some latter today we're gonna be doing a little bit of just a little bit of the dot and see if we can get a few victories and a seven thousand subs come on guys we have to make it to a hundred thousand before 2020 porec ha board they're not gonna get hurt handy hinder ckp can anyone tell me what ckp stands for porfavor if anyone can tell me that would be very nice class for ya hello hello oh we saw I see your we saw what you do I'm not gonna do anything I'm just gonna play it cool but I don't want to sit on false oh I think I'm gonna have to do something I go hog rider opposite lane just to see if he lets that wizard die yeah it's positive like to trade barbarians coming down the lane I'm gonna do a giant snowball which is gonna allow me to get to hit I'm gonna do bats here and CV zaps then I'm gonna go ahead and do my Valkyrie right here there we go guys AB you view beautiful guys beautiful beautiful beautiful I'm gonna do this right now in the da bar owners paper owners guys write their cards which I'm just gonna mask if you're here very light defense we're gonna get a little bit of hits right there but I can now use my hog rider and go on a little bit of a counter push and just see what happens he's probably gonna have to wizard and I don't have a lick sir if he has a building however I think that was a big or a commitment on his part guys look at that Valkyrie oh my gosh guys isn't that what dreams are made up if he there we go okay we saw like comet so I'm just gonna motor here I'm just gonna walk right here yo guys beautiful beautiful beautiful guys da ba runners hey oh wow now he's just tilted dude Wow who plays who Wow guys who play this guy is just trying to kill me who does that why would you do that that is the worst play average sit in my life oh my god that was too much guys that was too funny I'm fine I'm just gonna giant snowball dose I'm gonna go with them with this over here oh my gosh who even does that that is the worst play I've seen in a while guys he's gonna do this right now the skeletons there we go we knew that was coming so I'm gonna do this right now I'm also gonna do this right here guys look at that super easy cleanup right now guys what a nice takuna I'm gonna go with my hog rider guys and the thanks guys you know you always have to thank the positive oh my gosh dude what are you even doing why are you such an absolute mad lad guys I threw everything I had there just cuz I knew we could and I think this is just gonna be very nice 26 seconds of just BM [Laughter] this is what I live for guys I swear oh my gosh guys look at this I'm gonna do my bats right now so now he's gonna have to zap them over there but then I can just do this right here for the most part and do this right now guys guys look at that look at that isn't that cute isn't that the cutest the cutest elite barb that current dude look at that he just froze there what in the world good game in the thanks guys remember that is not BM that is GM good that's what happens guys when we go against a lead barb so hopefully we go against 13,000 more lead but if not so now I think I've I'm a little bit too much in the last game so we lose this game I'll be okay you know what I mean like and probably world a servant before it you were you went a little bit too much in that last game so what I'm gonna start with a musketeer in the back see what can we do probably not the best play musketeer is such a great defensive card that you probably should save it and then counter push with her however this is my channel you know what I mean I'm just gonna go with everything because this guy just I don't know I mean yeah whatever I guess and that happens dude I'm recording a video I need longer battles you know not not longer like more than you know I don't want them to go in overtime but I also don't want them to end this fast because then it's kind of like a waste of a minute you know what I mean I need six to eight battles for a Saturday video this one doesn't count so if you could not John that would be great legendary poor fob oh my gosh dude what the heck even HDM guys you heard about HD even is HD M which is way higher than HD regular HD it's like whatever oh whoa High Definition boo boo blah blah but hey even is even higher than that I'm gonna go with this because he's gonna go with that and I'm fine with that oh I'm gonna do my earthquake right here mm-hmm very very nice very well play my doodoo very well played that's gonna go in the lane that I'm guessing he did not want it to go to I'm gonna do a Valkyrie right now and then I'm gonna go with a mortar and see what he has maybe Peka Peka wouldn't be ideal so let's see that's not a Pekka which I guess it's whatever I'm gonna do the captain's here there we go we were able to get that I'm gonna have to Jansen over here oh I don't know if that dance not what was worth now dad notes novel may not been worth guys hmm no not the best not the best so what did we do wrong in there I think I went to him and we had to pay for that okay so let's not go through him now let's just play it cool and we have to defend that when I went with that mortar that was a big over commitment on my part he's gonna do that over there so I'm just gonna go with this if he furnaces I'll quit one more time oh my gosh guys that is a big reaper you know that him over there big Reaper II know the dream okay so it's gonna be a lot of damage chief it's gonna be a lot of damage I'm going to do skeletons here dance novel here mm-hmm and all in all guys at least we even thinks out a little bit and I think I'm gonna go hog rider here just because we have that musketeer so either the musketeer tanks or gets hit there we go guys view oh my gosh guys that was so beautiful for us right there so if it goes to a two to one tower scenario I think we have a little bit of a good advantage right now I'm not gonna take that hunter so I'm gonna try to surround him here see if that works out there we go and we shouldn't take any hits from that so all in all guys is very very nice with one minute left he's coming with that so I think what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna go with a mortar over there try to get a bandit out of him spark you wow wow wow wow what I did not have wanted that so I'm just gonna do dis on dis and this right here there we go I'll go with this right now I'm gonna go with a predict an earthquake beautiful beautiful beautiful and that should beat our weather guys beautiful beautiful one more earthquake will end this game right now so I don't think I have to do anything else I'm just gonna do must get to you right now I'm gonna do this um this right now you knew that was coming so it's not a big deal I'm gonna also go ahead an earthquake here there we go oh my gosh guys look at that there we go hog rider right in the center right here guys prediction giant snowball in the da ba runners a pet owners of justice Wow Wow Wow guys I didn't want mistake you did one mistake and we gained two more shops guys guys guys this we have to change the lights we cannot have paid anymore we need some jump seven job seven it's what I Blaz gimme from adult after dark I don't want to be in that clan I don't want to be an adult after dark I'm too scared of what's going on in there I'm gonna go with a naked hog which is a chain cuz he has bats his good value for him I'm fine with that there was some negative trait on his part and I don't know what to do now this is odd this is very odd I'm just gonna do Valkyrie in the back and then wait until dot expires and then we'll go for our mortar I'm gonna do this right now we're gonna pull that so very very nice then I'm gonna do this right here and that should be able to counter dot that mortar just that mortar was a very nice guy that mortars like I'm gonna chew to nothing you know what I mean I'm fine shooting a nothing and it definitely charted nothing guys that was good for us believe it or not cos now he's I said a such negative elixir trade ah that was such a bad trade for him I think cuz he died Inferno tower granted I had Valkyrie hog rider and whatnot but I don't wanna do the math eight for ten before Eddie what are you even talking guys can someone please let me know was that a good trade or a bad trade cuz I think it was a bad trade political a bullet bullet bullet beautiful guy wait for that to die skeletons here we're gonna get one hit onto that tower which is very very nice class four yeah now I'm gonna go one more time my hog rider so we got that hit and that hits gonna be very very good for us guys we should be able to mail that guys and that is gonna be a big job at owners pay pet owners guys look at that look at that Inferno tower guys how he wasted that in that musketeer steel has some juice in it man oh man guys was that a good trade for us so I think here can I can't know about that into the into the princess I think no we miss that yeah we butcher that okay so let's wait a second let's wait let's wait wait let's do this now okay I butcher that I butcher that I granted you know like uh I'll concede I'm not gonna do anything else because we we have this game for the most part all we have to do is just defend and if we defend we should be able to do okay I'm just gonna do the bats right now for that okay I'm fine with that I'm gonna do a musketeer here whoo that one bad hitting my tower was not very good for us I'm gonna do this right now I'm gonna do this right here I also have my earthquake in case we have to do this earthquake right now so that's gonna work very very good for us guys but that hog rider could still get one more hit on to that target it's on a massive Davao donor's pepper tourists come over here please Hocker either gonna giant snowball right here guys and that is gonna be a good game right there even with the motor connecting on to the Tower guys so he still has to respond to that that is not very wise because now I can just earthquake that preemptively and it's just gonna be free damage for the most part when he princess we're gonna do musketeer in the pocket and I can just oh that was pure so I can just do a mortar here there we go beautiful I'm just right now very nice guys I'm very very nice right here you can just his musketeer right there just to pull her out I'm gonna do this hog rider right now gonna go with a prediction earthquake right here mhm and the good game guys to our friend Guinea right there Guinea he tried his best it was just you know it's hard when you go against the best player in the world cuz you know you know you're gonna lose so when you battle against me is like well I know I'm gonna lose how much of my dignity can I keep would be like up proper term man we gain no subs from that battle in that battle with Sol it P 3 P 3 from the clump Pepe I don't know why I say pet rather super now is that was a stretch you know some of them like Jonathan use our stretch but Petra was the big stretch by far of my career I'm gonna go would have an offensive motor here right now hmm he's probably gonna have I'm gonna push this cuz he's probably gonna have Inferno tower I'm not gonna go pre-emptive because I think preemptive would be a waste of time however I look at that hog rider guys that hog riders still hitting everything right there that breeze is well like walk I'm gonna earth quick and giant snowball here because I think that should be able to kill the princess and do a lot of tower damage guys so one porch and so far we are so far ahead of him guys we're gonna be able to counter that for the most part very very nice and I'm gonna send my heart Rider because he's gonna have to princess this probably and I don't think he'll have enough elixir for nothing guys so that's gonna be a big good game right now for them I can't quite hear if we have to now that the hog ladder is gonna get any hit but just to get that Inferno tower out of the court you can also dance noble the going barrel and if you do it at the right second which I'm not 100% sure which one is it you get no hits so I'm gonna wait now because I want to get my giant snowball on those bats and then I'm gonna keratins here I think that's the best play there I did a mistake though and I'm gonna be I'll be honest with you all the mistake I did was I'm gonna do this right now see if we can kill that princess and hopefully we can there you go and that's here mm-hmm now I'm gonna go with my hog rider I'm not gonna have seven elixir which is weird but I'm still gonna go cuz he feed inferno towers now the bats should be able to take it the most of it and now I'm gonna go ahead with the earthquake the mistake I made was that I earthquake when that push was dead on the early one like here it was worth through the earthquake cuz we're gonna take tower in the previous one my hog rider was already dead so my earthquake was kind of like you know it was it was not worth it I don't know why I did it so I'm just gonna go ahead and do a musketeer on the left I'm gonna do my the skeletons right now I'm gonna do a giant snowball I'm gonna do my bats oh my gosh we miss all that well a little bit embarrassing there guys a little bit a little bit embarrassing I'm not gonna like a little bit just a tiny bit embarrassing though nothing too crazy I'm gonna my Valkyrie right now there we go that's kind of countered that in I'm gonna go with this now just cuz we have enough for the earthquake I'm gonna do a prediction earthquake right there guys and that is gonna work so good guys I'm gonna even go get here right now because we know we can melt all that we have a Valkyrie on the table guys and look at all that damage guys it's just simply like we completely overwhelm him and that is just gonna be way too much for him to handle we're gonna be able to take care of that as well he's gonna come with a minor he's gonna take the tower which is very unfortunate for us however guys we got this game now that mortars to login to the tower we should get one more hit I'm gonna do a musketeer here in the back I don't think he had a rocket he may be though earthquake here giant snowball beautiful I got a Valkyrie here do it man that's a feels bad moment for him right now cuz like he's legitimately trying to win it's just it's I have a good counter guys for him so dollar donors paper donors the Giants novel and the good game to Mister paper here Petra from the clown paper guys let's not get names mix – I lost a son thank you is it better when you subscribe to me and now you win a non-stop to me Petra don't do that please my dudu please please please please please please @f e TN 0 ET and I'm not gonna call the vidiians a No I don't know what his name is remember the naked hog rider right here I've a giant snowball in case he has something if he doesn't have anything I'm fine with that that's okay neutral crate for me in that he's not gonna get any hits from that mortar or whatever so it's it's it's an okay it's it's okay for me I'm not super heart broken because of that we may be Brian deck sake this same deck actually or he may just be playing the regular hard one so let's see no okay nevermind never – always book for that he just misspoke I'm gonna do skeletons here so they can take the chalk then I'm gonna go with this right now beautiful guys view view beautiful I'm gonna do an earthquake right here just to see if we can kill that I don't think it will kill it cuz it won't kill a princess yeah so but this will very nice clash Royale very very nice he's gonna mortar this probably so not great for us I do have to say my earthquake I think we can get better value from the earthquake if we use it offensively when he's gonna hog rider so I'm just gonna musketeer here it is right now well play my do do for that prediction right there very very cool prediction on your part I'm gonna do the hog rider now cuz I'm gonna have enough elixir to do the earthquake on his mortar and that's gonna be a good game right there guys look at the musketeer musketeer just doing so much damage guys I'm gonna dance noble right there and that is just gonna be the end of here guys I guess one thing that we do have to worry about is the miner went uh with the dart gobbling but I think we'll be okay I don't think he's gonna be able to ever go offensive order because if he goes offensive motor I can just defense and mortar him so yeah I feel pretty good about this game right now you do bats right here for that I'm gonna do it this over here just to try to pull those bats and there we go guys he's not gonna be in time to have a mortar so we're gonna be get a bunch of hits here we're also gonna get those bats that are just gonna be chipping away at that so very very cool video epic very for luan I'm gonna do this right now I don't know what he's gonna do cuz he's not gonna be able to target none of that you're gonna find with duck cuz boof guys look at that guys that is exactly what you want to see guys look at can we please get a big Baba donors pepper donors in the chat everyone just please stop our donors paper donors guys that hog riders gonna get so much damage right there if we can defend this I think we'll be okay so I'm gonna do this for his mortar I'm gonna do this right here for that I'm gonna do this right here for this and all in all guys I think if I earthquake here that's just all gonna die and that's gonna be a good game right there guys he doesn't he in his eyes he still has a chance for whatever reason but he should have just do it oh my gosh good that is just premi now thanks my doodle for being for being the way you are my dear thanks Maddie you you really you really thought that was gonna work my dude like what good game too easy and Zhou guys at the end right there hey I have a lot of friends in Brazil so you better not be minor in my King Tower or our friendship is over Brazil did you hear me et ends out it's gonna cause a major distress in our relationship guys guys you also want to see how a big wiener looks look at this guys one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven guys that's that's how a big wieners Battlelog looks like guys nothing but double use guys that is a massive win streak that we are right now and I plan to keep it that way from the last I need to stop playing with this knife the other day I actually caught myself oh I don't know guys I'm gonna go skeletons here and then I'm gonna go hog rider now only because I have both the Giants Noble in the earthquake most of the time I just tried to predict if they have a building he doesn't have a building so we'll play my doodle you could have activated the king tower but instead you're just gonna give me I'm gonna earthquake here because he played without really bad then we won't get any hits from that hitting act I don't know it was the purpose of that he didn't activated the King Tower right he didn't absorb any of my dam of my blows so I I have no idea what he was trying to do but hey to each its own I guess it's what we're gonna go with here okay that was actually well played on his part very well play my dude this guy are you drunk dude legitimate like a you legit drunk right now and I would a hog rider right now guys cuz I think this guy he's just plain drunk and we're just we're just gonna have to we're just we're just gonna have to cuss I think he's legitimately playing drunk that's the only excuse to miss that turn it dude on the fan dude don't don't just don't good luck to our friends Patrick what's the deal with the pattern in the feather I don't know guys that's that's not working out at least one spell there we go so we're gonna get dad which I actually like as now I can go hog rider I'm gonna see what he has and then I can earthquake if he hasn't a building it doesn't look like he's gonna have a building so we should be able to get one hit there two hits beautiful I'm just gonna go ahead and do this building right here that should be able to distract that do a little bit of damage onto that I'm gonna go ahead and do a Valkyrie here very nice clash oh yeah very very epic guys very very for lloween I don't have a hog rider which is a little bit unfortunate I think I think I think don't quote me on that but I think his deck has a rocket I'm just gonna do this right now see if he zaps right now cliffie's zaps that's gonna be great for me Dan's novel beautiful so I can do giant skeletons here and then I can do a hog rider see if it does will pull back the Pekka there you go guys just for one second but just what we needed guys and go when they're gonna know the hit onto that that miners getting a lot of value which is not what we wanted but all-in-all guys I think we're still okay I can dance novel that in a second here I mean when it pops there you go I don't know if red was needed both towers were hitting it so I think it was maybe a little bit of a waste but huh banded why did do you – why did you – like that oh there we go so now he just wasted that I'm feeling good about this guy's I'm feeling good good good about this let's see because now we know he has the minor we also know he only has the giant snowball so we don't have to worry that much okay he's waiting for his spec of course he's saving his Becca he's savoring his bacon okay I'm fine with that – Kelvin should be able to catch that guys and that was very very nice can I go with a mortar right now he of course gonna pick all that but if you pick as that there we go there's the Peck I'm gonna do this right now we know he has a chance not well the good thing is guys now he just wasted that meaning that we can pretty much just go in mewn here while doing this look at this guy's this is a four star defense right now those are the defense's you want to see dance Nobles gonna allow me to get one more I was not expecting that guys I was not expecting that holy crap that was so bad for him like I knew were gonna get one extra hit I was not expecting it to get those hits guys that is a massive da Bao toners pamper owners guys I'm gonna do a dance Noble and an earthquake right there just I'm just putting pressure he doesn't care about that other Lane so it's not like we're trying to get that lane necessarily oh my gosh guys there we go there we go yo there we go yo guys into a fog right here guys and then no I didn't mean to I meant to that one him dad were so beautiful guys holy crap did you see that right here guys I hope everyone's having a fantastic time I mean max this tag you need it so far guys the problem with this thing in a good way right it has so many so many different like different ways of approaching a challenge tried if I can do more because you have too many tanks I'll just go with this if I can go with that I'll go with you know the musketeer if I can go with that like it has so many options and at the end of the day you can probably just finish everyone with an earthquake or not so anyway guys I'm gonna wrap it up for this episode right here huh Bourbons on a fantastic time a fantastic day a fantastic weekend and I catch you all later guys bye


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