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BBC 9 O’Clock News e BBC Weather (31/12/1997)

BBC female speaker: […] Before that on BBC One, the main Evening News with Nicholas Whitchell. Sir Nicholas Whitchell: The case of the Cabinet Minister whose son faces
drug allegations. The Metropolitan Police deny that they have been under political
pressure, but the name of the Minister still cannot be published by the news media. An angry meeting in Belfast between the
Ulster Unionist leader and the Ulster secretary over the maize prison murder. And around the World celebrations to welcome the start of 1998. Good evening. The Metropolitan Police
have denied that there has been any political pressure on them in the case
of the cabinet minister whose son is facing drug allegations on Monday the
police arrested the journalist who first published the allegations that prompted
the shadow home secretary subrin Mawhinney to ask for reassurances that
the case was being handled just like any other our legal affairs correspondent
Joshua Rosenberg reports in a written statement Scotland Yard said that the
minister and his son had cooperated fully with the police throughout the
investigation sir Brian Hayes who’s the acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner
said I can state categorically that there has never been the slightest hint
of political pressure being placed on police in this case the police statement
comes in response to a letter from the shadow home secretary I became involved
yesterday because the minister said that he wanted no favors done to his son he
wanted the normal usual procedures to be pursued sir Brian when he also asked who
decided that the mirror reporter behind the original story should be arrested
the police said today this was nothing sinister it was so her evidence could be
used in court Bronte says this is a normal way of doing things and says that
in no way should anybody think the most potent police in this case are trying to
have a go and investigative journalism well frankly that is a load of baloney
because as he knows and as every policeman who has rung us in high
dudgeon in the last few days knows this is totally against the normal principles
of investigative journalism today’s son reports how it attempts to
name the minister was stopped by a High Court judge last night but there were
clearly no hard feelings the minister had a 15-minute conversation with the
son’s editor this morning and it’s known the minister believes the newspaper
acted properly in giving the government enough time to obtain a court order the
Attorney General John Morris who obtained the injunction was accused
today of acting merely to protect a government colleague but a leading
lawyer said that suggestion was contemptible I think this attorney
general has acted like Attorney General’s before independently of
political pressure as guardians of the public interest this is an upright and
honorable man and he has a duty to act if he thinks the law is about to be
broken this afternoon I spoke
to a close aide of the minister he confirmed that the minister feels
frustrated that he can’t speak about the case I was told the minister had
prepared a statement before he was advised that he could do nothing which
would identify his son sources close to the Minister confirmed that he would
speak about the case if and when the law allowed him to do so
Joshua Rosenberg BBC News the Aster unionist leader David Trimble has had
what he described as a very disappointing meeting with the Northern
Ireland secretary mo Mowlam at which they discussed the murder in the maze
prison of the loyalist terrorist leader Billy Wright afterwards mr. Trimble said
Miss Mullen had agreed to consider a full public inquiry into the killing tom
coulter reports from Stormont the Ulster Unionist delegation arrived at
Parliament Buildings in uncompromising mood
they have been highly critical of more mallams handling of security issues at
the Mia’s prison loyalist terrorist leader Billy Wright was shot dead there
on Saturday his death leading to the reprisal killing of former Republican
prisoners Seamus Dylan the unionists accused dr. Mowlam of overseeing a
policy of appeasing Republicans and clearly inquiry into security at the Geo
is wholly inadequate the unionists described the meeting as Frost aid they
say the Secretary of State has lost the confidence of the wider community
I urged her to take steps gently as a matter of course to remedy this I’m
sorry to have to say to you that there was nothing the Secretary of State said
or did in the course of this meeting to engender any confidence amongst my
colleagues in her and in the conduct of the northern if dr. mom held further
discussions with her security and prisons advisors in a statement she said
she would seriously consider unionist demands for a more wide-ranging inquiry
into security at the Mia’s there is no tight relations between the Secretary of
State and the Ulster Unionists are severely strained but the enter party
talks Jew tourism here in less than two weeks dr. Mohler must have been hoping
for a more promising beginning to the new year
tom coulter BBC news Stormont a murder inquiry is underway in Nottingham after
the charred body of a woman but to be that of 23 year old Lisa Blount
was found on waste ground last night she disappeared after apparently going out
to buy Christmas presents for her four children his plans partner Vincent
Chilton has been arrested and is being questioned by detectives teachers have
received special recognition in Tony Blair’s first New Year’s Honours List
one head teacher has been knighted and two others have been made dames for
raising standards in their schools there are also a number of honors for people
who were involved in the funeral of the Princess of Wales
Duncan Kennedy reports it was a moment that United a country in grief and now
the country has responded with one of its highest honors Elton John’s
knighthood is partly a recognition of his pivotal role at the funeral of Diana
Princess of Wales but it’s also to mark his extraordinary
pop career and his devotion to his AIDS charity there was no sign of the new
night at his home in Berkshire today but in a statement he said my joy at now
receiving this great new honor is immeasurable that feeling is no less
strong for Sidney Clarke the chauffeur of the hearse that took died on his body
back 204 he receives the Royal Victorian medal we just got through it but that’s
why I think at the end of it I was the oldest all hit you and emotionally and
physically doing never an Oscar for a films but one surprise today a CBE for
scottish-born Deborah Carr at the age of 76 I think it’s a great honor thrilled
to made it I never expected to be that way another classic British actress
honor today is Annette Crosbie she’s been given an OBE the first to
congratulate her today Richard Wilson alias cantankerous victor Meldrew I
think I’ve settled down now yesterday was total panic at all the attention but
but now it’s settled down and it’s and it’s very pleasurable thank you very
much other celebrities honored today of the actor Michael Gambon and the writer
arthur c clarke both getting knighthoods joining them singer Petula Clark who
gets a CBE sent a piece of today’s list his education Tony Blair’s government
has rewarded nearly 60 staff among three knighthoods for head teachers our Geoff
Hampton for rescuing standards at his Midlands school education is quite
fundamental to the nation’s future and it’s something that we all need to to
cherish and value and certainly I would like to think that there will be other
people that will follow from the educational sphere the legendary
footballer Tom Finney today becomes Sir Tom one of many sporting stars honored
Chelsea’s Mark Hughes gets an MBE the former javelin thrower Tessa Sanderson
receives an OBE whilst yachtsman Pete Goss is given an MBE
although Shirelles have may still the headlines the trend to include the good
as well as the great is Tilly continued by labour today Duncan Kennedy BBC News the first unofficial results in Kenya’s
election suggest president Moyes is in the lead but the two main opposition
parties say the elections have been rigged and they won’t accept a victory
for the president a shortage of ballot papers meant the voting had to be
extended into a second day Kenya’s electoral commission has
admitted making mistakes but insisted the polling was free and fair there are
reports that Brazilian riot police have stormed a prison near South Paulo where
inmates have been holding some 600 hostages for three days the siege began
on Sunday after an escape attempt went wrong the special forces have taken up
positions inside the compound they were ordered in by the authorities after the
deadline for the hostages release at past South Africa and the United Arab
Emirates have banned imports of chickens from Hong Kong to guard against an
outbreak of the bird flu virus which has killed four people the Hong Kong
authorities say they hope to complete the slaughter of all live chickens in
the territory in the next few hours Hong Kong’s chief executive – chief are gave
a personal endorsement to his government’s handling of the flu crisis
by making a public visit – to poultry markets or urban areas have now been
cleared of chickens leaving cages deserted but despite the markets
abandoned air the chief executive was determined to strike a positive note we
should take this opportunity to make the bird flu a thing of the past we should
learn lessons from this case farmers aren’t the only people dismayed by the
slaughter Hong Kong’s Buddhist community is staging a programme of special
prayers and ceremonies to atone for the deaths Buddhists opposed the killing of
any living creatures and fear the government’s action could bring disaster
on Hong Kong jilma giving BBC News Hong Kong a hamstring injury has forced the
England cricketer Darren Gough to withdraw from this winter’s tour of the
West Indies it’s the latest in a series of injuries for the all-rounder the news
is a major blow to the team as Goff was expected to play a key role in the squad
which departs on today New Year’s Eve is one of the
busiest nights of the ER for police in most countries and drunken drivers are
generally one of their biggest problems in the United States there are 17,000
alcohol-related deaths a year but as our Washington correspondent bill
Turnbull reports some new schemes to reduce that total have proved popular
and successful the patrons of Griffes bar in frederick maryland needn’t worry
about drinking and driving here tonight or on any other day of the year for in
this town being over the limit won’t stop them getting home we have this
fairly new program in Frederick alternative rides which we call the cabs
and they’ll give you a free ride home it’s a popular service paid for by
government grant as is a special police patrol here looking out exclusively for
drunk drivers the strongest anti drink driving program can be found not on the
streets but instead in the shock-trauma unit of a Baltimore hospital where many
of those brought in clinging to life are victims of road accidents half of them
caused by alcohol as well as saving lives the staff offer special treatment
here shock therapy for teenagers deemed to be
at risk brought in to see what could happen to them the girl they met was one
of a million Americans injured in drink driving accidents every year her back
shattered in a 90 mile an hour crash which killed her boyfriend the effect on
the visitors was sobering to say the least my first impression when I saw her
Oh shocked I was thinking that could be me
it’s a highly effective scheme with one drawback it serves only one area and
that’s a problem nationwide there is for instance no uniform law regulating
drinking and driving in the United States here in Washington this new year
the police have the power if they wish to arrest anyone behind the wheel with
just one unit of alcohol in their blood a few miles away across the city limits
however drivers can drink four or five times that amount and still remain legal
bill Turnbull BBC News Washington well in some parts of the world of
course the new year is already several hours old here in Britain less rather
more than three hours to go and people aren’t gathering for the celebrations
Jane Standley reports Australians were among the first to welcome in the new
year sumptuous firework displays gave a hint
of what will be on offer when Sydney welcomes in the new millennium and the
Olympic Games in the year 2000 best thing I’ve ever seen also been here
every year has fantastic stunts really was I’ve done work imported 2000 in
Russia’s frozen Far East 1998 has also already arrived a feast of roasted meat
and fished the traditional way to celebrate the coming of a new year on
the other side of the world and several hours behind new yorkers are preparing
their festivities in Times Square large crowds are again expected to throw out
the old and bring in the new and here in Trafalgar Square safety is again at the
top of the agenda to ensure a safe and happy new year Jane Standley BBC News Sir Nicholas Whitchell: And on that note may I on behalf of everybody at BBC News wish you a very
happy and of course above all a peacefull New Year! Good Night! Sir Bill Giles: Hello again. We’ve some very stormy
weather as we go through the next few days certainly tomorrow the winds could
well be justing up as high as 60 miles now but as we go through the weekend
they could be even stronger so some pretty stormy weather to come not stormy
tonight in fact some clear weather over central and eastern parts still some
showers along that south coast and more rain waiting to come into Ireland by the
end of the night so a cold night over many central and eastern parts there
could be some icy patches on untreated roads and pavements so if you’re out
celebrating the New Year just be a little bit careful of that now it’s all
changed tomorrow this low pressure area isobars very closely packed together so
some stormy weather pushing its way in now it’ll be a bright start over many
central and eastern parts of the country even a bit of sunshine but that’s not
gonna last too long you see the way that this rain tax its way in through
tomorrow eventually getting right across to the East Coast in the afternoon early
part of the evening and the different colors show some pretty heavy rain to
come as well 11 degrees not a bad temperature but with those strong winds
it won’t feel anywhere near as warm as that and then into Friday sunshine and
showers I think for many places as we go into the weekend there’s very stormy
weather coming across that’ll being raining through one
Saturday and some very stormy winds on Sunday in particular. That’s it from me. Bye
for now!

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