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Bay Area Favorite K.Flay Is Lone Woman Among Grammy Rock Nominees

MORE THAN 90 PERCENT OF THE GRAMMY NOMINEES ARE MEN. AMONG THE TEN PERCENT: A NOMINEE WITH DEEP BAY AREA TIES. BETTY YU HAS HER STORY. beat of music – “how are you guys feeling tonight?” THE FILLMORE WAS PACKED THE SHOW – SOLD OUT. LISTEN TO THAT VOICE. “singing: i called my brother, yelling out.. i fell in love and then fell out. And I don’t know if I can take the hit ” BORN KRISTINE FLAHERTY – – – SHE’S KNOWN PROFESSIONALLY AS K.FLAY. And, i pretended you were him..” – yeah it’s a total dream come true. This is one of my favorites.. probably my favorite venue in the whole world ” “feel it coming back, watch it turn to black ” THE SINGER – GRADUATED WITH A DOUBLE MAJOR FROM STANFORD UNIVERSITY. THE EXPERIENCE CHANGED HER LIFE; INFLUENCED HER MUSIC. “rock music ” “I was immediately confronted with so much culture that was unknown ot me previously, and so many ideas unknown to me previously and i think that inundation was liberating exciting for me” K.FLAY IS NOMINATED FOR TWO GRAMMY AWARDS: FOR BEST ENGINEERED ALBUM, NON CLASSICAL – – AND FOR BEST ROCK SONG. “rock music ” TRUTH BE TOLD: K. FLAY IS THE ONLY FEMALE NOMINATED IN ANY OF THE ROCK CATEGORIES. “whoa! ” – – A FACT NOT LOST ON HER FANS.. ” no different than the guys” you don’t have to be a dude to be nominated for a grammy ” “for me it’s just about representing my experience authentically” “playing bass ” THE WHIP SMART SINGER SPOKE TO KPIX FIVE JUST BEFORE HER SOUND CHECK. “it’s exciting and I thik there are a lot of women doing cool stuff especially in like the alternative rock space, I’m just excited to see more, more of us come and get a bit more shine” “I need noise.. i need blood in the cut ” K FLAY IS NOMINATED FOR “BLOOD IN THE CUT” – A TRUE-TO-LIFE SONG ABOUT A PAINFUL BREAKUP. “I need blood in the cut ” SHE WROTE IT IN THE BASEMENT OF HER PARENTS’ BAY AREA HOME DURING THE HOLIDAYS. “When I wrote it originally i was feeling very pathetic asnd like sad very sad at that time ” and then when i recorded it time had passed i was in a good place so i think there was this cool juxtaposition between the lyric and the spirit of the song ” HER SECOND NOMINATION – FOR BEST ENGINEERED ALBUM – MAY BE EVEN SWEETER. K.FLAY LEARNED HOW TO DO EVERYTHING – ON THE FLY “how to record myself, how to engineer a record, how to play instruments ” SHE’S SEEING MORE OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN BEHIND THE SCENES AS WELL “so hopefully we’re at the cusp of that change! ” “KFlay! We love you! ” “I’m learning to live.. ” AT THE FILLMORE, BETTY YU KPIX FIVE. A WARDS EVENT… IS WHAT THE CELEBRITIES ARE WEARING… BUT THIS YEAR…


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