if you're into these things big swimbaits big bass you're gonna want to watch this video might be a little bit depressing but this is kind of like the reality of fishing so I got to give my buddy Josh Roller as well as Jay Kimura at a bass blaster a little bit of credit here because I want to see in the article if it weren't for them I'm gonna put a link to this article down in the description box you guys need to read it it's nine pages and it's not all about techniques it's not all about tips but it is kind of about and we're gonna we're gonna expand on this real quick but how cheating Fame money all those things can corrupt any sport including something is like niche is fishing if it's true it's really freaking depressing so an article just went up if you guys are into big swim baits if you're in the big bass a lot of that origin history comes from California and specifically there's I mean there's a few guys out there you know if you know the history but one of the big names is Mike long everybody knows Mike long Mike long is you know the big bass guru you know like he might not be super duper like famous right now or like you know as big as like googans well you know like all the YouTube stuff but like he's a staple he's a part of the timeline moving towards like all the big bass big swimbait stuff that we do now and he's just it's he's one of the innovators when it well that's that's what I'm a little bit concerned about he is one of the innovators so this article that got put up it's super well sourced there's a lot of cited kind of like people that they talk to about it but basically what it boils down to that whole mine pages is there's a lot of instances in which Mike Loong put out records lake records which I guess were really important in the late 90s early 2000s out in California in the San Diego area that were super duper questionable there was questionable behavior like there's questionable fish there was you know he had some fish that really looked like they came from other lakes and they weren't like like for instance like we're out here on in central for rounds on green water lakes so these fish out here are super green but they're like really light bellied and they're really you know there's some were super long if you catch a 12 it's like 28 inches long but like they're very green they're very fat whereas on Okeechobee they're really dark green they got a yellowish goldish tint – so like different bodies of water due to water color due to just where the fish live whether it's in cover out deep they have different colorations that's one of the instances of he had a fish that didn't look right if you read the article you got to go in – there's a lot of like presupposition in the first few pages article but you got to read through it but what what is this what does this lead to you guys know I love the fish and you know like I try to kind of like sponsor that hashtag real fishing you know the reason I literally started making these videos is I was sick of being lied to I think we've talked about it in earlier videos you know there's a little bit of fibbing we're all anglers dude well yeah we'll tell everybody yeah we caught him in 25 feet of water you know crankin but we won't tell him we're something you know like so there's always a sort of general lying going on in fishing like I think the George Cochran Bassmaster Classic is like a great example we were talking about those um those mega bass jerk baits and and the old pointer Lucky Craft pointer he said he threw like a Strike King jerk bait where he threw a freaking Lucky Craft pointer for the whole derby and then he tried to like swap them out so like it's been happening for years some of it is less harmful than others but one of the big reasons I got into the videos is like I didn't know anything my old man dent fish so I had some few friends of fish but I didn't I didn't know anything and I wanted to learn and it was so difficult especially this is kind of like pre-internet but like getting information that was viable like I just wanted to catch fish don't want snooze spots I didn't want to do anything but I know that's part of the deal but like I just want to learn and so there's a lot of like lies and all that so I started making videos when when I got into fishing hardcore because I learned some stuff about video and things got more accessible you know one thing a lot of you younger guys don't know is like dude years ago like to shoot a video out on the water like this was this huge costly like insane investment dude it cost us so much to shoot video and a process that you needed all this equipment dude these days like anybody go to friggin Walmart get a 200 I'll go for a $150 even crap like Chinese camera off Amazon and you can go shoot like shoot video and like capture your catches capture what you were doing and like there's a beauty to that so much more information in like real fishing has been shared and that's what like I'm all about I'm just trying I get a lot of trolls and a lot of people hate me I could care less all I'm trying to do is I love making these videos and I like sharing my experience for two reasons one I'm hoping you guys take something away from it and also maybe like share your perspectives on something that I'm doing so I can learn and then the other thing is it's like for me it's like a fishing log dude I can look back like a few months back on videos and be like oh my god I called them that way maybe if I try that again you know this situation is the same so it's a fishing log it's a way for me to keep track of like how things work how they devote because I'm always interested in like basket behavior and how things evolve develop patterns all that kind of stuff anything like a total bash nerd is into I'm into it there's always two sides to a story by the way you see my finger I crashed a drone into my finger and like chopping it was bad thanks JT but there's always two sides to a story so read the article and be critical you know don't just like suck it all up and be like but you know he pulled down his his social media which I'm simple with stuff dude if you forget like act guilty and look guilty guess what you're probably freaking guilty you know you hold judgment a little bit but like those those signals are a little bit weird but basically he like cheated his way to the top you know he lied he freakin faked certain catches there's all kinds of like different things there's even some poaching in there like with catfish and stuff there's just like a pattern of behavior if it's true that like if somebody does something once or twice makes me you know we all make mistakes dude we all screw up we've all been there it is what it is dude you grow and you move forward from that however if you continually like show patterns of behavior odds are it's more of a character like essence it's more something like that you are versus some something that you did like on a whim oops I'm sorry what does this mean it means that bass fishing just I mean I guess I should have known this but maybe I'm naive it's just as easily corrupted and I don't know just wrecked and stories are destroyed histories are rewritten you know as any other sport and even like just like with social media everybody wants like pictures and like big bass on you know on Instagram on Facebook which is cool dude like I do it all the time like I love doing I love putting a big fish and sharing my perspectives and Sharon Lee dude I'm fired up yeah I love when you guys like like the videos and support the videos like I'm not gonna lie it makes me feel good about what I'm doing in it and it drives me to do it more you know I guess I thought maybe bass fishing was a little bit cushion as I mentioned in the beginning you know there's always lies and deceit like that's fishing literally like born in that but at the same time we'd think of think of like the fishing story that the eight that turned into a nun you know it is dude but at the same time like you hope that there's some like cultural staples that have some truth and have some like essence in them even if they're like blown up into kind of like fairy tales over a period of time like we have these things that kind of go in this timeline of where fishing is now and how it developed and it's it's very worrisome when you look back and see that it might have been corrupted by a cache by Fame by wanting to be something and not going through the work and and really just the grind and and possibly failing that's the other thing with fishing we fail a lot more than we succeed I mean everybody's fishing tournaments and just stopped a time when you thought you were gonna like do good and that's something you have to deal with with fishing I'm not gonna soapbox anymore guys check out the link to the article down in the description box I want you guys to read it because if nothing else it's a lesson kind of as we move forward always be critical I've talked about it before all we've taught actually you know what we talked about with Lake Okeechobee like always be critical of your sources always be critical of whoever's telling you something everyone has a bias so take that into account into account as you as you like read through the article and be your own judge but use it maybe as a tool to kind of you know looking forward you know is this full of you know is there truth to this is there you know what's actually happening and it just makes you a smarter angler and a smaller like analyzer of whether it's baits whether it's fishing techniques whether it's videos that somebody puts up whether it's videos that I put up but like I'm all for people being critical me it won't hurt my feelings check out the article I hope it's not true but it's one of those things like if it barks it's on four legs and it licks your face it's probably bog all right let's go yeah if it's true it's a lesson for all of us tight lines guys drop your comments on the down in the comment box let me know what you think have to read the article I'm curious of your perspective on this because I'm withholding judgment but at the same time I'm two-thirds to the way of it looks pretty filthy dude and it looks like Mike Loong cheated his way to where he's at and lied about it which it's not right there's enough of that in a million other things we don't need that in fishing we don't tie lines guys monkey balls fishing we're out

  • If you have lied then you are as bad as Mr Long. your word now question your honesty. mate give up fishing as you are a fraud like Long.

  • What are you blathering on about!? “If it’s true” “if it happened”, dude there is hard physical evidence of that clown slamming a treble hook into the side of a bass’s face! He’s a fuckin worm. Take away all his records, ban from all competition for life, and honestly, the state should look into revoking his fishing license, as he was caught poaching aswell.

  • Anyone who bass fishes and admirers Mike Long must read the article in the description. It leaves no doubt that he’s a fake. I WAS an admirer of The Guru. I now see him as a fake who has severely stained this sport. What a shame.

  • Failing the lie detector is a real problem for me because when he won that 25 Grand I can tell you when he got stumbled up on that lie detector test my personal best fish is only 9 pounds and 13 Oz but I can tell you every single thing about that cast when I caught that fish I can tell you what I was using the pound test I was using what kind of Rod what kind of real what side the boat I was fishing on what the structure was I can tell you how long the fish was how much it weighed what the girth was the color of the fish I can tell you every single thing about that fish and I caught it 13 years ago and don't have a single picture of it because I didn't have a cell phone camera at the time and they weren't everywhere around the world like they are now and I let the fish go

  • Have not read the article but saw the video. I didn't like the fact they spent two years spying on this guy to take him down. He lies, he fakes things big deal, they wanted to destroy him. That's wrong.

  • READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE FOLKS……AND PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED & APPALLED. This man lied & cheated for years. Mike Long is also guilty of intimidating the father of a 13 year old boy that he was threatening to harm, as he actually stalked them both around and INSIDE their very own home AT NIGHT on at least 2 occasions, because they accidentally discovered Long was keeping 2 large bass in a tank right by his boat inside his garage, only a day before a tournament that he would "win" using those very same fish……..not to mention Mike Long loosened the lugnuts of boat trailers and one PU truck belonging to several different people who also turned him in for repeated cheating in tournaments, resulting in the wheels actually falling off, and NEARLY falling off the truck. THAT IS ATTEMPTED MURDER. All of those loosened lugnuts & wheels falling off belonging to several different eye witnesses is NO damned "coincidence". Mike Long is a low-life scumbag.

  • This just makes me sad. Such a crappy dude. If you’ve read the article you know how truly awful this dude is


    The video speaks for itself. Snagging bass and then treating them like a throw away trophy. Posing for multiple social media pictures. Holding it in a net to post on social media, play with his camera, phone etc. He’s a known cheat long before the video.

  • Stumbled across this video just now. I hit subscribe when you said that your old man didn’t fish and it was something you just had to learn on your own. I’m in the same boat. I’ve always loved to fish but have just now started getting serious about it and I’m 30 years old. I took my two year old son fishing a few months ago for the first time and he’s hooked now, but it also rekindled my love for it. Just trying to teach myself and learn everything I can from YouTubers like you and from some of my friends.

  • After reading the article and watching the video. I think he cheated his way to his 15 minutes. Lipstick on a pig 🐷. He will forever be known as Mike “treble hook” Long in my mind.

  • Dude you’re awesome. I completely agree with why you started doing videos to teach others how it’s really done and not being lied to! Man I’m from Decatur, AL and live in Franklin Tennessee but come home every weekend to fish. If you ever want to get out on Wheeler and want a local to go with ya, or you go with me, get in touch with me. I’m on IG and FB. I’d love to get out there with ya!

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