Barstool Sports Does the Red Carpet at the 2019 Dunkin' Awards

welcome back to the second annual barceló arts presented by duncan go twos live from Dunkin Donuts in Queens thank you so much to Duncan we were so excited to see who takes home a Dunkin go to let's take it to the red carpet with roan to see what everybody's wearing that's right we are live right here on the red carpet where we are about to be seeing that toughest looks that all the bloggers have to offer are they gonna look stupid probably do they have good fashion probably not but we are about to go alive to our very first interview in just a second with our main man who's off the camera you know he's not ready quite yet so let's just jump right into what we're here for this is who you guys came to see today and this is what it's all about the founder el Presidente himself mr. Dave Portnoy open this thing up spider and let's get this thing cracking because it looks like this show is underway and stepping onto the hood of the red carpet it's Dave what are your initial thoughts is as this thing starts to kick off well Pete's been here for like three hours and looks like mass confusion per usual Caleb was supposed to be the one interviewing me his stuffs not set up I don't know what our production team does I don't know what they do and in spite of that we still have a multi may I say billion dollar company that's sitting there right underneath your nose right now and who do you who are you looking forward to seeing tonight as far as winners performers and who are you proud of from this year at bar stool it's a tough there's all new comers that's probably the hardest award because they have like 3,000 new people so the newcomer of the year that's very hotly contested I got a glimpse at the boss it looks like a lot of people maybe half that's it was Kevin Clancy a t-shirt I don't know whether he's changing but I am excited to see what people are wearing tonight fashion Matters always and of course fashion does matter who are you wearing right now Dave and what's the motif behind the purple purple is royalty everybody knows that the suit I believe is Dolce & Gabbana little thing that I expense to the company when we did sports advisors very nice very professional well I don't want to hold you too long the seat of honor is waiting for you inside best of luck tonight sir Rianne fran back to you Dave looking spiffy and gabon I mean how does he not win Best Dressed when you're wearing a Dolce & Gabbana suit and people are shown up in t-shirts and he's wearing purple I'm wearing purple it's our favorite color exactly he got going for royalty he looks amazing it's his night he's the host and we're very excited do we have Caleb ready to go or is he not ready yet we got Caleb so let's go to Caleb thanks Ron thanks for having me on and have it and having me live the problem wrong is that there's no one on the carpet for me to interview now if you know anything about my job it's I like to talk to the people who are here on the carpet see what they're wearing what's going through their mind and really just kick it back to our Ian frame all right well I guess it's time for us to kick it back to Rome wow what a what a day's show let's go back to Rome we are back with me and we have one of the biggest mark II guess event of the night now he recently dropped the top on his entire situation no it's not Moby this right here is Nate what's going on Nate hi thanks for having me around it's very nice to be here at Dunkin Donuts I'm looking forward to winning another Dunkin go to award this year so you have won a Dunkin go to before in the past at two Awards before in the past do you think that you're gonna win another one tonight I'm nominated for two awards night very hotly contested I'm nominated for a most awkward moment which I'm really gone in congratulations wow thank you it's a big one and I'm also nominated for Best educational film for my whiteboard videos also hotly-contested i think marty moosh might have a leg up on me there with fraud in order very well-done video by him but i think there's still a chance Nate I'd be remiss if I didn't ask any words for Smitty be the best man you can be be the best man you can be fantastic and I think we have another interview right down to my right Kayla Presley who you got Thanks wrong I'm here with Zaza to talk us through what you're wearing how is it different from what you wear every other day and also saw what would happen if you know can someone else wear that or that that's just a Zimbabwean oh so I'm wearing a piece from my tailor back home the tailor I am wearing some khaki I believe the American Eagle stretch khaki pants and a pair of comfort kids Oxford's that's what I'm wearing and yeah I know people people trip about the hole you can't wear something front that's poor not part of your culture I don't I don't think that's right you can things are great insight all right so Nate bald now we all know that he's been advertising it everywhere za looks fantastic as always that guy knows how to dress all the time yep and I think Nate might be a little bit drunk because he was talking a lot talking a lot though that's fine but we have grown with Hank let's go that's right ladies I'm not with your average bar stool employee I'm actually with the employee with the tiniest glasses Hank why are they so small I don't really know I bought them when I was shopping with my girlfriend dope them they look really good on you now your chest is bare tonight is that maybe some foreshadowing that you're ready to bear all when it comes to these awards you know I'll do whatever it takes to get my Duncan go-to Awards whatever it takes I couldn't have said it better myself Caleb whoo you got my audio would be an understatement but I'm here with glynnie balls now Glenny is up for Best athletic achievement of the night now is that a surprise no it's not because we hired him because he's fast Glenny how does it feel what ocean was it that you dived into warranting your award it was the Pacific Ocean it feels fantastic it was a beautiful day out there 59 degrees windy no Sun after a day at Pebble jumped right in there are three sets of waves lived to tell the tale people are very excited very excited to find out if you win the award for best athletic performance we're only gonna find out tonight inside here inside Duncan Duncan go twos I will confirm that Hank did buy those glasses while he was shopping with me at a girl store he said he had to have them but ten out of ten on the outfit he looks amazing I I don't want to say anything more because you know what what else is there truly to say Caleb seems a little confused that's fine let's toss it to room ladies while we're talking about stupid goofy glasses I got matches in here right now these look really good for no no no please please please please please keep them on I'm at stupid and goofy and the most complimentary way possible where did you get these gems from Goodwill oh wow a lot of goodwill in the company coming your way you you are a newcomer this year and and you've really put on for the company do you expect to win lots of awards tonight unfortunately I'm not here for a nomination I was here for the presentation – any chance you make it all about yourself and maybe flip some tables you'll have to find out we'll see all right ladies that sounds like a promise that mattress is going to be causing the ruckus tonight Wow exciting stuff I don't know about those glasses yeah I mean I will say I think hangs classes were a hundred times better but I appreciate the effort with mantis with the bomber jacket I feel like you know it's a cool look he's trying to fit in a little bit looks good and put some effort in all right let's toss it to Caleb with big F I'm here with a double vodka dawn you wiped his favorite bad boy or is it big boy big boy why is that ask your wife who was your favorite big boy what is it what is the thing that separates you from the other big boys out there this is different swag a different flow you see this right here you see this getup right here this is the one-button swag not to be confused with pretty boy swag this is one-button swag your haters and how are you calling them out tonight listen I don't worry about haters but if you got if you ain't got haters who ain't popping that's a fact that's no haters for him but we got haters waiting popping the haters are out there I don't acknowledge they confusing I respect big F for sticking with his brand he said on Twitter let it all hang out and that's exactly what he's doing he's letting it all hang out yeah ignore the haters big of all right we got next rone with Tommy smokes are those cumulonimbus clouds are those cirrostratus clouds no those are just vape clouds coming from the vape God himself we're really excited about having you on the red carpet and you're wearing the very outfit that made you famous yeah so I'm nominated for Best TV performance tonight I figured I would wear the outfit that got that nomination my other thing I'm up for is best damn or worst gambling moment one guy called me a rag the other got me on Saturday Night Live I decided to go with the latter so you've experienced the highs of the highest this year and the lows of the lows which was a more extreme peak being called Dave's rag or being nationally recognized as the vape guy I think that the higher the highs outweighed the lows for sure you know I'm a positive guy see the glass half full so I'll say the highs outweighed the lows for sure well he's dropping gems tonight and dropping jewels too back to you ladies very smart for the debate god to dress as the vape god hopefully he wins that award listen I will say if Tommy smokes hasn't take it home tonight for best TV performance these are these awards are I'll say that right now but let's kick it back with Caleb and Kim Jack thanks for yeah honestly don't know if you're supposed to say that rethink you're posed to keep it like objective as a host but I'm here with King Jack now King Jack is our movie expert here a borstal when he's dressed like he's a famous successful movie producer I wouldn't say successful I would say at best indie maybe because I'm wearing a solid $17 H&M shirt toy no hmm pants and very dirty white Nikes what are you thinking about tonight thematically thematically I'm thinking I'm looking for doughnuts I'm looking for coffee I'm looking for bursal sports and really not much else and we're not up for an award but I'm hoping they squeeze in some time for wettest balls I think I have a chance in that category back to you gotta be honest I feel like King Jack was trying to be too cool by saying how cheap his outfit was doesn't really come across cool to me but yeah he really didn't put in a lot of effort but we have roan piccoli and Jared that's right ladies I am here with a couple extras from the town just kidding just kidding it's our resident Boston Red Sox fans a Phoenix Suns fan and and an asshole how are you guys I'll kill you dad I know you will so who is the inspiration from this you look like you were maybe like a British soccer hooligan who went to stray I constantly want the police to be like that man was just roughhousing a rival soccer teams club fans so that's a fantastic look and a fantastic way to think about it you almost have like a mint chocolate chip going on here without the the chocolate chips or just maybe a mint ice cream dip which is a fantastic look for you very summery this is my favorite ice cream favorite ice cream and the best ice cream any chance that you're gonna be taking bringing that that cream rising to the top tonight with a couple wins of awards maybe the biggest fan of the biggest team or whatever I'm going up against Casey Smith tonight for biggest fan we all know she reps the boss and hard and I just don't see how I could ever beat her tonight but hey whoever wins that they deserve it for sure back to you guys fantastic yeah I have to say they won casual tonight I thought maybe a little bit coley turned out so hard last year Jared Jared tattoos look good really really boring outfits from the two of them Koli walked into the office every single day wearing a crazier outfit than that so I'm a little shocked but let's go back to Caleb with bibs ladies I'm out here one thing I've always wondered about award shows why do people come who aren't nominated I know there's fans who are gonna sit in the upper balconies but why do the people who have no chance of winning any awards at all even show up and to answer that question is VIPs I'm part team barstool and I'm here to support my fellow bar stool employees what can you do different in the coming year to put yourself in a position to win the coveted Duncan go-to award blog you have it back to you I feel like if you're not nominated for an award you should probably put a little bit more effort into your outfit so you stand out like Isaac Gonzalez and that yellow dress yeah the day is one company man with the barstool polo but we have roan with Willie and large and you know they look good you ladies are not kidding these fellas came to play not only for the awards but for the way that they're dressing fantastic who are you guys wearing we wearing DXL two units big house big home we'll fill them up absolutely if you can't find the right fit you go to DXL anyone in their many locations or DXL com use the promo code units fly above 20% workforce online now we know you're here to sell but are you here to take home any hardware yourselves and what's it gonna be like if you don't come home with the prize well you know we're here for a favorite bar stool duel like I said it really should be the rising stars category and obviously we would win by a landslide and if you don't well what's it gonna feel like I'm extremely happy if I was to lose the two class acts like Ray and Fran and Caleb and Rowan but there's also another category that will ease in alone I think the biggest hit where you have two nominations when you it was a black on black crime when he hit us all in the face with the tragic yeah yes tragic and then also when he went through the the bathroom door so Willie's got a lot of a lot of horses in this race we really want the favorite Barstow duel best of luck you guys are already looking better than us you guys are gonna take care of business I know it back to you guys I mean it is just I wish I could get in but Willie and largest standing over actually showing up and dressing for an event like this they look fantastic yes we are up against them for best duo but I'm not gonna stand right but always always cool always confident but let's go back with Caleb and Donnie speaking of someone who is cool and confident I'm here with our foreign correspondent Ani does now Donnie has spent his years abroad and now he is going to be reward for it or potentially will be for Best Foreign Film you've made countless foreign films which one sticks out to you in your mind as the most important well I don't know if you can tell what my getup but I got my Super Bowl ring on right here I want a Super Bowl in China Shanghai Warriors represent I feel like that might be my strongest piece of work but you know who knows there's a lot of good I've done you know I took Molly in Hong Kong once now as the foreign correspondent what would it mean to you to not win best foreign film if I lose that means I probably lost either you were wrong or two rakes and I would pretty much crush my saw I'd be on the first flight back to China and you guys probably wouldn't hear from me again understandably Donny we wouldn't miss you back to you ladies he's the only one that showed up wearing a Super Bowl ring so I feel like that makes the outfit pretty powerful yeah and he's been doin morning announcements in the office we love those but we have who do we have grown with chef ladies I am here with the $20 chef and I have not seen a three-piece this sharp since you knocked out Matt light and rough and rowdy seven coincidentally you're up for an award for that very fight how do you feel about winning the best athletic performance tonight well it feels real good you know a lot of hard work it all came down to it you know what I mean it's just it's just blood sweat and tears and a little bit of Twitter trollee and then we just made a little magic run so you're up against two guys in this category five in total in the category but there's two guys who had fantastic athletic feats Glenny got in the ocean and big walked up a flight of stairs how does it feel to be in the same category as athletic legends like those two big boys I'll tell you what just you know just from an athletic perspective I just just to be mentioned and with that level of action I mean we're talking about a guy from New England showing up to California and getting in the ocean and then we're talking about another guy on a second floor that made it to a third floor oh yeah I mean that's a big time stuff wrong it's fantastic stuff you can't be mad if you lose to either of those guys but we're rooting for you pal back to you ladies rone I believe you I was kicking it to me Caleb right next to you I'm here on the carpet at a moment in the night where you can really start to tell that we're running short on time because you know I don't know what these three people have in common we are the shitshow trio college football gambling and have you ever seen savages no you should google it that's the three of us I can't see a film called savages which was about a guy who had two girlfriends and they were smoking I don't know where we're a lot of sick that's what I'm talking about so it's a-okay and then the Dunkin Donuts is the you know what all right now when you guys go into football season and you're looking at you know looking around would it be nice to have an award or to just that you feel like some of the stuff and some of your opinions are validated Marty I've been here since April all right I didn't want anything tonight I don't you don't even know that I work here do you did you know that I worked here before I got here today yes I'm in contention to be one of your friends I told you this in the parking lot I'm sorry you're gonna try to run a bit on me in the red carpet my friends list I'm sorry will interview tomorrow you might make it but I feel like half the people here don't know who I am I'm Brandon Walker I'm wearing my Sunday best my casino outfit what I wear I mean I look really good I forgot to shave a couple of my my chest ears up here but I'm gonna try and let that go that's unsolicited words so Marty I didn't even ask him a question and that's what he went with wrong we're gonna go back to you thanks so much Caleb now I am here with one of the most storied people in all of bar stools history it's someone who has he has enemies he has friends but he's got a story behind it and I want to hear the story behind the shirt and the story behind the backpack because everyone in line wants to know who are you wearing and what's in the bag well first of all the backpack I'm not sure why I'm gettin chirp I just came from work and I don't trust on the bus a little delicate flower redheaded Frankie Borelli over there a red student only nobody looks like just chirping me but that's neither here nor there the shirt it's just a random okay it's like Anthony Davis says you didn't pick out the shirt it was just laid out for you when you got up this morning it's very random so we asked the other side of the entire poker beef but I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about the pocket Rockets pocket rockets it's a poker brand for bar select out pocket rockets on Twitter and Instagram I don't know why I got that handle but it's pretty impressive and expected things from it in the future all right and any words for Nate Nate's a decent individual he's a decent individual I couldn't have said it better myself ladies what do you got I gotta say I'm still completely thrown off by that savages analogy by Casey I mean savages is about a girl with two boyfriends all they do is smoke weed all day long I feel like that's not Casey Bush and Brandon Walker but I mean if that's the analogy she wants to go with fine I'm yes I love Smitty just wearing a random guy in a shirt that always plays but let's go to Caleb with Jeff teal oh that's right ladies I'm on the carpet with Jeff Diehl oh he looks like he's about to catch a wave at church Jeff is Christianity the new wave it is the new wave in the old wave in those books what about movies is it that you like so much and what would what kind of awards would you give to us tonight if you were a movie director and accomplished best costume design like just you in Rome I'm here and I'm actually here we're gonna have to kick it back to the studio clearly we're running out of time here so I don't even want to say anything about Jeff deal oh he's in his summer summer fit that's all you could say let's go back to Rowan with Robbie Fox yeah that is right ladies I am here with Robbie Fox the rain is starting to come down but Robbie's also coming down with all the awards this year he's up for balling cup league as the best athletic performance but also up for a pop punk award which one are you expecting to take home well Ron I'm actually up for a third award as well with McGregor shout me out my guy Conor McGregor but uh I would like to take home the the pop punk award I would like to go back to back on that one is there any truth to the fact that you might be distancing yourself a little bit from McGregor nope nope teams back together we're good teams back together you heard it here first and Caleb you're up next I'm here with the for play guys who are dressed like their dad for play guys did you expect the mock turtle to end up getting you mocked do it we only have one question per person but back to you back to you guys back to guys up and yep I am live here with Francis who is fresh off of 55 milligrams of edibles we could see it in your face we could see it in your eyes friend so tonight Willie and larger up for an award that you should be included in are you pissed yeah well there was no best Trillo award and if there had been I suspect we probably would have run away with that although after what I've seen from them I don't even know anymore seems like they're happy to just dress up like fairies and do whatever they're doing I want to make a suggestion it's less of a question more of a suggestion that you you do something outlandish during the show and really make it about you oh that's a great idea that could go down for an award next year love it tradition I love a tradition brother nothing like one let's kick it over to Caleb yeah that's right Rowan I'm down here with gay Pat now gay Pat we want to know what are your thoughts Willie and large are up for best duo now Francis not up for Best trio yet you know this is this is typical Francis he's a little bit upset that he's not you know not a up for an award so it's obviously you and rone it's Rhian fran and then it's large and willy so Francis is rooting against it but I would personally like Willie and large win an award because it's parcel breakfast we all support each other we all you know we have that we have that mutual support do you think if they want a war together that could potentially mean you could cut off the fat if Francis and Willie enlarge one award together know if if Willie and large win the award does that mean that bar selectors can trim the fat finally once and for all moving Francis off of the show I'd like to see that yeah all right we get one we only get one question a person so that they can't win it they can't you know we're a team we're a bigger team than that just the two of them what have you been getting into in the last hour all right that's that's too many questions back to you guys all right that was pretty awkward I I really hope that Willie and large maybe don't mean just for the sake of Francis and di and the awkwardness very underwhelming outfits from those people I mean the four plate guys Tiger red they looked a little creepy standing there like that I'll say their nightmares yeah for sure all right let's kick it back to Rowan with Ellie thanks so much ladies that is correct I'm here with Ellie now this is Ellie's first time on a red carpet at all yes ever even like in a home like I've never stood on a red carpet this is something that every young lady should go through at some point in their life now we don't have some very specific awards that I think this company could use awards like the best video of the year a best blog of the year or maybe best Twitter account of the year you know a lot about Twitter who would you give that award to um gotta say Miran oh very nice well if Ellie wasn't charged Ellie would win PUD would win everything that's right Caleb back to you that's right Rowan I'm here with Hobbes our resident Yankees blogger Yankees are in the Bronx were in the Bronx is that a coincidence I don't think so I think I think they're I'm here for a reason maybe back to you hi I no idea what's going on rown is in caleb are doing a phenomenal job I have to say Ellie's makeup flawless looks great a lot of confidence from Ellie there and a lot of conference from hubs with those glasses you know like really cocky stance I don't really know how I feel about that but let's let's head to roan he's got YP ladies if you loved Ellie's makeup then you're going to absolutely adore what this young man is doing with his face it's almost as if it was inspired by I don't know who to say Daft Punk maybe you know what it's just inspired by winning and Championships I got this magic rat with me he told me to wear this I just kind of felt it inside and you know what I listened to him at this point I gotta say it's a little bit incomplete with only an effigy of Boris here and not the real thing what is everyone's favorite chinchilla up to tonight listen he's watching at home he has an acceptance speech you know he'll accept it if he wins but listen he's a made man we got to protect him guys a couple winner so we're not just gonna walk him around anywhere the security detail wasn't ready so he wasn't coming and how about the fact that you're wearing fur yourself while being a chinchilla lover your entire life is actually faux fur so I can you know call attention to all the people that try to do horrible things to furry animals you know what I mean respect chinchilla is their animals their magic rats they're not your clothes good for you for finally taking a stand why P ladies back to you alright there's one word to describe that look it is extra but there's always one idiot who shows up to an award show looking like that I just want to clarify it is a hundred percent humidity outside of New York City so that's an abscess way to remove to wear that outfit but let's kick it back to Caleb with Erica that's right I am with our CEO Erica Nardini now Erica a lot of us people like to know what's going through the minds of you power players so what do you want to see on a night like tonight and you know what I wasn't even going to bring it up I was nominated Erica but I feel like you had something to do with them what does that process what does that feel like to you people having a good good time at Dunkin Donuts and do you feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed with some of the wardrobes people have selected underwhelmed gonna be brutal they importantly highly agitated alright well we're gonna check more in on that story later now roan you got aliping story from our CEO so you know it's real roan to you that's right Caleb I'm here with KFC now KFC a lot of people are dressing up tonight you decided to go the opposite direction and you're wearing something from your own Signature Collection my own collection VEVO line you know right now promo code KFC listen it's a Dunkin Donuts I've already paid all my respects to doughnuts throughout my career I don't feel the need to impress I don't feel like they dress up for you for them good like this you're your own man very clearly now this week you made your stand-up comedy debut I'm hoping that maybe you win an award just so we can get five minutes on the microphone up there listen let me tell you this much if I rent win any sort of award involving stand-up comedy and it's not Francis there's gonna be a problem we know how Francis is gonna handle that so especially especially if Willie and large win tonight we might have to duck and take cover underneath some some Duncan go-to Awards ourselves I'm also just gonna say this like best duo my boy got snubbed that's all I'm saying so you know someone's had to say it and I'm glad it was you KF Syrian Fran back to you Erica looking like a badass bitch per usual and very very unbranded just to say he doesn't care does not care clearly at all and you know what maybe just too much as time has passed for them to be nominated for the best to award just saying all right let's go to Caleb witless yep I'm here with Liz who tonight is up for best fan now when asked which team she said Yankees and if you remember earlier in the program ladies we talked to hubs who also said Yankees who's a bigger Yankees fan you or hubs hubs there's no question about it I'm a bigger Packers fan he's a bigger Yankees fan it's it's the way it is how about those Packers I'm just kidding Liz back to y'all that's right I am out here with the editor-in-chief himself now I've seen how everybody's dressed tonight and I have to say head to toe no one put it together quite as nicely as mr. Kay Marco himself and yourself cut it out this is rented from Men's Warehouse I'm pretty sure and this looks like it's custom fitted so every single year and I appreciate that every single year during the Super Bowl you go through and you pick your prop bets this year you've also gone through and picked your Duncan go-to Awards which one do you feel more comfortable prognosticating I actually don't remember them I like I like Liz's Red Sox video for biggest fan for sure that was an iconic video iconic which I didn't put on the blog was big as a villain and I that's the one that I don't know who Dave chose so that will be a surprise for me as well we've got a long list of possibilities I mean there's a lot of people talking about athletic performance a lot of people talking about duos a lot of people talking about a lot of things Keith and it seems like you got your hands in all of it athletic performance would be anything other than our rec basketball team buddy that was bad I'd rather not remember that anymore so rien Fran back to you good to see you Keith we have a ten out of ten look from Kay Marco thank you for dressing up for the award agreed and Liz I feel like if you're trying to win an award for biggest fan you should probably say that you are the biggest fan not somebody else but that's just my go-to sense so let's go back to Caleb's of Idol bird well ladies I'm here with Jon Fido Berg now Jon I have the interesting question for you I think the people at home we're gonna find it very interesting best duo at barstool is it Riaan Fran is it Caleb in Rome is it Willie and large why is it not KFC and Fido burger it's Caleb and Ron why is it not KFC a photo perfect it's not Casey and filer bugs its Casey it's Caleb and Rowan and we're watching it right now Wyatt do you have something to do with the lack of nomination because if there's one guy who's a power player at Barstow who can make those type of decisions that people don't think about maybe on the first hand of numbers but definitely sixth sixth finger I had nothing to do with it III think I think the right people were nominated I'm the best red carpet interview ever I think the right field were nominated I think the right people were gonna win and tell us it just last question about the Wardrobe you were one of the few guys who looks good tonight what does that mean to you I honestly I actually came today I was gonna wear a t-shirt and I got pressured into it I had to go home change real quick and it means a lot to look nice you know sure does show a little respect for the ceremony right who's coming I mean Kevin's in here that that's probably one of the main reasons we'd get to do oh he come in here in a t-shirt and sneakers I invented them it's a t-shirt did all right back to you ladies in the studio I'll give final Birgit ten out of ten because of the Hat he was that he made sure he looked good unlike some of the others here yeah but that wraps up the red carpet make sure you tune in to the barceló words presented by duncan go dude it is coming up next so sit back relax and enjoy the show


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