Barrett M82 (Medal of Honor 2010)

there we got three sliders throws of camp I'm gonna fucking laundry out they're not gonna have to bother any more guys leg all targets eliminated down that's elastic there's another sniper find him just saw a glint he's almost on us he's ID'd our position take him out good where's the crew house not these I think that Ridge is clear good zoom in hold your fire D looking for more targets one two three you know three targets wins six nuts from the West deuce Boston take this off go for the body now D behind that ruin he's toast he's down that's the last of them there's a snapper find it there you see that that was a sniper school he's down good that's all for good work Douce new target pullout I see movement on the left yeah zoom in there it's another camp there's a tent supplies jackpot you found us a roach motel one plane India shit the movie Dee got we're talking to now they know something's up send it come on D take the shot bullseye all targets eliminated looks like we got more movement to the ride deuce looks like they're setting up a mortar tube go right D good zoom in there we go D they're dropping rounds into the two busto get down where's the gruel dosed Douce I think that Ridge is clear no more movement laughter dusty Ridge less clear would you like us to do now what's your recommendation doctor you're killing the motherfuckers

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