Baron apologizes to his brother, Donnie | Magandang Buhay

dear into lujah Marissa is the Baron Anton young version 2.0 non-science really lemon case a marital a gang monotone total total mama Elsa Vanya otsuma support a sham prayer kiya neo Umaga I'm young queer Donnie hell I don't brother to be here thank you for having me and of course my surprise stone-cutting some hardworking irony call me small unified honest elegan oh my god bad boy Lee Baron before so I'm gonna take mine I'm gonna survive young every day typically lasagna welder times cocina well and that was a house so it was mostly a Michaels with Byron but every time now a we problem operating the metallic see mommy asking me now means and if he's out I seen a subpoena mommy like get him out of trouble like where he is which in numerous times I did when I had the worst one was illness kibosh as a personal – manga turn and the person Arunima bosna parroting hey that was six o'clock in the morning light open the nestle bosina so I even rexella so what I did I told him I'll take a taxi Munna and then I'll take care of this K along when we were when I was up there it took Segura man had 20 people who happiness a second para la mota by param Maha Maha Maha bus so then every after that do my [Laughter] dynamos I go for him yeah the bus every pattern you seen upper bunk I go I know he said we would do the same thing come on yeah do so I got set up a date there but it is again like weird only I know how proud so now I get ammo Baron 2.0 my own Deepa very very proud actually Indiana hikita para Tina I am proud of him there are times that I want to bother him para Lucas Auburn BC any respect his time and Gustavo name I realize how how how good it is to be really busy and have a better purpose in life what is working for is not for anybody else but for himself at this point I say we all go through it and it took probably now to hit the rock bottom and for him to realize now why he has to do something about this life so now I'm glad that you know I see him on TV I keep on telling him before and I'd like to see you more on TV and thank God did I change nope I borrowed this one is major I bath I said before he had mommy there like what he was saying now and now it's just him so so Lucia and he's fending for himself no support from us well emotional support yes that was good at the financial everything he's on his own I mean you really have to let them feel it I said the mattingly knows a point I didn't have well I well I well I didn't I couldn't ask from anyone be by that I think as a point again and then you will have to save yourself the banner and that's what he has to do and that's what he has to experience so you impossible that's called tough love brother so Byron gano haha legacy Yoganathan and Papa selamat na young familia moon la luna ck tony moanin and Jason para su mo porta say Oh even before at all I actually just want to apologize to him I'm sorry bro I never listen you're just like I know you said this finding out for me I was living a bohemian lifestyle I thought that was just an artist and all of that but it didn't work out and now I understand what do you really mean even when my mom was alive I love you very much more and thank you for supporting me all about I'm gonna end even with other projects I'm gonna go out you're the network and other alumni thinking I know how Europe we manipulate the enemy Baron de Bona natraj Nala had TB malahat Cara Meehan de ba Baracus a Benetton overhead maha Ballack aka telugu meera some position deep industry my gift and wallah phenomenal Casa Gallina gift to see and minsang vinyasa yoga some papaya and but that's a gift Nutella Guyana holla and parasail hi and ammonia go hit by Lancome Kaelyn Moya and I pop a seat at the bar and now Byron we are really really happy now yeah NACA Balika and killing or single piece then I'll open it Karen casita you

  • Donnie is the look of Baron that I remember in the 90s, the 🥋 Jin, and hero of my youth. Wish you all the blessings and success in your new Born Again life.

  • It made me cry baron 😥😥 Hohoho
    I'll never expect to say sorry to your brother donnie. 😖😖
    Very emotional… but anyway thank god your back something new. God is good👍🙏🏼☝🏼

  • Baron Could be the next Robert Downie Jr. Drug Addict noon at nakulong, ay naging sikat at kinahihiligan na ngayon bilang iron man.

  • 😭😭😭 sana tuloy2 na Baron, im totaly stranger to kung mabigyan.lang ba ako ng chance na makausap ka igaguide kita palagi..

  • After nung nangyari kay Etika, and napanood ko 'to, narealize ko na bakit ginagawan lang ng katatawananan or simply, memes yung mga taong may mental illness. Na dapat tayo ang mag-approach na mali nayang ginagawa mo at may paraan para magamot ka on that point.

  • Baron sana magpa-eyebrow tattoo ka para kaseng may kulang sa face mo. #Prettylooks please po Miss Blaire Ong pakisponsoran po si Baron. Great job Pare' God is good all the time! tuloy tuloy na yan Baron laban lang. Suportahan ka namin! God bless

  • alam ko marami nambabash kay karla pero mabait yan sa tunay na buhay, talagang mapagbiro lang sya, and withing their circle of friends ganyan talaga sya, masiyahin at mapagbiro pero napaka matulungin at hindi daw yan madamot. walang wala daw yan dati pero ngayon naka angat na sa buhay, tumutulong sya. kaya totoo yun sinabi ni ruffa about her. kaya wag tayo judgmental

  • nakaka iyak naman… naluha ako… kasi naaalala ko din mahal na mahal ko mga kapatid ko and i am always willing to help them

  • I dont know why i am crying a lot 😭 im happy for you kuya baron and for his brother dont give up on him kuya donnie ..he need someone to help and understand him and at the same time correct him

  • I feel the sincerity from Baron this time. Lets not just him. Let him prove what he want to prove for himself. Lets give him another chance in the showbiz industry. No doubt that he could make it because he has God in his life now.

  • Isa rin po ako sa nagpapasalamat sa mga taong nagbibigay ng pangalawang pagkakataon o mga taong hindi nila tuluyang iniiwanan ang mga taong nakakaranas ng hindi maganda sa buhay…….totoo pala yung kanta na "May Bukas Pa" basta manalig ka lang, gagawa ng paraan ang Diyos at gagamitin ang iba niyang nilalang para tulungan ang mga taong naliligaw ng landas………….isa rin po kasi ako sa dumanas ng hindi maganda sa buhay.

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