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Barcelona: Oscar Grau: Barcelona did everything possible to sign Neymar, but PSG wouldn’t sell

Barcelona Oscar growl Barcelona did not
everything possible to sign name Barcelona chief executive Oscar growl
has explained that the Catalan club did all they could to sign name or this
summer but that Paris saint-germain simply weren’t willing to sell dot IT
had seemed to so the lead one club were more than happy to allow named her to
leave but Barcelona didn’t put forward an offer that they saw a suitable dot we
did not everything possible to sign him growl said while presenting Barcelona’s
budget for twenty nineteen twenty dot we always tried in a viable way because we
would have been delighted for him to come down if the parameters we set were
met it was sustainable dot we offered
alternatives to PSG who rejected them dot they didn’t want to do the deal
treasurer Andrey katom bez echoed groves comments and went into some more detail
dot we made two offers Thomas said dot one with players to be exchanged and
another without both were sustainable dot the club also missed out on math
ages do you think this summer with the Dutchman opting to join Juventus dot we
can say the same with the League growl explained of the tax situation in Italy
is more advantageous dot the deal that sod

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