Ban Eddie Hearn! He tried 2 Keal Oscar Rivas letting Dillian Whyte Fight w Illegal Substance!

barbershop conversation guys feel free hit the subscribe button September 28 save the date save the date it is official Eddie Hearn is a cheater and has no fucking integrity of no respect for the sport of boxing why Fred the negative new July 17th that the nigga was on steroids and still kept the fight going that that shit he did for the real big big mill was a fucking show he's a frost he's a fake he's a slave-owner slave master ëletís and we need to kick his ass out this motherfucking country for three days three whole days this nigga knew that Dillion white had tested positive for a banned substance and he still let the fight go on why did you let the fight go on I can hear you say it louder yeah cuz the niggle have been on the books for the millions of dollars that it took to put the fight on and he would hold Oscar Rivas a purse because they would have fucking sued his ass I'm telling you Eddie hurry ain't no good Eddie her and sauce Friday night that young 28 year old man Maksim go to the hospital for bleeding in the head right he had emergency surgery Friday and Saturday morning our time wanna p.m. California time 8 o'clock Friday night to one o'clock five let's see 8 – 8 19 17 hours like he had 17 hours to make up that the sick of that car comes on around 1 o'clock my time right one o'clock maybe 12:30 1:00 o'clock my time he had 17 hours to pull the car he had no really has no regard for Oscar Eva's life he has no regard for Dillion White's life he has no regard because if Oscar Rivas is beatin his ass and Delian white is on steroids and he's not getting tired but he's getting hit he can sustain permanent damage Oscar Rivas he can sustain permanent damage your fists are like heat-seeking missiles when you got steroids man I told you guys you are talking to a guy who's never put an illegal substance in his body you know I mean and I'm this video ain't about me so so I just want you guys to know where this visceral pain and hatred comes from all right I've never achieved it physically I just wasn't good enough to be a track star I wasn't good enough to be an NBA player I wasn't good enough to be an NFL player I had to go out and get a fucking job that's the reality of my life I wasn't good enough these niggas are cheating just to be good enough doing what you're cheating just to be good enough you're not even great so it's just asinine this is just beyond Eddie Hearn and bury her in our scum bags they are cheetah and American meter y'all motherfuckers better kill him this weekend I don't want to hear it listen I don't want to hear Shh man how much your tickets to Dallas how much it I don't have to get her credential how much is let me let me let me work on this shit let me work cuz I'm posed to be in Baltimore and I can't go to Baltimore let me work on how far is Arlington from somebody put in the comi session because how far is Arlington from from iah that's why I fly in Houston right IH was that Bush Airport how far is that from Arlington I might want to say is Wednesday I can get out of here Thursday night and being I'm I'm FET when when is he coming back out here I gotta check that his own calendar could this is bullshit if you work for the zone you need to hold Eddie her motherfucking accountable if you work for ESPN if you work for the boxing voice if you work for all these other YouTube mediums that cover fight you need the whole Bob Arum excuse me you need to hold Eddie her accountable he let Delian white get in the ring with the illegal substance in his body didn't notify the WBC nigga cheated dog that nigga put Oscar Rivas life at risk ESPN just put out a car at 17 hours prior and they saw a 28 year old man on the verge of losing his life which he ultimately succumbed to the injuries and died Monday night Tuesday morning dog enough is enough of this shit enough is enough let these great athletes be great athletes if you're not good enough to be a great athlete be like me get a job invest your money believe in yourself betting on yourself do it that way become a promoter become a manager become a sparring partner this shit got a stop dog this little this shit literally has to stop Eddie Hurd is not good for boxing he is no good he is a scumbag Barry Hearn is a slave master and Eddie Hearn is a is a slave pusher all right he just has more cunning word he tricks you with this word he's a you car salesman with a blue eye I repeat he's a fucking used-car salesman with blue eyes and enough is enough because if this was an American jet if this was an America the fight wouldn't have happened the fight literally would have they would have threw in a heavyweight you can get anybody you can get a nigga you can get anybody at a heavyweight division you can get anyone the tickets already bought and they got such a small window to return the tickets you give them till 3 p.m. the next day to return the tickets if not they final right you said you sold 12,000 tickets only 2,000 gonna be returned you announced that shit first thing in the morning you got four hours to return your tickets if not the fight goes on as scheduled you could have you could have fool and do a pass you could have fluent come on man enough man enough is enough man enough Shakur Stephenson found an opponent in two days they had they thought they had three days to get an opponent it's easy to find a heavyweight it is easy to find a heavyweight man and this is just flat-out disgusting that this promoter who claims to be a promoter who claims to care about people lies who claims the love the sport of boxing let Dillion white get in the ring with two heat-seeking missiles in his body and a man that could feel no pain he can't feel no pain on him steroids or he excuse me banned substances somebody got a step somebody got a step in somebody must step in here's the catch here's the catch – this fucking bullshit here's the catch it is fucking double-edged sword this double this double-headed agenda that we're that we're up against Deontay Wilder says a clean Deontay Wilder who's gifted from God right his right hand is gifted from guy it's a gift from God we all have gifts right I don't know what your gift is his is his right hand amongst other thing he's a king as well right now but let's get into this he says he wants a body on his record what's the likelihood of this man getting a body on his record less than less than less than less than 1% right well much less than 1% he has a it's a greater chance that he'll can cuss you right but he ain't gonna put he ain't gonna kill you right now let's take it to account if you take starett what's the purpose of taking steroids so you can be the nigga so you can beat the life fighting right it gives you an unfair event you are more likely to concussed someone you are more likely to have produced bodily harm with someone you understand what and – it is an intention to act it is an intention to act to inject steroids inject any legal substance inside your body okay it is it is just asinine that this shit continuously happens it is y'all motherfuckers better not give Eddie her in the past y'all better not fucking give Eddie her in the past y'all hear me y'all better not give Eddie her in the past and in Deontay Wilder and enjoy that UK media soak it up tell the truth they all come in this Saturday to your event eat that shit up and tell the truth all right eat it up and tell the motherfucking truth let let deal in white because the wreak the people gotta come in they love you the people down to come and they spent money to see you all right you got allies on that side all right and at the end of the day Eddie Hearn should be a spent suspended in America indefinitely to me that sounds illegal when the promoter knows that sounds fishy when the promoter knows that their fight is dirty and he puts them in the ring right now the manager that's a little bit different I know you the manager is an ally excuse me that yes the manager is an ally right to the fighter he has no ally to that he's not the ticket salesman he's not the whatever you want to call it you guys know where I'm going with that the promoter is responsible for both lives at the end of the day obviously he has a horse in the race but Eddie her and Kidd more about profit then another man's purpose he cared more about profits then the actual persons that was stepping into the ring I'll repeat this again Eddie herm cared more about his pockets and profit than another person's life how disgusted IFL TV you want a motherfucking clap dawg you want a motherfucking clock because this is bullshit if you don't hold Eddie her accountable Dillian white accountable bury her accountable your fucking scumbag you're on the motherfucking clock you hear me you own the clock IFL TV you'd only you'd only train smoking out there hold them motherfuckers accountable you hear me anyways man I got it I got a decompress ha ha ha with that we saw a bad boys uh uh man all right I got to get a family mode I got to take the family to the Dodger game tonight so Deonte a while to keep doing what you doing all right it is it is they gonna get this right eventually Eddie Hearn is a scumbag dog he's a scumbag he tried to he tried to murder a fighter Eddie Hearn tried to murder another fighter that's attempted murder that's the assault and battery that's the if I get pulled over with three bags of weed I go to jail for intent to sell listen if I got three bags of weed in my Tesla I go to jail for intent to sell you understand what fuck I'm coming from if Dillion white is on steroids that's assault with the motherfucking deadly weapon what's the difference what's the difference barbershop conversations man feel free hit the subscribe button hmm gets more waiters come tonight we're gonna be all we rockin it rolling a knife I might do 30 videos on this shit um I might do 30 motherfucking videos on this shit cuz this is so fucking bullshit though I'm so fucking angry I am sold motherfucking angry that that dealing move barbershop conversations man feel free hit the subscribe button I talk to you guys on peace


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