Bael Boss Guide / Dethroned + Army of the Night Trophy [4k 60fps] – Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

hey everyone sweet Johnny Cage here back with another guide for blood-stained ritual of the night this time I'm going to show you how to defeat the game's final boss bail any damage you sustained while fighting Dominique will carry over into this fight and as soon as the fight starts make sure you move to the right because the cathead on your left or the lizard head rather will deal some damage to you if you're just standing there I don't know why that happens maybe it was patched out in version 1.02 in any event heal up from any damages sustained in the previous fight and get ready to go to work bail is a three headed demon monster it's got a humanoid head a cat head and a lizard head each with their own unique abilities which you will see throughout the fight so phase one consists of the heads rotating around and Dominique is sitting on top of one of the heads shooting beams at you you have a purple or pink platform to stand on while you're standing on that you can start attacking the heads as they move over you but you still need to avoid the beams the heads of each serpent or I don't know if it's one serpent that has three heads I don't know but each head is the hurt Fox of the boss so you don't want to touch the heads while avoiding the beams you got to be very very careful at some point the heads will stop moving and the head that is on top will start raining and ability on you the head on the left will use an ability of their own so the cat puts out some sort of sonic wave and the head on the right won't do anything until the very end so here we have the humanoid head dropping meteors on us the cat head did some sonic ability and a Dominic is going to command the lizard head to stick its tongue out of us this is the best-case scenario because the lizard head is tongue it won't hit you if you're just standing next to it and it's very easy to just sit there and wail on it the other two combinations aren't as easy to deal with once phase 2 wraps up phase 1 will begin again the pink platform will not become available for a few seconds so you just need to navigate the heads on your own double jumping over each one while avoiding the beams so once the platform comes back get back on it and start attacking the head that comes overhead or you can attack the heads that pass you on the right if you'd rather do that strategy I prefer the platform itself more in control of that now all you're doing is wailing on the boss and waiting for Phase two to start again this time is going to be a different combination of arranged heads so here we have the lizard head on top when the demon head or the humanoid head is on the left it is going to fill the room with lava so it's very important that you get back on that platform as that starts to happen so we're gonna have the lizard head with some beam to silver hand the silver Knight will take care of that for us now the cat will shoot out a giant beam that you have to avoid so that is easily the deadliest combination that this boss has is when the lizard head is on top and the humanoid head is on the left and the cat heads on the rest is the deadliest one that the boss has so after you manage that phase one will begin again again manage the beams wait for the platform to spawn then you can get on it and start going to town again on the heads as they move overhead that's the first two phases of the fight so we're gonna have one more in this fight we still got a couple minutes left this boss has a ton a ton of health and it's very important that you don't take a lot of damage while fighting Dominique because again any healing items you use or any damage sustained gets brought over into this fight and you cannot fight this boss alone you always have to go through domini always a to face fight so here we are we're just waiting for the next phase to begin again fortunately I didn't get the cat head on top we went back to the humanoid head on top this one is the best-case-scenario face so I got pretty lucky with this here I'm just avoiding the meteor is no big deal you can actually use the pink platform is it sort of like umbrella if you wish and it just nullifies the meteors as they fall I'm just going to keep slashing the lizard head it's the best case scenario like I said when that happens and then we're just gonna keep moving around moving around so yeah we're gonna wrap it up here I think the ball should be almost dead we're back in phase 1 we're just avoiding the beam again you can attack the boss heads on the right if you wish it's just I prefer not to die before the platform because I feel like you get way more hits when you're standing up there and things are a lot more manageable for me personally but you you're welcome to do what you want so I'm unsure if there is a third combination where the cat head is on top in all my attempts on this boss that actually never happened to me I'm just assuming that there is one so the final combination that I'm going to get pretty soon here is demon head on the left are humanoid head on the left with the lizard head on top but I'm just gonna hit the cat head once and the boss dies and that's bail and that's how you get the true ending for the game is beating bail you'll get the dethroned trophy and be sure to stick around for the end of the credits as you will get another trophy army of the night if you accidently skip the credits I'm pretty sure you can just select the credits from the main menu which will appear after you beat the game and watch them all the way through I think that'll get you the trophy as well I'm not a hundred percent sure cuz I got it on my first try but that's about it those are all the bosses for blood-stained ritual of the night if you missed any please check the playlist that will show up on the screen I'll also link to it in the video description I'm gonna be uploading trophy guides now as well as exploration guides all right if you have any questions please feel free to leave 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  • Using Riga Storaema and Directed Shield shards is a good strategy and a bit more safe imo, because you don't need to get too close to the heads, and can avoid/guard whatever Dominique throws at you. Just don't forget to bring a lot of Ethers to the fight.

  • i can confirm, watching the credits from the game's main menu does NOT give you the army of the night achievement.

  • BTW, this boss is a lot easier if you fight it inverted. When the humanoid head spits fire, it falls away from you, the lava isn't a threat, etc. Something worth mentioning.

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