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Bad Religion Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys with Bad
Religion, brought to you by Turbo Tax of course. How’s it going guys. We’re not voted for anything. Oh, that’s okay. You’re voted for being here. [laughter] Voted. That’s the worst The worst award we could ever. How’s it going? Is
it fun being backstage here at the Grammys? It’s so much fun being here. I feel the excitement. I didn’t know how today was going to
go and I’m having a fantastic time. I’m still kind of nervous. You are? It’s okay. I feel like you’re going to ask us questions we
don’t have the answers to. They’ll be hard questions. Alright, lets talk about your new album, Dissent of Man. So let’s talk about it. What can fans expect? They can expect loud guitars. And fourteen songs. And five dollar words. Yeah. Well didn’t you have thirty days? You did something in thirty days. You performed in thirty cities. No, no, no,last
year was our thirty year anniversary. Yes. So we just basically toured the world for
about eight months and change. About that. We did a lot of shows, special shows.
We did three shows in New York where we did decades. The first show was nineteen-eighty to nineteen-ninety. Then nineteen-ninety to two-thousand and two-thousand to two-thousand ten. We had a lot of fun last year with
this thirty year anniversary. None of us really ever thought we’d make it to thirty and why not celebrate it. Yeah, I thought it was really cool.
Then did you give those performances, did you give the record out to the fans? You let them have it. For free or something? That was a live record we
recorded at The House of Blues in Anaheim. So, we just compiled. How many songs were on there? Like fifteen. So like between two weeks worth of shows we gave that to our fans and they were able to download it for free. So how does it feel to be thirty-one now I guess? It’s like, now I’m just old. Last year was funny. Now we’re just old. [laughter] [laughter] Is this a departure now, the new album, for fans at all? Maybe, I mean I don’t think it’s a huge departure. I think there’s a little more introspection. I think that, Brett just had a new baby and that’s
what a lot of his lyrical content is about. No Bretts. You thought I was Brett. [laughter] Let’s talk about my new single that I wrote. He just wrote a new single about his twins. I have twin boys. And they’re turning one soon. yeah their almost one. So a little more mature sounds? Yeah, maybe not more mature in the sound. Maybe just a little more introspective about how you feel about things. We tend to point fingers a lot. We have questions about the way we behave as human beings. A lot of times we like to think,
well why do I behave that way. So that’s kind of been our ball park for thirty years. Who’s guided you through this? Do you have that one person that both of you have gone to
in terms of expert advice to get you where you’re at? Wow, you know what, honestly we started this band when we were fifteen Wow, you know what, honestly we started this band when we were fifteen and started a record label and we really didn’t have Brett’s dad was really instrumental in helping us in the beginning kind of financially get on our feet. But a lot of things that we did
we just made up on the fly. We didn’t really have anyone to talk to or
look at. There was a lot of mistakes but learning from those mistakes. So it’s pretty much been a DIY thing. DUI. Yeah really. It’s been a DUI thing. Alright you guys are great. Check out their new album Dissent of Man and look at you a tattoo on your tooth. I have a tattoo on my tooth. That’s a very cool. Jay just showed me that today. I had no idea. We’ll see you guys soon. Choose easy. Bye Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you to every deduction and credit you deserve.


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