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hello agents in this video we're gonna look at the 14 available trophies that you can get a few backpack in the division 2 they're on screen now these are all the ones that I have I'm gonna talk foodies and how you get them and I'll show you some clips for them more hard to find ones before I do that if you do like this video please hit like I'd really appreciate that and police say it's time to check out the video description in there there's a lot of links but the most important one I'd say is to want to a community if you would like a community of non-toxic gamers to play with and hook up with do check it out also consider hit and subscribe for more content from myself and also really appreciate that now I started off with 14 the style that fits your dad now I want to talk about the first one which not school it's not gonna be available to everyone it is the teddy bear backpack trophy now this was a pre-order bonus and I I'm sorry but I forgot the exact details on it if I remember right you could only get it for PC if you pre-ordered the dark zone of Phoenix Edition I could be very wrong there so please correct me in the comments if I am but all I dunno if you know if you've got the game now and you never pre-ordered the correct Edition you're not gonna be able to get this teddy bear backpack trophy so if you see that going around it's because they pre-ordered the right Edition on the right platform pretty much but the other 13 are mainly all obtainable I'm gonna go through a couple more that you might not be able to get the capital building and I've actually got that one I haven't got the teddy bear one unfortunately but that's a special token for participating in the beta so once again if you did not participate in that then you're not gonna be able to get this but if you did if you visit the UB Club store I believe that's where you claim it or you may automatically get it once again not the most informative video here ahem but yeah if you played the beta you will be able to get this and yes be soft Club store or it is already in your inventory and then the other one there is the American flag which is awarded – hi TIA returning their vision players so that is this one here for going beyond the call of duty in an in New York City so you're about to play Division one and I believe that's based on the shield's it is one of the shield rewards that you get sort of some shields on the division one that you can go for and that's probably still obtainable the games still live so this you can get even if you're not played a Division one you could put in a good twenty to thirty hours there to get this if you really wanted it and but that's it now there's nothing else that is unattainable so I've spoke you through to tell you about Capitol building I know supply great great sorry I forgot that one this is also one that you might not be able to get and this has come by completely in the dark zone mission in open beta so again you would have had to play the open beta and you must have completed a dark zone mission and as earlier with the the other one up here to Capitol Hill building you're going to have that automatically in your inventory or you are gonna have to go to the UB Club store and add it to inventory and so that's that one and now all the rest you can get so we're going to start at the top we've already spoke about those two so it's the gold bar now and the goal this is easy to get but you do need to put a little bit more time into it and it's found in the voltage on the bank headquarters mission so head to that mission and watch the next clip to find out exactly how to get it I don't think it matters too much but we did replayed a mission on story difficulty as you can see on screen here just play the mission until you get up to this bit where you open this bank vault and follow her I go and interact with what I do to get the trophy next is the Lincoln boss trophy and you get this just past the alcove marked cafe John the Lincoln Memorial mission so again head to Lincoln Memorial mission and I'll show you in the next clip exactly where to get it again play the mission until you reach this point that I'm showing you that statues the landmark you looking for there and follow my route and interact with what I interact with to get the trophy again were playing this mission on story again the plush flower is simply found in at the campus settlement and it's next to the sunflowers upstairs in the fall after the campus but I will show you in a clip now cupid computer i don't know if they call that an npc or if they count that as an npc i just need to be able to re-apply what that is that basically pushes me through they know it is because the exact thing you're having other people are having the exact thing so yeah didn't you seen your sunflowers too the plush hippo is similar to the next one but you gotta find it in the theater settlement and this is on the rooftop terrace of the theater at level 3 so again I'm gonna show you in the video where this is so I've made a little bit of a boo-boo in this guide and back at the campus settlement with the plush flower I said you could just go there and get it you can't actually do that until you've upgraded that settlement three times so yeah I did that the text and the video edited it in there hope you seen it but yeah it's a similar with the theater settlement you've got to upgrade this at least twice once you've done that and you're here where the projects are and that's what up here what happens when your grade this twice is that you get access to this rooftop terrace and when you're here you you're gonna find the hippo in that box now III just searched it before I record it but nothing came out of it it did confirm this was the Box you get it in so I completely forgot Ivan being honest with ya I just know it's on like the highest point of this theater and that seems to be this so you'll find it here and as I said after you've upgraded the fear to two times these sample vials think of these can be found in a strong Old Mission ruse about island is quite far into the mission as much it's no nerdy and you go like under an underground tunnel if you go if you go drop into that you've gone too far you have to restart the checkpoint or restart the mission I'm gonna show you exactly now where that is as we've already other missions we are playing the routes of our island stronghold on the story difficulty we get up to this point here where I said do not enter you just follow my routes you're gonna see there on the ground tunnel there don't go down there you were be able to get back up but just to the right you just want to search this and there's your backpack trophy next it's a space-shuttle trophy and your finest in front of the crush space show join the Air and Space Museum mission so start that mission and where that Space Shuttle crashes down you're gonna find it the cockpit but you want some visuals here's a clip you're get fed up on me saying is pay now but again it's on the story difficulty that we did this on we get to this point and you open this door and this Space Shuttle crashes down right in front of you I might actually not see it because I reverse for some reason but it does just to your left there the Space Shuttle crash that there you go it's at the cockpit of that you've got a few enemies to clear so we're going to cut that out and show you exactly where to search okay so yeah for the speaker's gavel or you're gonna want to do is complete the bank headquarters mission and you'll get this backpack trophy this is a freebie so just go and complete that mission and finally the skeleton trophy here this has gotten by doing the DCD headquarters mission when you get the objective destroy the outcast samples the keychain is on a teaching skeleton in a side room in the far left of the main chamber which you're gonna see now in this clip get to this part a mission where you kill this guy with a sledgehammer and where you also destroy the tanks once you destroyed them you'll see where I run to get this backpack trophy there are still two more trophies that you can get besides these that I've got and the other ones I spoke about but this is more orangey bass I'm going to show you them now and well in a second I'm I'll have a look at them I just want to let you know that on these I was going to show you before it'd be best for you to lock yourselves once you get them you can press triangle and then you can have a good look I you meant to be able to zoom in and out there but it's not doing anything but anyway it's certainly a lot easier to have a look at it didn't in the open world and moving your camera and that's what they look like when they're on guys but I'm gonna now talk about the other two that I've not got which you can also get now the only reason I haven't got these two is because my RNG sucks although some would otherwise disagree and and I just have an atom drop where you get this from doing the Capitol Hill so the Capitol building stronghold rather and that the boss on that level randomly drop sis so you just got to keep on playing that level I don't find it difficult you might I'm pretty sure it doesn't you can play it any way you want to start a normal heart challenge anybody even available but yeah that will drop eventually on that mission if you keep on grinding it and this bubble head guy is the other one and again it's rng based you've got to keep on completing the district union stronghold same as the other one any difficult you should do it's just orangey Basin should drop off the bus eventually and just keep on going out until you get it a my on G so I've not done them a lot to be fair think of completed both missions about five or six times but yeah kedgeree had be so a big shout out to Kari for sending me these images and again guys more information that I nearly missed and there's actually a fifteen throw fee and yeah I'll title the video 15 because of that however not going to talk much about it because it's it's a surprise it's a bit of a secret and I don't like spoiling things or anybody else not my intention ever but if you come to the White House and so you know you've got a quote master there you got you know Alice's you go this way with a Barbara's and you go over here it's the ivory keys that you're looking for I've got seven out of eight now what do I'll tell you is they're linked to the hunters that you kill for those beautiful masks and once you got eight you'll be able to open this and this has another backpack trophy in it and that's as much as I am saying if you've enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up guys I'd really appreciate it and again take the time check the video description for more on my links we have a fantastic gaming community heavily division focused very very friendly come check it out the links at the top of the description but also there's things sort of a content in there and if you like what you see hit subscribe for more of that yeah that would be much appreciated oh and also before I do go I do have mask guides but show you how to get these seven keys that I've got I will be uploading the eight phone as soon as they fix the bug so I do have guides on how to get those keys to open a church ever play the cell and look for their mask guys and that is definitely me done now thank you again for watching this video guys and until the next one peace out


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