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B.o.B (Nominee) Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, it’s Shira Lazar coming to you backstage at
the Grammys, brought to you by Turbo Tax, with B.O.B. who’s just dominating at the Grammys this year. Five nominations, and you’re only twenty-two years old. Only twenty-two. That just blows my mind. Really? Yes. You know I forget how old I am
sometimes. I really do like I just get up and I go around, you
know I’m never lookin’ at me. I’m lookin’ at everybody else. I’m always around people I can learn from and I think that’s a good thing. You worked for a lot of people getting to this
place. I mean it’s your debut album. You were deep in the trenches of the industry for years. Actually, I remember a time when me and Bruno we’re both just trying to record songs and get a hit and he would help me write songs, he would come
in with feel, you know, the Smeezingtons. You know like, it’s crazy how everything happened because you know you never know. We could be co-stars in a hit sitcom and you never know that we were here, right
here in the Grammy room doin’ this. We could be co hosts next time. Co-hosts or actors, whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to do, I’m down. If you
bring me on with you, I am down. So what do you think it was about this
album that really resonated with people? I think, I think it’s timing. You know because I’ve been working a lot makin’ music
a lot, puttin’ music out constantly, but I think that the timing it was just right. As impatient as I was, it was the right song, the right beat, the right artist, the right collaborations and now
I feel like I can really showcase even more what people don’t know about me as an artist on the next album. I’m just glad for the opportunity to be nominated for your first album which doesn’t happen. It only goes up from here. Oh yeah, it only goes up. Twenty nominations next time. Twenty-five. Or twenty-five. You’ve done so many collaborations. Do you have a favorite? Favorite, you know I really couldn’t say, because each one is like a baby. You Know, I can’t have a favorite baby or a favorite child. Of course, that’s a safe answer. I mean, you’ve done collaborations with some masters. Yes, I like how you said that. The masters. Masters. What have they taught you? What have been some the
people that have like mentored you throughout this process? I think a lot of people have mentored
me. Like Eminem and Tiff and Lupe and even Janelle. You know like, I learned a lot from everybody but you know workin’ with
artists who have been doing it for like ten years. you know eight plus years. You know
you can really learn a lot that you just wouldn’t see. You know what I mean? They’ve got like quarterback vision that’s far beyond your sight. What does Eminem tell you? He’s like, B.o.B. come to the dark side. [laughter] And I’ve got to ask you, so Nothin’
On You, you talk about taxes. You say, baby got the whole package but you do your taxes. What’s the story behind that? Yes, you should rap the original verse. Wait, let’s do it again. Baby you the whole package Baby you the whole package and you do your taxes. Oh, I was gonna say and you do your
taxes. Yes, and you pay your taxes. [laughter] So wait, what’s the story behind that? You know if you don’t have to pay taxes, that means that you didn’t accumulate anything to pay taxes on. I get it. So you want a woman that works hard. Works hard. She either pays the taxes or they’re taken directly out of her check or whatever, but you pay those taxes. So, one of your songs, Magics, has been used in the Turbo Tax commercial. The new App that we have. Wow! It’s a special App where you can do your taxes just on your phone. It’s like magic. Wow really? It’s that easy. That’s crazy, like Magic. And so do you have a message for the twenty million Turbo Tax users out there? Well, I’ll say to all the ladies payin’ taxes, just know that if you keep it up you
have a special place in my heart. That’s a lot there. And I mean it. You might get B.O.B.’s heart. Well thank you so much. Thank you for having me, I appreciate it. You’re
so talented and I wish you the best. I’m so excited to see you perform at the Grammys also. I look forward to seeing you again also. Yeah, I’ll
see you on the red carpet at the Grammys. Yeah. And we’ll talk more. And we’ll rap more, rap more verses. At Turbo Tax we’re all about making taxes easy, like Snap Tax.


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