Awesome $200 Gold Top Les Paul by Oscar Schmidt OE20 – Review

well hello folks I'm here today to talk about a splendid new guitar the fall and no it's not a gold top Les Paul although it does look very much like one it's by the oscar schmidt company which is a I guess a subsidiary or a lower-level company perhaps of Washburn it is made in China and I'm holding it up here where you can see it but I've shot some close-up shots of it as well it was like five-star rating on I bought it through I think Triple A musically to make something that is correct it's called AAA musical which gets very high ratings on Amazon as a seller and you know I bought a star Schmidt guitars three times in the past just recently I bought one of the es-335 copies I cannot remember the name of right now Delta King maybe and only 30 maybe is what that one he is and I had bought one before a long time ago that a young guitar student talked me out of and I regretted that so about the OE 30 also have behind me here a one of their I think it's only 40 I had the one that is like a large jazz box and I've played that one before on some videos you can go see how it sounds but so anyway so got this one all I can say is it is absolutely smashing beautiful I mean it's absolutely the finish on it is amazing my wife unboxed it for me today said it was shipped very well in big boxes with lots of padding and then of course they had an inner box that came with it came with a cable I wish I've not tried the cable I'm using a nice shielded cable right now coming out of the bottom of this one I'm going to a little Fender Mustang one tiny little fender mustang one and I have a zoom h1 kind of point toward it so I'm sure you're wondering how is it sound so I'm on the actually the end between pickup right now because I thought you'd be in between the two so I thought it sounded kind of pretty for pix top stuff Oh you that's a claim this is how it sounds with the front pick up your jaws like a fat kind of front thicker so pretty nice sound and of course I kind of like that sailing doing my lip my solo I favor the front pickup for leads hopefully haven't knocked that team by doing that here's the rear pickup making sure everything turned out man locks out a little bit the strings or brand-new on it came with d'addario strings on it like on the retune just a little bit hang on so you might be asking how much Tony how much does this cost well I bought it for $200 $1.99 from triple-a me out with their earlier today so I showed my boss a picture of it he went back in it's like two hundred five dollars on Amazon maybe wondering how's that sound Thursday we'll play that this to here in a minute I want to say a few things about any guitar of this of this price range that the tuner is not going to be quite what you hope they're going to be but I will say this better than most tuners on cheap guitars and I don't like the king of cheap guitars I have a number of guitars behind me here only a few of them are really good name-brand guitars I've always been the one that got 300 400 500 dollar guitars at the very most and so this one is $200 I thought it was just a splendid deal though I've seen this the bridge is very nice Pete gets seem to be very clear and clean a nice to pneumatic bridge it comes fully intimating it's in be spot-on right but the neck plays great it feels good one of the downsides of TT one downside I found is back here where he had a made in China sticker on it I wanted it off and that glue was like massively aggravating and I don't know I may have Marta death a little bit trying to I pulled it off of my fingers in a red drug drug just with a wet cloth damp cloth and even tried a little bit of pledge on it this has not come off well the other one under here which was the QC label it came off just fine so it looks pretty good I don't like having this kind of sticker things on the guitar so I know the folks in China the real probably made it and I wish they hadn't put it on the would put it on piece of plastic somewhere you notice he'd take it off it was kind of hard to get the plastic stuff off of the pick guard and off of course this thing appeared that's kind of with any guitar and I know that I still know that I've got all the plastic off of it but boy it sure feels good it's not heavy I would say it's comfortable to any of the new let's calls it I don't know this chamber body or not maybe it is it is a rosewood fingerboard the back of it is this awesome I love the way this look this neck joint the fits in real nice very well joined neck joint the pink had seemed great when I first was candid up it seemed like it beds a little bit black he was playing a little bit no I don't hear that buzz anymore so Oh yeah pretty cool so yeah let's just do a third step a little okay so here's kind of stir kind of a raw sound oh please sister Hey Oh Hey yeah pretty sweet it's got a little different Sam here's a little bit of echo Oh Oh you Oh ow Oh Oh Oh ah how forgive me a lot of grief your life you need to see if it with being keen let's go to a clean saying here I got to tell you those cheaters heading with you and I play hard you lost stretches a lot of beans let's hear how it sounds missing it here or not Oh haha Oh Oh Oh range really awesome Oh Oh Oh Oh the folks after about 15 minutes playing with I tell you I wouldn't hesitate to go out and play Les Paul type songs on this guitar did you go out to you a little bit just slightly but not any more than any other guitar that I would have played honestly that that has brand-new strings on it so gee whiz I'm pretty darn happy with this doesn't have less call top tier knobs and stuff on it but you know hasn't similar to what my old weg over here is this is a Washburn guitar – this one was $500 back in the day it's much heavier than the one I'm playing now and it's been a fantastic you know Les Paul top it's hard I played when I'm not playing my studio which I thought only maybe five or seven years ago and so what can I say it sounds to me comparable for my Les Paul Studio it's 200 bucks I would say it's good enough for a pro I honestly would that's a splendid though I can't see much of anything wrong with it I think it's gorgeous so anyway thumbs up thumbs up to the folks in China I know you work hard and don't make much money a lot of you I'm gonna who make this the guys for the ones who made serial number of s1 for 0 for 101 7 splendid job folks thank you from here in America we love it I love it and I'm putting a lot of hours I'm going to do some blues jams and things with this guitar suite you're not going to you know I'm going to go wrong if you've got a kid that's wanting the first electric guitar I don't see how you can beat this brother this is just fantastic I'll let you know as time goes on if there's anything I find wrong with it I'll let you know if anything goes wrong I just know I've read enough reviews that this that I should know this is a pretty good guitar most other people are giving very positive marks to it so triple-a music good job if you go for Amazon Prime I got it free shipping too so sweet sweet sweet peace everybody up again and thanks for watching

  • Good for the money. But how does it compare to a Gibson or an Epiphone for that matter? Is it better to shell out a couple hundred more bucks to get an Epiphone, or is this better?

  • Hey Tony! You’ve piqued my interest!

    How far off would you say this guitar sounds from a Gibson?

  • Thank you, no BS with you for sure, not a lot of talking and just playing, great review, just bought one of these from Ebay for just 100 because it had a cracked neck, an easy fix for me, a luthier, my OE30 is just as good or even better sounding than my 64 es335 I bought from Joe Walsh in 1974. Thank you for the excellent review!
    OE 3

  • Tony Lee, buy some Goo Gone, stickers can't fight that, no matter the glue and you won't damage the finish in the future.

  • I just ordered the purple flamed top. Thanks for the good review…am I the only one that's annoyed they couldn't shell out a few more cents and put that last fret marker in on the 21st fret?

  • WD40 for sticker glue should be common knowledge the only that works fast and easy I've ever found won't harm finish

  • So got the GT and with a bridge adjustment and pick up adjustment am very pleasantly surprised….might be using it instead of the Vintage brand Lemon Drop LP and is not quite as heavy as it is either Pick ups sound good WoW 200 hundred well spent Probably could have taken the quilt top and re-cut a nut and have been happy with it cuz very similar guitars constructionwise So alls good that ends good Happy shopper here Thanks guys

  • I hope I have the same luck as you with the OE20…..I at 1st ordered the quilt top that was absolutely beautiful but no matter how high I jacked up the bridge it still fretted out at the 1st fret so had to send it back but a replacement was not available so was offered the gold top for the same price…so hopefully its as nice as the one you have there..

  • I was looking at the same guitar today.. very same one. I will now have to get it. Sounds very good actually. To add, your play ability is awesome my man…

  • Really nice candid review. Thanks! I enjoyed hearing all of the different styles you played, both clean and fuzzed up. 🙂

    For sticker residue, 'Goo Gone' works wonders, but once the sticker residue is off, be sure to go in and clean it off so it doesn't stay on the finish too long.

  • Hi Tony, I bought a couple of these guitars this summer, the OE30 in the blue trans finish brand new with a nice hardshell case. Just love that one, plays nice, feels great. Also right after that I was on ebay just messing around one night and bid on a purple trans OE20 , bid up to $125 and no one bid against me so I ended up with that one also. That is the one hanging by my chair here most of the time to just grab and play, I agree with you they are great instruments. I own 2 Les Pauls 2011 models one studio and one is the Traditional Pro Gold top with a custom shop sticker on the back, it is hard to decide which one to play sometimes. I do have a question for you, is there some place I can go to check the serial number on my OE20 so I can figure out what year it was made?
    Thanks good video and solid recommendation glad I took your advice.

  • Я её за 150 брал. Отличная гитара! У меня электроакустика Оскар Шмидт еще есть, тоже хороший инструмент, качественный.

  • I just had a Oscar Schmidt delivered this week and I have written the company to let them know how pleased I am. Thanks to your videos I became interested in the brand! Keep up the good work!

  • Target sells (or used to) Duck adhesive remover – that plus my fingernail removed the stickers – no damage to the finish – my stickers were opposite the headstock one came right off, the body one didn't

  • amazing video man. I had some questions: what is the model of that washburn that you showed almost at the end of the video? What would be the difference with this Oscar Schmidt, which one do you think is better? Do you have any video about that washburn style les Paul too?
    (sorry friend but I do not speak english so I do not understand what you say, I'm using googlee translator)

  • Hey Glenn, hope all is well. I wanted to ask you have you ever heard the Harley Benton guitars? They seem to be all the rage now on You Tube, because of the low prices. Have you tried a Harley Benton? Here is a link to their website: Let me know what you think? Thank you.

  • Hey Tony, I’ve been considering one of these OS OE20 GT’s for a couple weeks and this video convinced me to buy one. Appreciate your professional demos, and your playing.🇺🇸🎸🤘🏼⚡️⚡️

  • Thanks for the video its great to know you dont have to pay big for a decent electric guitar

  • Tony here Is A Tip For You Tony, At Around 4.45 You talk of removing the Made In China Sticker and how it left a sticky residue , Well Tony years ago in the 70s and 80s I used to Sell B&o Audio equipment in a store in Manchester UK Hardmann Radio the Store was called, and some times there used to be to odd sticky label that left a trace on the mirror finish stainless steal doors of a system. I learnt from Bang & Olufsen that you could remove this with a Car cleaning product, that Rolls Royce used to use and It works every time without and I do Mean with harming the any Surface that the residue is left on . Autoglym Extra Gloss Polish, you can buy it in 1 Litre size on Amazons USA I found the link for You

    Just use a Cotton bud that you might use to clean an ear with its super fine liquid and you use just a drop but It will remove any sticky stuff and not leave a trace . Its Also Good A Protecting You Mavic Pro Paint Finish and works well on your Car for removing Tar or Asphalt Marks Its Not Cheap But I think You might Love what it Can Do . 1 ltr should last a Lifetime and I did see someone put tea Tree Oil but that will leave an oil stain Tony

  • Thanks for a thorough, honest and expert assessment. I was looking at the Epiphone Les Paul Special II, but it's a piece of crap compared with this.

  • Washburn is the makers OS branded guitars and this one is well known as a good guitar in every way. I bought one at $175 to my door, total cost and it needed only very minimal nut slot tweaks and a bit of pickup height/tilt,polepiece adjustment,. Remarkably good tuners and very well made in every way. For well under $200 … to the door! This is the best LP value I ever saw over 30 years of owning and selling off scores of good guitars.

  • Pleeeease stop pronouncing the name like "Oskaarr" (Os Car). I know you're a southern gentleman (I'm from KY, so I'm not putting you down), but saying Os Car makes you sound like a Jethro Bodine- type dumb hick, and it's obvious that you're not dumb. It's pronounced as if it's spelled with an "er", like Oskher (her, not aarr). Sorry for the rant, and keep up the great reviews.

  • Fantastic video, Tony. I just today submitted the order for the OE-20 Serpentine. The inlay adds a lot to the cost, and I may come to regret paying that much more for it, but after playing for years on an extremely cheap (and really bad-sounding) electric, I wanted a guitar that looked as awesome as it sounded. Plus, I had a ton of Amazon gift card money saved up, so I only ended up charging $43.45 to my Amazon Visa.

  • I restore guitars and play local gigs as a hobby, and picked this guitar up in purple thinking I'd keep the nicely finished body, and scrap and replace that hardware. I am amazed that this guitar can be built for this price. I'll honestly say I've played way more expensive guitars that don't perform and sound as well as this. There are a few things that bug me, like fret buzz particularly on the 6th string, but I think that can be easily taken care of after scoping the fret heights, setting the action, adjust truss rod, etc. Besides I find LP guitars are particularly vulnerable to that. Thanks for the video. Enjoy the gold top!

  • It was a really nice vid. You covered more than anyone I've watched so far in your demonstration

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